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Moore: Xbox BC not a Priority |

As someone who thinks that PGR2 on the Xbox is actually a better game than PGR3 on the 360, Moore’s latest comments aren’t too comforting. What did he say? “Nobody is concerned anymore about backwards compatibility. We under promised and over delivered on that,” according to IGN. But that’s not all. He goes on to say “I like to think we’ve upheld our end of the bargain in making at least two or maybe three hundred games backwards compatible.” There are still updates on the way, but this statement speaks volumes. Maybe I won’t ever be able to play PGR2 on the 360.

This is in stark contrast to Sony, which likes to keep its previous-gen console alive and well. They only recently stopped selling the original PSone, for example, and plan to continue supporting the PS2 far into the future as well. The original Xbox? It’s going out of production soon. (Or has it already?) Again, another indicator of Microsoft’s priorities. And they’re not to support old customers. They want you to upgrade. (Hmmm. This is strangely like their OS and productivity app businesses.) I’ll be the first to defend a corporation’s right to make money. But can’t they do that by continuing to support existing gamers?

Where was I going? Oh yeah – BC.

Personally, I don’t have a huge collection of PS2 games. But I do want most of them to work on the PS3. A friend of mine has already expressed an interest in my PS2 when I get my PS3. And frankly, I don’t want a PS2 lying around if I can at all run my PS2 games on the PS3. I don’t want the clutter. I plan to get rid of my PS2 ASAP once I have my PS3, and I plan to play all my PS2 games on my PS3. Well, I don’t plan to play my PS2 F1 game on the PS3, because there’ll be a cool new PS3 replacement. But I want to be able to play other games like Champions of Norrath, Frequency, and Guitar Hero.

So what else can I say? To me BC is a very important priority. We know from the PS2 that Sony makes a valiant effort in the BC area. Sure, not all the PS1 games worked on the PS2, but the vast majority of them certainly did. And I expect the same thing next time around on the PS3. Too bad Xbox owners can’t expect the same thing of Microsoft.

IGN – The End of Backward Compatibility?

  • They underdelivered! No PGR! No Starwars Republic Commando! No Black! No Riddick!

    Seriously it sucked, they made so many promise on BC and never delivered, it’s a half broken features, just like MS is used to do.

    Having BC on the PS3 is just great, there are AWSOME game on the ps2 that i’m really looking forward to play with the PS3 I’ll purchase some day, and if the ps3 horsepower give me clean sharp image with no aa on my hi def scrree I’ll be more than happy!

  • observer

    Do you think Guitar Hero will be playable on PS3? More specifically, do you think the controller will be usable on PS3? I didn’t see any PS2 controller ports on the system but they might offer some kind of adapter.

    bikoko, I believe the 360 had an online update so that it can play Black now. Other than that, I totally agree with you.

  • Gary

    Does anyone know if light-guns work on HDTVs? If not that would make games like Time Crisis extinct on HDTVs.

    I’ve heard that they don’t but I can’t remember where I read it.

  • I assume there’ll be a PS2 controller to USB converter. Otherwise how could you claim backwards compatibility?

  • My guess is that light-gun technology should work just fine with HDTV’s. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe not. I seem to remember something about light guns making use of a CRT’s characteristics, so maybe you can only do light guns with CRT HDTV’s? I dunno.

    But I doubt that a gun made for an SD display will work with an HD one.

  • Black is BC…check the list

    over at they state a new update is coming soon. Keep your pants on.

    I think BC is important but not a deal breaker. I have a fairly large collection of XBox titles and I’m okay with what can be played on the 360.

    I highly doubt there are new 360 owners wishing to rush out and pick up that old Xbox title. They want the latest and greatest. For those that still have their Xbox along side their 360 (like me), it’s not that big of a deal to switch back and forth.

    MS is working on it. Sure not as fast as everyone wants…but they’re working on it. It’s a complicated process.

  • Well, it’s not a big deal for YOU. I personally don’t want to switch back and forth, and I know it’s a pain for my friend with his Xbox and 360.

  • No one said it wasn’t a pain to switch, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a big deal either. BC or no, I can’t move my saves off the Xbox hard drive, and I didn’t expect to be able to, so theres no real reason for me to paly my xbox ganes all the way through again on my 360. I just traded my PS2 away and still have the xbox because it has all my forza cars.

    I wouldn’t say they overdelivered, with the quality of certain titles that still aren’t on the list, but they more than met my expectations with BC. I figured 40 titles max at launch, including a lot of crap games, and hwne the list came out it was quite a bit better than that. They had the list available before launch, so I knwew what was BC when I decided whether or not to buy. They’ve had a couple updates sinceand the games I’ve played workd well, I can’t complain.

    I doubt your friend loves PGR2 so much he wants to play through the whole game again to unlock all the cars so you guys can race them again, so its kind of a non-issue there no matter what happens.

  • I stupidly thought that there’d be a way to transport save games.

    Silly me.

  • Bflow

    I guess it might not be as important for Xbox owners since they pretty much dropped support for their system. I’m suprised Sony hasn’t poked at that fact a little more because I know M$ would. But games like GOD2 and FFXII are comimg out and I know I’ll have a PS3 by then and will want to play these games. Hopefully you can play them on PS3 on day1.

  • My apologies for Black which is BC (but that’s just the first title that came to me).
    Actually I ‘d like to pick-up some old xbox game (reasonnable budget). It would be like telling me “why’d you need to play that old Ico on your ps3 when you can get Heavenly Sword?” but hey, that’s two very different game.

    Anyway we’ll see about sony’s plan

    (oh by the way, I’m in Japan, and I’d like to avoid 2 box in my tiny flat 🙂 )

  • sushiboots

    Peter Morre is lame. He contradicts himself all the time. This is an example of him running away from the machine’s BC issues.