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MoH: Airborne Interview |

IGN has an interview with Patrick Gilmore, the Executive Producer of Medal of Honor: Airborne.

We’ve all heard about next-gen graphics & what the next-gen consoles can bring to this area but what about next-gen gameplay?

IGN: How is Medal of Honor Airborne taking advantage of the next generation systems from a gameplay standpoint?

Patrick: Airborne is fundamentally about freedom and player choice. From the first step out of the plane, the player is in control of how the experience plays out. The player defines their landing spot, angle of approach, tactics and style throughout the game. That’s a big difference from the rail-ride shooting galleries we’ve seen within the genre in the past.

Basically, the commitment to make a more choice-driven game has required us to change the way we design levels, and the way we craft non-player-character interactions. The NPCs are largely driven by our new Affordance engine, which makes enemies aware of the value of the terrain around them, and causes them to prioritize high-value resources (like a pillbox) over lower value (a trench) or even lower value (a blasted tree stump) or no value (open ground). This results in lots of cool dynamic offensive and defensive tactics, no matter which direction the player approaches from.

Is that what we expect from next-gen gameplay, more freedom & choice?

I’ve never really thought about what I would like from next-gen gameplay but a lot more freedom & choice sounds like a good start to me.

IGN – MoH: Airborne Interview

  • Thats the FIRST thing I want for next gen titles. MORE freedom… I hate games like CoD where you have no choice whatsoever, just plain “follow the compass” games suck, if they arent arcade like (imho!!)

    I hope games like GTA will be the commonplace (as far as freedom is concerned)

  • Matt

    Freedom is great. It is even better when the A.I. is also free. These 2 things are very next gen. It is nice when you replay a level and it is different every time.

  • I hope this one will be better than the rest of the series.. Oh you guyz you must check out the new ingame screens of assassins creed posted here >