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New Poll: PS3 Controller – Motion or Rumble? |

Here’s a poll about the PS3 controller. As always, vote in the sidebar. What do you think of the rumble versus motion sensing trade-off? If you were given the choice of which to put in the PS3 controller, which would you choose? Rumble? Or motion sensing?

Previous poll results:

PS3 price?

* Way too high.: 41% (114)
* High but fair.: 51% (142)
* It’s just fine.: 8% (23)

Total Votes : 279

  • Gary

    That’s hard to say because I haven’t had the chance to try out motion-sensor with the PS3 pad.

    Vibration can sometimes boost the levels of immersion you feel in a game. Snakes heartbeat in MGS was used to good effect when you hid in a locker but sometimes it can get a bit annoying especially when the vibration goes way overboard.

    It’ll be down to the developers in the end. If they can utilise motion-sensor to boost gameplay then it will be worth it for Sony to drop vibration from the pad.

  • I’ll reserve my judgement until i’ve used the PS3 controller.

  • thomas

    Yeah.. you reserve your judgement Hiro, that’s great.

  • Thomas: Shhhh

  • The thing is…

    I prefer the motion sensoring because it can be used in many different ways. The Rumble Feature was a nice sideeffect thingy that was hardly used the right way. Some games (i.e. REZ, GT4 or MGS2/3) used it a good way, BUT games like FFX made me hate that feature, it was overused and sometimes totally uninspired.

    If more games would take REAL use of the rumble as a feedback system, I would prefer that, BUT as I stated before, thats hardly the case.

    The motion sensor on the other hand can however really change games, not only add something, that can be switched off… Imagine “fighting racing games” (like mariokart) where you move the controller fast to the side, to avoid attacks or in combination with eye toy a REAL eye toy kinetik where every centimeter (about 3 inches) of your movement is measured in realtime and analyzed. The possibilities are ENDLESS with a motion sensing controller, but with rumble you’re stuck with… rumble…

    As the PS3 uses bluetooth for communication with the controllers and such, it would be hardly any problem to produce a addon which you put around your wrist or head or whatever, that rumbles… Imagine THAT!

  • Matt

    Rumble. I love the feature and need to see what motion sensing will do. My past experiences with Motion were cool, just not as applicable as rumble.

  • Xianhuai

    I wonder if all this talk of Blue-ray and bluetooth is worth it. Hm…and this motion sensing. Whatever, I’m still intrested in the PS3. I just wish Sony would suck up thier arrogance. It’s starting to make me feel bad about being a Sony freak. Then again, if Sony can live up to thier arrogance, that’ll be cool….yeah. Oh, and espically with the free “Basic” online service. ONLINE PARTY AT MY HOUSE =D!!!