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Naughty Dog is PS3 Bound |

IGN has a Q&A with Naughty Dog’s game designer Evan Wells (the less said about the game’s he’s worked on the better). You can also watch the trailer that Naughty Dog showed off at E3 which looks fantastic here & apparantley it is all in-game:

IGN: Of course, we think that the most important question that a lot of people have right now is “how much of that footage was CG and how much was real-time?”

Wells: The entire trailer was rendered in real-time using our PS3 game engine. All of the models, textures, shaders and effects are in-game.


Bloomin’ eck guvnor!! That is truly awsome. I’m was really impressed when I saw that video at E3 but I never thought it was in-game. What about Jak & Daxter though?

IGN: All of your PSone games were Crash, and all of your PS2 titles were Jak and Daxter. Does that mean that we can expect to see this IP as your running series for PlayStation 3?

Wells: The technology that the PlayStation 3 provides is definitely what inspired us to create this new IP. The next generation of hardware opens up to us new opportunities in terms of the experiences that we are able to produce. Each of the franchises that we have created in the past has been specifically tailored to the hardware that they were released on. We have every intention of this game continuing that evolution of franchises.

Does that mean no more Jak & Daxter games? Please say it ain’t so…. 😥

IGN – Naughty Dog’s PS3 Project

  • What i like about this trailer is, that it doesnt use shaders for ugly sweat and shiny effects… It stays natural, and I for one prefer that.

    I really hope, there’ll be a Jak & (more importantly) Daxter on the PS3. There’s so much potential in this formula, that would go to waste NOT making a Sequel…

    I only hope, that another J&D Sequel will be less hard… I somehow suck at 3D Jumpers… But I still like those games 😀

  • Gary

    I’m getting Daxter for my PSP when it becomes cheaper.

    The best game in the J&D series is still the original Jak & Daxter.

  • I already have it for PSP… So, no more waiting for me 😀

  • bunnyhero

    if it follows the pattern of crash bandicoot, there will be more jak and daxter — just not by naughty dog.