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New Poll: Settle for PS3 Jr? |

Here’s another poll question for you. This time I’d like all you lurkers and feed-readers to come over to and vote too, because I know I have a lot more readers than are responding to these polls.

So anyway, here it is. You go to buy your PS3. You want the better, 60GB HDD one, but you can’t find it. Do you wait until you can get the PS3 you want, or do you settle for a PS3 Jr, if available?

Previous poll results:

PS3 controller: if you had to choose, which would it be?

* Rumble: 45% (70)
* Motion Sensing: 55% (87)

Total Votes : 157

  • I saw this question somewhere (don’t remember where) and thought it was a good one, so I made a poll about it. But answering it was tough! I finally settled on “No way! Wait.”

  • Gary

    I’m the same man. Wait for it. For the price difference between the two I’m sure it would cost more to get the extra HDD space, HDMI adapter & WiFi adapter separately to add to the 20gb PS3 compared with what you will pay for the 60gb PS3.

  • Little OT

    I’ve just read at Eurogamers, that the XBox Eye Toy is due to be out in October…

    So, why the hell doesnt here anybody shout “rip off” and “MS copied”??

    I see no interview of Sony Execs saying something similar…

    American Managers (the MS ones obvious) suck donkey balls!

    Now back to the topic:

    No, I will NOT buy a stripped PS3 EVER! As I will have a HDMI and HD capable TV ready when the PS3 will launch, it would be pretty idiotic for me to buy one w/o HDMI.

  • Matt

    I really don’t know who wants to buy the Jr. version. Most of the people on forums refuse to buy it. With HDMI in my tv I think the answer is obvious for me.

  • Definitly get the more expensive one. I will every penny I have to Sony for the PS3. I’d even give my life for it…