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Official European PS3 Site |

Us Europeans finally have an official PS3 site to check out. Click here & select your language of choice.

Not a great deal on there at the minute. There are images of F1 ’06, Genji 2, Eye of Judgment, MotorStorm, Singstar & Warhawk. There is also a gallery of PS3 hardware from different angles, as well as what looks like 4 joypads that have been thrown in the air! 😮 😉

There is also a PS3 explained section where the PS3 is understandably hyped up, a spec sheet for the 20GB & 60GB PS3s & a couple of press releases.

*EDIT: You can also watch a High-def video of SingStar in action.

Official European PS3 Website

  • Pretty slick, actually.

  • What I like is that:

    The german version says (dunno if the other do) that ALL legacy PS1 and PS2 games will be supported! ALL OF THEM!!! Gran Turismo HD, I’m coming 😀

    And it also says, that the CELL does the sound (nothing bout RSX… but “sale” specific sites tend to be “incomplete” with technical specs)

    And it also confirms BT and wireless controllers for both Versions (20 and 60gb).

    And for those who dont know yet, it reads BD ROM with 2x speed. Thats 72mbps or 9MBps.

    Thats about it!