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In-game Images of Assassin’s Creed |

Oh sweet cupcakes in chocolate sauce!!!! PS3Focus has some in-game images of Assassin’s Creed which appear in OPS2M. Man they look great & I can’t wait to see this game in action for real!

PS3Focus – Assassin’s Creed In-game Images

  • Nice!

  • I hope this game lives up to its expectations. Not graphicswise, because this, imho, the game does pretty well.

    I hope it’s not just a Prince of Persia in medieval times. Dont get me wrong, I like those games, though they tend to be very hard and get boring by the time… BTW PoP 1 (the one from the Amiga) RULES!!!

    I fear, that this game will look good, but play horribly! I mean, you can walk through masses of people and the like, I fear, that the Assassin will controll like a tank with no real feedback whatsoever, just like in PoP, where you can only go one way and other things arent climbable etc…

    I dunno, I think this game should NOT be a first gen next gen game. They should postpone it, to take FULL advantage of the PS3. I REALLY want this (kind of) game(s) to be REALLY good, so please UBISOFT (isnt it, is it?) do it RIGHT!

    AND. Dont make this game short as hell. AT LEAST 15-20hrs gameplay PLUS cutscenes, not that junk we saw the last 5 yrs (Half Life 2 anyone??).

    IF you do that, it’s a 100% sale to me. If not… Well maybe too 😀

    Let’s just hope UBI doesnt f*ck up this one!