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Fantastic MotorStorm Footage |

PS3Focus has some great looking MotorStorm footage from a first person perspective & it looks great!!

Check it out for yourselves here.

Looks great doesn’t it although I wasn’t impressed when the vehicle skidded into the wall & you were able to see through the wall. Can’t be too harsh though as it’s still in development but I want that kind of stuff left on PS2 thank you very much.

  • Yeah it doesn’t look too bad. Looks better than some of the screenshots that have been going around. Besides the wall, I had a couple problems:

    – Often when things go flying off a vehicle, it’s bright yellow. Weird.
    – The tracks you lay down are too deep. It looks like you’re driving through mud with a fine layer of sand on top.
    – When the 4×4 got in the way of the jeep, its wheels weren’t spinning. Really strange.

    But all in all I am impressed. It definitely needs work, hopefully there’s time. But this could end up being a purchase for me.

  • Gary

    I think I’m going to be less tolerant of graphical glitches on PS3 as I was on PS2 mainly because of the jump in power & extra storage space. There really shouldn’t be pop ups, terrible draw distance, disappearing through solid structures etc!