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F1 ’06 Interview with Studio Liverpool | has an interview with Studio Liverpool, developers of F1 ’06 on PS2, PS3 & PSP.

A ton of new info has been revealed & here are some of the highlights. All info is for PS2, PS3 & PSP unless stated:

* Driveable formation lap to heat up your tires.
* Safety car to appear in PS3 version.
* Penalties for intentional shortcutting.
* After race celebrations in PS3 version.
* Improved track accuracy.
* Fuel loads & worn tyres affect the way you enter & leave the pits.
* Jerez test track included as a bonus track.
* PS2 pushed to it’s limits with 22 cars running at 50HZ.
* Incredible level of detail in PS3 version.
* Improved physics & totally destructible cars with more realistic damage..
* More aggressive, quicker & varied AI.
* Visible AI’s hands turning on the steering wheel in PS3 version.
* Full commentary.
* 110% rule not included.
* Cross-platform network play between PS2 & PSP.
* Aiming for PS3 launch.
* Gamesync between PS3 & PSP. Race the qualifiers on PSP then load it on to your PS3, via memory stick, when you get home & continue with the race on PS3.
* Possible motion-sensor inclusion & L2 & R2 as brake & accelerate.

Settle down Henning!!! 😀

The interview makes entertaining reading as the questions are asked by hardcore F1 fans. – Interview With Studio Liverpool

  • haha

    Oh! God… Great.
    I love PS3. I love F1.

  • I love beer and women 😀

    I liked playing the F1 Games on my Amiga 500 (the Accolode version, not the Geoff Crammond, also maker of the SUPER game Stunt Car Racer!!! Much better than RIIIIIIDGE RACER 😀 )

    I will wait for GT5 (or whatever it’ll be called) for a racing game. I just hope my USB FF Wheel will still work with the PS3, what I dont doubt.

    It’s nice to hear, that they add “surroudings” to the next-gen F1. I always found those pretty boring. Get in the car, win, end… Nothing before (except training and qualification) and the race itself. This will really help to immerse these games into your mind 😀

  • This is quite an impressive interview, and it makes me hunger for this F1 racing game even more. One of the games we play at my place is F1 on the PS2, and it’s a favourite. But it’s a couple years old, so I’m looking forward to an HD PS3 version!

  • Gary

    I love Martial Arts & food! 😆

    It does sound great though & the questions were actually meaningful for a change instead of the usual generic questions that you see in most interviews.

  • Interesting article, i have bookmarked your blog for future referrence