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Price of PS3 Games |

This is a strange one. is saying that has recently published an article claiming that the price of two of SEGA’s PS3 games have been confirmed for Europe. Sonic The Hedgehog will cost €67 and World Snooker Championship will be €73. This converts to £45/$85 for Sonic & £50/$92 for World Snooker Championship (using Reuters currency converter).

There has been no official word from SEGA or Sony but, according to PS3Land, claims SEGA Europe has confirmed it.

It was recently revealed that Burnout Revenge & The Outfit for the 360 can be bought for $39.99 instead of $59.99 from Best Buy, Amazon, EB Games and GameStop online stores.

So my question to you is how much is too much?

For me personally I won’t pay more than £30 for new PS2 games & £20 for new PSP games & I can usually find new releases for that price either online or in shops. I will be willing to pay as much as £40 for new PS3 games initially but after a number of months I will be unwilling to pay as much unless it’s a AAA title.

If what is saying turns out to be true is $85 & $92 too much for a game considering not many games last more than 20hrs (except RPGs & sport titles). Do you sell your games on or trade them in for credit notes in-order to help fund your next purchase?

PS3Land – SEGA Europe Announces PS3 Game Prices – Budget 360 Titles

  • Gary

    I trade my games in for ‘credit notes’ which I can then use to pay for any games that I want in-store. There’s been times in the past where I’ve found brand new games that I wanted cheap elsewhere & when I’ve finished them I’ve traded them in & got most of my money back. 8)

  • I won’t pay anything over £40 for my Xbox 360 games, third party titles ship for £45 or £50 while first party titles ship for £45 here in the UK, although i order them online and get them for £40. I would never walk into a store and pay £50 for a game, thats just plain ridiculous, i expect a similar thing to happen with PS3 game prices.

    I know you’ve used the conversion rate between prices but it will never be that, betwen £45 and £50 here in the UK while they are only between $50 and $60 in the US, and its plain obvious that isnt using the conversion rate. Expect the prices to be between that in the US.

  • Gary

    Yeah $90 for a game in the US would be plain crazy & I’m well aware that conversion rates don’t work out $ to £. Especially not in rip off Britain.

    I’m expecting £50 max for PS3 games but I will find them for £45 or less if I look hard enough.

  • 12,000lb Leg Press

    The price increase this generation has definitely slowed my rate of new purchases. $10 is huge jump; maybe $5 would have been better. I now only buy AAA titles or games that I’m confident are worth it. I fear that these prices will deter me from trying lesser titles. I’m thinking the price of BR media could cause the price of PS3 games to be even greater than X360. BR movies are expected to cost a nice sum because of the new media so its perfectly plausabile for games shipping on this media. Man, I’m sore. Think I did too much weight last night.

  • Gary

    Well BR movies can be bought for $19.99. So that doesn’t necessarily mean PS3 games will cost more because of BR.

    I’ve had to miss my weight training yesterday & today because I have a stupid cold! 🙁

  • The DVD platform a console uses won’t affect the pricing of a game, it’s all down to these increased development costs that some developers are going on about, or it could be easily just a way for developers to earn a bit more cash per game.

    While i don’t expect PlayStation 3 games to be any more expensive than Xbox 360 games, i don’t expect them to be any cheaper, expect the same prices in almost every region for games. Gary i’d recommend you check out if you haven’t already, they’ve been my place for games for a while now, all Xbox 360 games are £39.99 (saving of either £5 or £10) so expect a similar drop when PlayStation 3 games go on sale. The delivery is great as well, pre-orders have always come a day early and its only 99p, order before 4pm and it will be with you the next day usually.

  • Gary

    I like the look of Liberty City Stories for PS2 at £15. I buy a lot of games from Tesco as they are usually £30 for new releases. I agree I will be very surprised if PS3 games cost more than 360 games & they definitley won’t cost less. I think developers will use downloadable content to gain some extra revenue as they aren’t stupid & will be aware that most gamers won’t pay over the odds for games.

  • Just to tell you, ALL new PS2 games cost 60€ in good ol’ germany (inlcuding tax of course)

    New 360 games cash in about 70€ per game (not all but the most)…

    So we will se ANOTHER price leap in games? First the more expensive PS2 games (usually games clocked in at about 80DMs (~40€), then the PS2 came and suddenly many games (ALL ps2 and xbox games) did cost 120DMs (~60€)…

    Man, I hate being a german milking cow… If that doesnt stop, I wont stop importing games… I still hope, Sony stays true to no region coding in games! Lik Sang importing (with the all time high euro exchange course at about $1 ~ 1.2€) with no shipping costs rocks 😀

  • Leo

    Yeah, I lived in Germany for a while and games are overpriced. Regionfree games will rock, I might even be able to have German dialoge by activating it on the disks I buy in the USA