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Resistance: Fall of Man Interview |

Gamehelper has an interview with Ted Price, CEO of Insomniac, which they did at E3.

The game is set solely in England with two cities, Manchester & London, confirmed:

V: Now, does the game lead to anywhere else in Europe? Or does Resistance stay within English borders.

TP: The game takes place in England, yeah. You actually go through real cities: this [points at the demo again] is actually Manchester, and it’s actually laid out the same way that Manchester really is laid out. We went there and took pictures, got the maps, and if you lived in Manchester you’d recognize this… except that it’s blown to Hell.

I’d say that’s a fairly realistic resemblance of Manchester especially the blown to hell bit…

There’s one more point of interest:

V: The other thing I noticed was the heli-carrier shown in the trailer. That looks a little different than your standard World War II technology.

TP: Good catch. That’s a good example of alternate technology. There are no helicopters in the game, there are no planes, but there are vertical takeoff and landing craft. That’s what evolved during this history.

Alternate realities. Despite my longing for realism in certain genres this does look fantastic.

Now when are they going to release some info about Ratchet & Clank 4…

Gamehelper – Resistance: Fall of Man Interview