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PS3 & Your T.V. |

It’s been a quiet PS3 news day today so I thought I’d ask all our readers a question.

If you get a PS3 at launch & you don’t currently have a HDTV, will you upgrade to a HDTV or will you continue to use your current SDTV with your PS3?

In my current predicament (not a lot of money & flat/apartment hunting) I really can’t afford to get a PS3 AND a HDTV at the same time so if Sony announce 3 or 4 AAA titles available at launch then that will probably convince me to get a PS3 straight away. I will then have to use my current 32″ 100hz wide-screen SDTV with my PS3.

We all aren’t like Henning & have 200″ HDTVs! 😉

Now I know that you need a HDTV to fully appreciate next-gen games but it just isn’t practical for me to get one at the moment. Ideally Sony won’t release many AAA titles at launch & that would give me the opportunity to wait until I purchase a PS3 meaning that I would also be able to afford a HDTV to go with it.

So what are you guys & girls (do we even have female readers!!) going to do?

  • What? Sony should not release AAA titles just so that you don’t have a purchasing quandry? Man you have warped sense of priorities!!! 🙂

  • Gary

    Yeah I know, what am I thinking. 😳

    Of course I would love it if Sony released some AAA games alongside the PS3 & I would snap it up in an instance but just to keep me from going bankrupt a tiny little part of me wants Sony to have no AAA games available.

    Sony my financial future lies in your hands…

  • jedipottsy

    I like HDTV’S however i think the current batch are pretty bad. Im waiting for a decent 720p SED HDTV. I dont think you can beat CRT on quality. I cant stand gaming on LCD monitors. The colours are dull and the blacks arnt black.

    I’d pref like to wait for a nice 1080p SEDTV.

  • observer

    I plan to get a PS3 early but keep my basic 27″ SDTV for the first year or so and then upgrade to a nice LCD HDTV. Electronics always tend to get better over time, but I think HDTV’s will have a price/quality improvement curve that is much sharper than normal during the next few years. I’d like to soak up as much of this improvement as possible. Plus, I’m really satisfied with my plain SDTV and although I’m sure HD is much better, I think most of the benefits of PS3 can be enjoyed without HD.

    Also a PS3 + 2-3 games will probably run about $700-780, where the kind of HDTV that I want will run about $1500-$2500.

  • Leo

    I plan on saving up for an hdtv this summer. the prices have plummeted on models that were released last year. The prob with buying a brandnew uber hightech set is that they are really expensive for the first year or so. Also, the prices you see at retail stores are double the real price. Check out Samsung’s next to latest series, available in a variety of sizes with HDMI (you’ll pay 1500 USD for this one at best buy).

  • Qwest

    Im in the same predicament. Not a lot of money, hunting for a new house, and trying to save as much money as possible. But also want a PS3, and a HD TV to go with it. Now, i know, unless i win the lotto or come into a few thousand, then i’d be happy. But realistically, it’s not gonna happen. So i guess i will have a look at the luanch games closer to the time, and then make up my mind!

  • phipscube

    I plan to get a PS3 in January 2007 but wont have a HDTV till mid next year. I’ve got an Xbox 360 running on a Standard 20″ TV right now and it still looks amazing to me so no big rush. I’d like to wait and see if 1080p sets come down in price. Seems daft but I want to be able to use the PS3 to its fullest potential and most HDTV’s out right now don’t even have 1080p. I don’t want to spend £700+ on a screen now only to be itching to buy a new one in only a year. I don’t know any better than SD anyway so I’m not feeling like im missing out (yet) 😉

  • Matt

    I bought my 50″ Samsung 720p DLP on December 27th 2005. I bought my Xbox 360 on December 29th. The difference between SDTV and HDTV is huge with 360. My other set is a 36″ SDTV Mitsubishi that was a great tv and 360 looked good on, but you definately miss out. I HIGHLY suggest waiting for the size tv you want. A 23″ HDTV is almost a waste unless you sit 4 feet from it.

    I was in a good position while I was waiting for my 360 pre-order to come in. My HDTV is the best thing I have ever bought. I love gaming but sports in HD is unreal. I watch more tv than game.

    Don’y buy all the hype about 1080p. Do some research and you might save yourself a lot of cash. The human eye can only see so much detail. A 720p set at the right distance will be the most your eye can see. My 50″ in 9.0 feet is perfect. A 1080p would be of no use at that distance. If I wanted to sit closer (like 6 feet) than I would need a 1080p.

    The other downside to 1080p is that programs will not be broadcast in it until God knows when. This was a huge factor for me and it saved me $3000+ dollars. Research HDTV for months before you buy. It can save you a ton of hassle and really add to the enjoyment.

    For the guy who wants an SEDTV. They haven’t even started making these yet and it could be years away.

  • Matt

    I would also try to not get caught up with all of the shiney new models. Their will always be shiney new models. Pick a price range and start eyeing up a model. Wait for a sale and pick it up. I would also Highly recommend an extended warranty on every technology except CRT. Spending thousands on a HDTV would suck if it breaks in a year.

    When making a decision just be sure to have HDMI (which almost all HDTV come with now)

    I know most of you are in the UK. I would need to have a good amount of programming before I made my purchase. A HDTV that is just for gaming and movies (which you probally won’t have a lot of). Here in Orlando, FL I have 22 HD channels with my local cable company. After I move I will be switching to Satelite which has a couple more.

  • Leo

    Matt made a lot of good points. 1080p isn’t useful unless you have a huge screen you’re sitting very close to. The fact remains that the Samsung LN-R268W 26″ LCD TV, which I linked to in previous post, is 845USD online and will prolly be less in a few months. Its a gorgeous HDTV that weighs about 21 lbs (without the metal stand).