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PS3 Gets Downloadable Games |

I don’t know why this is making the rounds. Sony has said before that they’ll offer downloadable games for the PS3. But I guess you need something like this article from IGN to really bring it out into the forefront.

I’m of two minds about downloadable games. My first question is: what happens if my PS3’s HDD crashes? It’s possible. Does the store know that I own the game, and will it give me another copy for free? I certainly hope so.

Also, what is going to be the quality of these downloadable games? What kind of games will they be? Personally, I’d love to see Marble Madness be a downloadable game, especially if it uses the tilt functionality of the new controller. Hey, wouldn’t that be cool? Marble Madness has never translated well to most control schemes because it was originally a trackball game. But a tilt controller might do the trick. Hee hee. It looks like I’m hijacking my own post.

IGN: PS3 Gets Downloadable Games

  • observer

    That’s an awesome concept: an updated version of marble madness using the tilt controller. That would be even better than the trackball. I hope some game devs hear that one.

  • The bigger questions you should be asking; “Who’s ultimately responsible for the content?” Is Sony going to be/provide the central hub? Are they going to provide a unified dashboard experience or will you be bouncing from shop to shop as you wade through all the stuff that publishers put out on the PS3’s network?

    Who knows? It hasn’t even been demoed yet. Just a bunch of “it will have”s.

    Best of luck with that.

  • Gary

    I can’t believe you hijacked your own post.


    Aahh man I’m not a fan of downloading proper games. If they are dirt cheap then maybe but I have my doubts.