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Why the PS3 Will Rock |

PS3Wow, look! An article that’s positive about the PS3! Who’d ‘a’ thunk it? They give several reasons why the PS3 will rock, all of them good, of course.

For me personally, the one biggest thing I’m looking forward to is the BD player. I know it’s gotten a lot of bad press. It’s driving up the cost of the PS3 to $600, after all! But hey, I’m an HDTV guy as well as a gamer, and this device caters to both my passions at the same time. It’s a rocking game machine with muscle, and it’s also a BD player. I honestly think that it’ll be a better BD player than the PS2 was a DVD player. I have an HDTV and really enjoy watching HD material. I’m a big movie watcher. So having a BD player in there will be an awesome bonus for me.

What single feature are you most looking forward to in the PS3?

Why The PS3 Will Rock

  • Gary

    The ability to play games. 🙂

    I know that’s a little obvious but that’s the whole reason I’m going to get a PS3.

    For the games.

  • flame n kebab

    No doubt. I getting one!! Are u?

  • Games, duh, of course!

    You know what I mean! What particular feature of the PS3 are you looking forward to trying out the most?

  • Gary

    To be honest there really isn’t anything apart from the games. I’m not a fan of online gaming at the moment so it’ll be interesting to try out Sony’s online system & see how it’s implemented with the games & other areas of multimedia.

    So if you’re pushing for a non-games answer I’ll have to say the online aspect of the PS3.

  • Matt


    That article was so biased it was hard to read.