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Phil Harrison Defends PS3 Joypad |

Motion-sensing JoypadC&VG has translated an interview that SCEE’s Phil Harrison has done with Spiegel Online (maybe Segitz could give us a proper translation…).

In it he defends Sony’s use of motion-sensing when accused of copying the Wii’s control:

“We’ve been working on [motion-sensing technology] for a long time and Nintendo has certainly likewise already been working on something similar. The difference between our strategy and that of our competition is that our controller is still similar to the Dual Shock, the industry standard controller. I estimate that nearly 400 million Dual Shock controllers have been sold worldwide.”

Personally I don’t care if they have or if they haven’t copied Nintendo & I’m sick of Nintendo fanboys & Sony haters crying like little schoolgirls who’ve just had their hair pulled! Get over it. Take a look around you & tell me what you see that hasn’t been copied from a different company. Go on!

The Sony joypad will use motion-sensing so get over it. It doesn’t matter if it was a last minute inclusion or whether they’ve been working on it for a long time. It’s being used like it or not.

*Edit: Segitz has been kind enough to do a translation that can be clearly understood. You can read it in the comments.

You can read the full interview in a hilariously poor translation by clicking the link below:
Harrison’s Interview Translated In Full From Original Site

C&VG – Harrison Defends Motion-sensing

  • Yeah…what he said!

    And it doesn’t matter if it’s flopped in the past or not!

    So there…pppppththththt!

  • I will do so… just need some time!!

  • Uh, it sort of does matter if it was a last minute inclusion. When you’re pissing off developers like Kojima by not telling them what you’re doing and dropping a feature they like to use, it does matter.

    We’ll see how well this actually works when the system comes out.

  • Headline: We dont need the PC.

    1. Question: How do you answer to people, who say that you did steal nintendos idea.

    Harrison: In some way, I can understand why some people say that, but it’s a bit stupid. Excuse my expression. As we entered the market with PS1 in 1994, we where the first to bring real time 3D graphics. When Nintendo came with the N64 in 1996, did we say “Nintendo did steal our ideas”. Of course not. Such innovations become possible because of a combination of technology, costs and production capacity.

    2. Question: But it is remarkable that now there are two consoles with motion sensitiv controllers in the market.

    Harrison: We were working long with the technology and Nintendo also did work with similar, but not completely identical innovations. Thats just natural. Thats how technology just is. The difference in our strategy compared to the others is, that our controller, the Playstation “Dual Analog Controller” (literal translation… Nothing dual shock here), is the de facto standard in the industry of videogames. I estimate that if you count all the controllers with similar form, even from 3rd party producers, there were about 400mio sold worldwide. That means, we define the standard for the “man machine interace” for gaming. Now we gave the controller another dynamic, the free movement.

    3. Question: How many games will there be for the PS3 in the first year (2006), that use the new controlling mechanisms?

    Harrison: I recon that every game will use it at some content. We all move the controller around while playing, doesnt matter if its a racing or a football game (soccer not nfl 😀 ). For the first time now we can now capture the primary and the secondary input, meaning we can now capure the analogue sticks and at the same time movements the player does while playing (secondary movement) and combine those two. This is a meaningful advantage, that only the PS3 controller has.

    4. Question: The PS3 will play Blu Ray discs. The motion picture studios, including Sony Pictures, wants, via special interfaces and hardware copyprotections, to stop “pirates” to copy premium content. Now, the cheap PS3 has no such HDMI port, just like MS XBox HD-DVD addon. Dont you just torpedoe your own people, who want these protections? Was there a battle behind Sonys doors?

    Harrison: Not at all. The BD association lays down the specs, not Sony or Sony Pictures. We are a member of this consortium, but neither CEO nor head. The agreement says, that all BD Players from 2011 on will have to have HDMI. We will honor that agreement for our machine, that launches 2006. Thats five years ahead of what was needed.

    5. Question: But only one of the two PS3 SKUs. Dont you think, that your colleagues at Sony Pictures will fear, that in these five years, people will steal HD content and that it will be “reused” as pirated copies (the end of that sentence doesnt really make sense in german either!)

    Harrison: No, because i think the content use up too much space so that you can only relish it from a BD ROM. We dont really rack our heads over it.

    6. Question: The medium itself is the copyprotection?

    Harrison: Yes. In ten years time the idea of putting 50gb online will be normal, but nowadays? No way. Thats not easy.

    7. Question: While we are talking about online. Microsoft recently announced “Live – Anywhere”, a service that will combine the 360 with pcs and cellphones. Does this bother you, because you dont have the same access to PCs like MS?

    Harrison: No, that doesnt bother me and I dont think either, that it will bother the consumer too. If you get a playing machine as a primary gaming machine, then you only want that. We think, that the ps3 will be the place, where users play, watch movies, browse the net and use other computer entertainement functions. The ps3 is a computer, we dont need no pcs.

    8. Question: Microsoft also announced developing japan specific games and also that they still have big problems with the japanese market. What did they do wrong?

    Harrison: Microsoft discovered, that you cannot sell a “Halo” or a “Project Gotham racing” in Japan. They need titles, which are specifically tailored for that kind of market. Thats one thing we ocassionally have our problems with. The japanses consument has a very specific taste, and we have to respect that taste.

    9. Question: Does the european market have a special taste, on which you have to react?

    Harrison: The european and the us market are a bit more similar to each other, but there are differences. If you look at the success of “Buzz” “Singstar” and “Eyetoy”. These are gaming concepts which are very successful in Germany. This brought the trademark Playstation in completely differen regions and our hardware in different households, which would would have hit otherwise. There are some challenges in Germany, concerning some games, but we respect that.

    (I think he means “violent” games like Quake 4 or so, which normally arent allowed to be displayed to people under 18. So no bigger market will sell them.)

    10. Question: What challenges? You mean age-restriction for violent games? (Didnt i say it :D)

    Harrison: We respect the rules of the market to the fullest, but because of regulation, some games cant be offered to the right people. They can buy it, but they arent presented as prominently as others.

    11. Question: What kind of game would you like to see on the new console.

    Harrison: I like racing games. I play those the most. For the future of PS3 i’m the most interested in concepts, which connect people, more like just mulitplayer games. Things that establish communication and community while playing. This social aspect, things like MySpace and “Second Life” and other similar experiences fascinate me and i think we can achieve this in video games.

    (Does it ever stop?)

    12. Question: You did mention MySpace at the E3, very unusual for a console company.

    Harrison: We only acknowledge, that the power of a network is not within the OS, rather its inside the people using it. What gives MySpace its power is the combinatory effect of a hunderthousand or a million people, which let this network grow.

    13. Question: MySpace does work, because in many nations there are pcs anywhere and everybody can access the internet. But to access your network, you need a PS3. Do you think people will want to get in contact that way?

    Harrison: The PS3 has a webbrowser, so they can acces MySpace that way.

    14. Question: That sort of sounds like you have further plans to associate…

    Harrison: Yes we have. But i cannot further comment on that…


  • Gary

    Excellent work Segitz my man! 😀 The google transaltion is just hilarious. 😆

  • Gary

    Richard, they will get over it. Anyway MGS4 is a long way from launch & Kojima, aswell as other developers, will have plenty of time to implement motion-sensing into their games.

    The proof will be in the pudding as they say.

  • Was just an hour of work 😀

    No problem… I need to freshen up my english anyway 😀

  • questworld

    In Nintendo’s defence, Nintendo bashers were calling it gimmicky (almost like a common knee jerk reaction to anything Nintendo). And c’mon, 3D? That concept has been out since the dawn of vector graphics. Of course Nintendo wouldn’t call its use stealing; I don’t even think any fanboy would lay claim of 3D being the “innovation” of either company. It’s like laying claim to marble sculpturing.

    Frankly, if people simply stopped trying to out claim each other by who did what first or who had what game franchise on their system first while calling others gimmicky or sucky based on basic blind prejudice, we wouldn’t have this discussion. But alas, that’s the human idiocy. If they’re not fighting over religion, they’re fighting over race, or sports, or videogame companies, etc. I think all of you should get over it.