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PS3 price drop? Nope. |

Ah, rumours. You know how I feel about rumours. I like squashing them little the little vermin they are. So here’s another squishy sound.

One rumour with six legs crawling around recently is the one where Sony offer a low-priced PS3 without a BD drive and a BD drive add-on. The rumour says that this emasculated PS3 could sell for as much as $200 less than the regular PS3 and PS3 Jr.

Hmmm. Think about it. Does your brain immediately reject this as a totally absurd notion? Of course it does. But rumours being the ornery little insects they are, don’t like to sit still.


Ooops, that one sat still a little too long. Sony has denied this rumour, and I think that Sony should come out and deny stupid rumours like this a little more often.

PS3 price drop?

  • That wouldnt make any sense, because you would strip the PS3 of all its integral parts for being a next gen console (sorry, i meant computer 😀 )…

    As PS3 games will be delivered in BD ROM Format, that step would prevent one from being able to play PS3 games with a PS3… What sense would that make…

  • Matt

    I agree that it is a bunch of junk.

    Games should come out on DVD first then when the disc come down in cost they will switch to BD. DVD data access will be faster than BD 2x.

    The whole reason Sony didn’t release yet was BD. If they were going to do this they would have released the other version months ago.