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New Poll: Settle for PS3 Jr?

Here’s another poll question for you. This time I’d like all you lurkers and feed-readers to come over to and vote too, because I know I have a lot more readers than are responding to these polls.

So anyway, here it is. You go to buy your PS3. You want the better, 60GB HDD one, but you can’t find it. Do you wait until you can get the PS3 you want, or do you settle for a PS3 Jr, if available?

Previous poll results:

PS3 controller: if you had to choose, which would it be?

* Rumble: 45% (70)
* Motion Sensing: 55% (87)

Total Votes : 157


PS3 & Your T.V.

It’s been a quiet PS3 news day today so I thought I’d ask all our readers a question.

If you get a PS3 at launch & you don’t currently have a HDTV, will you upgrade to a HDTV or will you continue to use your current SDTV with your PS3?

In my current predicament (not a lot of money & flat/apartment hunting) I really can’t afford to get a PS3 AND a HDTV at the same time so if Sony announce 3 or 4 AAA titles available at launch then that will probably convince me to get a PS3 straight away. I will then have to use my current 32″ 100hz wide-screen SDTV with my PS3.

We all aren’t like Henning & have 200″ HDTVs! 😉

Now I know that you need a HDTV to fully appreciate next-gen games but it just isn’t practical for me to get one at the moment. Ideally Sony won’t release many AAA titles at launch & that would give me the opportunity to wait until I purchase a PS3 meaning that I would also be able to afford a HDTV to go with it.

So what are you guys & girls (do we even have female readers!!) going to do?


Official European PS3 Site

Us Europeans finally have an official PS3 site to check out. Click here & select your language of choice.

Not a great deal on there at the minute. There are images of F1 ’06, Genji 2, Eye of Judgment, MotorStorm, Singstar & Warhawk. There is also a gallery of PS3 hardware from different angles, as well as what looks like 4 joypads that have been thrown in the air! 😮 😉

There is also a PS3 explained section where the PS3 is understandably hyped up, a spec sheet for the 20GB & 60GB PS3s & a couple of press releases.

*EDIT: You can also watch a High-def video of SingStar in action.

Official European PS3 Website


PSP Games Go Platinum

PSPI seemed to have missed this but Sony announced at E3 that the PSP will be getting a range of platinum games just like the PS2. The range of ‘best selling’ titles are only available in Europe at the moment & will be availabe in the UK June 2nd.

The games said to be among the first range of platinum titles are Everybody’s Golf, WRC, F1 Grand Prix, Medievil Resurrection, Ridge Racers, Virtua Tennis: World Tour, Burnout Legends, WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006, Need for Speed Underground Rivals, Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire & Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

No WipEout Pure. Strange. I’ll definitley get Everybody’s Golf, possibly Burnout Legends & I would’ve got WipEout if it was available at the cheaper price.

Allaboutgames – PSP Gets Platinum Range

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