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PS3 Is Not A Toy |

PS3 Worth The PriceI recently said that the PS3 price debate has been done to death well it seems as though the corpse is still twitching so I’m going to go all Resi Evil on it’s ass & splatter it’s brains all over Raccoon City!

Sony President Ken Kutaragi defended the PS3 price in the recent issue of Famitsu magazine saying:

“PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were both 10,000 yen more than their competitors at launch. Yet they both sold to shortages.”

“If you consider the PlayStation 3 a toy, then yes, it is an expensive toy. However, it is more than a toy. It is a PlayStation 3. And it is the only PlayStation 3. I hope that those who understand this will gladly purchase it.”

The PS3 is NOT a toy & anybody that views it as such will be better off spending their cash on the latest kiddy craze, whatever that may be.

You want a home entertainment system that plays PlayStation games (previous, current & next-gen), Blu-ray movies, CDs, internet access etc then you get a PS3. You get what you pay for people. The PS3 is the most technically advanced console & that reflects in the price. If you aren’t happy with the price don’t buy it. End of.

Next-gen Biz – Ken Defends PS3 Price

  • Of course the PS2 was 10,000y more expensive. It was competing against the Dreamcast & N64 which had been out for yours and already had several pricedrops.

  • i agree with you, gary. the ps3 is definitely not a toy nor should it be perceived as one. however, as a college student, a price that high has me hesitant. i’ll probably wait till the price drop.

    just my $0.02…

  • WonderSteve

    The price does have a certain degree of impact to gamers for sure. Unless you have a AAA killer title at launch, it’s going to turn away some people for sure with a high price.

    My original plan was PS3 first, then Revolution, then 360.

    After hearing the 600+ Canadian dollars price (not getting the 550 one because there’s no HDMI and WiFi built in), my plan is now Revolution first, then PS3, then 360. If 360 suddenly gets a lot of killer exclusive from Japan developers, I may even put 360 ahead of PS3. Revolution is going to have Zelda TW and Trauma Centre at launch (at least for the moment). Nintendo seems to have the best launch library this time around in my opinion

  • Gary

    I agree shift the PS3 isn’t cheap & not everybody will be able to afford it. However people need to understand what you’re paying for if you get a PS3 rather than compare it outright to a 360 & Wii. None of those systems offer what the PS3 does out of the box. The price reflects that.

    More people need to look at why there is such a price difference between PS3, 360 & Wii instead of whingeing “£425 for a games console!!!! Outrageous!!! AAARRGGGHHH!!!”.

  • 12,000lb Leg Press

    Thats some tough talk there son. The Playstation brand has always been synonymous with video games. Generally, consumers, even the gamers, will identify the Playstation as a device w/ a prime purpose to play games and not as a convergence device. Therefore, the price is dangerously high for what it will be perceived as. If it was a new device w/ a new name then the price would not have been an issue. Moms other than Ms. Gates will see this thing as a Playstation. All those features u mentioned, people got this revolutionary device called a personnal computer to do those things and will not be impressed by the PS3 offerings. Dreamcast offered internet features but not many gave a damn. If people cared about surfing the internet on their TV, then maybe that WebTV thing from MS might have had a chance. At BR, I laugh and it is really a sorry justifcation for the PS3 price. Mainly because I don’t exactly see anybody clamoring to pick up the next DVD format and nobody knows if it or its competitor will succeed. Get it out of u’r head that so many care about BR or HD-DVD. At this time, the group thats interested is a minority of a minority. U say that the PS3 is some wonderous device but yet u continue to compare it to the X360 and the Wii. The X360 or the Wii are not trying to offer you the kitchen sink so if u use u’r arguements, u can’t compare these products. Another thing, the PS3 may be more advanced than the X360 (they did have an extra year to work on it) and could eventually offer better performance but it will never be worth the difference in admission. Many developers have stated the PS3 is not that much better than the X360 in practical applications at all. If that is true, then its wash and the X360 is beginning to look more attractive.

  • lordxixor101


    I agree with you partially. You are getting a lot for your money. So, yes, it is expensive, but there is a lot there. Here is my issue, I don’t care. If I buy a PS3, it is almost exclusively for the PS3 games. I haven’t been online with a console since the Dreamcast, and I may not this generation either. I may buy a Blue-Ray movie, but it took me forever to get a DVD player, so I’m in no rush for the next step up.

    So, even though it’s a lot there, for me it’s going to buy a microwave for $50, but having to pay $500 for it because it comes with a fridge and a stove. Sure, it’s a good deal overall, but I only want one part of it. Same thing here, I’d rather pay $300-$400, give me a harddrive and the game machine, and leave the other stuff behind (heck, having a working PS2, the backward compatibility is nice, but it isn’t a selling point to me, or something that I want to pay for.

    So, though some people are right that iit isn’t a bad deal, it’s only a good deal if you want everything that’s being offered, and your willing to pay for them.

  • Gary

    Firstly 12,000lb Leg Press. You say you don’t care about BR well guess what I don’t have any interest in BR movies ever but EVERY PS3 game will come on a BRD so you’d better start caring man.

    I’m not comparing the PS3 with the 360 & especially not the Wii. They are all different beasts. When the Dreamcast came out high speed internet connection wasn’t cheap or widely available so is it no surprise that web browsing didn’t take off on the Dreamcast.

    The gaming world has changed massively since the PSone days thanks in part to Xbox Live & the age of downloadable content (which I also don’t have any interest in at the minute) but that’s the way gaming is heading like it or not.

    And with regards to PCs how much will it cost to get a PC with the same functions as a PS3? I’ll tell you how much it would cost me over here in the UK: way more than £1000.

    So like I said initially if you don’t like the price don’t get a PS3.

    Now lordxixor101, I agree with everything you say. However the BRD is being used for games so everything that’s in the PS3 will be used by gamers. So to me the price IS high but it’s worth it & I will be getting one.

  • 12,000lb Leg Press

    What will fundamentally be different about games shipping on BR? I’m gathering from you that it will somehow make the game better. (???) BR is a massive beast. Do you understand what it will cost a developer to produce that kind of content? It can costs a big house like EA upwards of $20 million now to produce a game that barely occupies 1/2 the storage of a DVD now we’re talking about – at minimum – 25GB. I don’t see it happpening, baby. Those precious BR disc r going to hold a carbon copy of an X360 game. That just business. Take care about the green and I know you know that most will not go the extra mile to do something additional exlusively for one platform. Developers outside of Sony’s realm of influence will produce games for the least common factors that will run on all target systems. In many cases, there will be nothing materially different about a game running from BR or a DVD9. Now for Square, who is always snuggled between Sony’s bullish cheeks, I can see a game like Final Fantasy XXXXX taking advantage of BR in the sense that it will be able to cram all the HD FMV sequences plus the game on one BR as opposed to multiple DVDs. Maybe for that but still…. It will still be just Final Fantasy XXXXX loaded with FMV; nothing new there.

    About the DC, I don’t think broadband would have made much difference. What ppl knew back then was dailup. But you did make a good point overall.

    Let me clearify something about BR. Its not just me that doesn’t care about the next format. Millions don’t! I read a lot of professional publications (I don’t mean Gamepro) about these things so I’m not just speaking for the hell of it. The general consesus amongst all these materials is that next format is not garnering enough consumer interest to matter; to matter to the PS3. And you don’t have to read something to see that. Peep out the PSP. It is a great device that has been handicapped by Sony’s insistence on making this thing a swiss army electronic device. All the PSP’s major abilities have been overlooked by what the audience perceives it to be. With PSP, Sony has demonstrated that they lack the ability to properly market such a device. If Sony where to focus on the PSP gaming strenghts from day one, it could have been in a lot stronger position to toot its other multimedia functions. The PS3 could fall victim to the same disease that afflicted the PSP; certainly not as easily. Sony doesn’t exactly strike me as an entity that readily learns and adapts its strategies from its mistakes….

  • 12,000lb Leg Press

    Paragraph 1: Take care = They care

  • Gary

    Now I’m not a games developer but I’ve read elsewhere that the storage space that is available on BRD allows them to dedicate more memory to certain areas of a game that they basically couldn’t do on DVD. I’ll find it & provide the link when I get more time if you like but it will be on this blog somewhere.

    I have a PSP & at the minute I only use it for the games but if I had a wireless router I would use it for checking my emails & other basic online stuff. However Sony did make a big mistake with the whole UMD fiasco which hasn’t helped the PSP at all but the PSP is not a failure not by a long stretch of the imagination.

  • Matt

    You are arguing about the PS3s abilities. I only I want it to play video games/BR movies. All the other crap is useless to me.

    CD Player- If everyone doesn’t own 3 by now than you shouldn’t be in this forum. I have something like 20 CD players.

    DVD Player- Again I own 7 DVD players. Everyone again should have 2 or more.

    PC functionality- My PC has way more functions than the PS3. I own 2 PCs right now. The vast majority has a PC for online functions.

    Backwards Compatibilty – I have 2 PS2s in my house and I believe my PSone still works. The fact of the matter is that I haven’t played a PSone game in 6 years and I haven’t played a PS2 game in 2 years. It can be a nice feature for a very small population of gamers.

    Consoles are supposed to be cheap. They are FOR GAMING first and foremost. The added functionality should be built with gaming in mind. Everything the 360 is for gaming. If some of these features fall into the other aspects for homes it is only a plus. Ipod compatibilty is great for games. Turning on your own songs in a racing game is clutch (EA can really put some crap music in their games). The fact that the 360 saves me a $100 Home Theatre Ipod setup kit is an added bonus. Sony really screwed up. Microsoft got what it needed in the 360 to perform gaming tasks. How can you say Sony needs all that crap?

    The PS3 does not need Blu-Ray. You can shout it from the mountains but informed gamers should know better. When the Largest GTA game on PS2 was III than you know compression has gotten better. This has been the story of the last generation.

  • Leo

    And yet every PC or XBOX 360 game has maxed out the storage capacity of the DVD, which simply does not provide provide enough space for the textures and sound it takes to produce a real next gen game (which the 360 has yet to do). The roles are reversed this generation: if you want to play the the best version of multi platform games without crippled features or enjoy all the exclusives of the Playstation brand, you’ll have to have an HDTV and a PS3. period.

  • Anthony Bentivegna

    The PS3 has A high price because of all the amazing things it can do. The PS3 can play Blu-ray discs and a blu-ray player costs almost 1,000, which is a whole lot cheaper than the PS3. That alone should tell you why it’s so pricey.