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Sony Defends PS3 Pad & Claims Market Share Is Irrelevant |

PS3Firstly SCEE President & CEO David Reeves defends Sony’s use of motion-sensing in it’s joypads:

“It’s been planned for around two and a half years. If you have a device that includes 50 or 55 patents, you can’t reveal it, as someone will try to file a patent to stop it. We have already had some positive feedback on it from publishers.”

Whatever. I’ve had enough of this rubbish about whether Sony stole ideas from Nintendo to use in it’s joypads for the PS3. It doesn’t matter if they did or didn’t although it would be great if someone from Sony just came out and said “Yeah we copied the motion-sensing technology from Nintendo. It’s a great idea & we thought why not put it in our PS3 joypads.” If I mention the joypad in future it will be about how developers are using the technology in games & not more accusations from rival companies & Sony defending its inclusion.

Now here is a puzzling statement from David Reeves:

“The name of the game is not market share, it’s how fast we can grow the industry – our ambition is to grow 15 per cent a year on hardware and software if we can. We want to try and double digital entertainment in the next five to six years. Whether we have 40, 50, or 60 per cent market share is not that important.”

Is this Sony’s way of saying they know they will have less of the market share compared to previous generations? Lets just say they did ‘only’ have 40% that leaves Microsoft & Nintendo battling out for the remaining 60%. Unless one of the other systems failed miserably that should still mean the PS3 would have sold more than it’s competitors.

Anyway I don’t care who ‘wins’ the console/next-gen war. As long as great games are released it just doesn’t matter to me.

MVC – Sony: Market Share Not Important

  • I think what he’s saying is that Sony cares more about selling more PS3’s, instead of knowing what percentage of the market that translates to. They’re focused on bettering their track record versus the PS2, not on watching the competition, I guess.

  • Gary

    But surely the more consoles you sell = the higher percentage of the market share you will have?

  • IF Sony managed to pull off a 15% sales increase, they WILL dominate the console war nontheless!

    You have to take into concern that the XBox simply doesnt sell well in Asian countries. That way, they miss over 25% of potential customers and simply cannot have such a big installed base.

    Nintendo on the other hand must be treated specially. They developed something different and many people will buy the Wii (i start being comfortable with that name) as a second gadget, because its very cheap AND very different.

    I think, the 2 newer consoles will give MS a run for its money. No saying that the 360 is bad console (which it isnt), but Sony and Nintendo try different things, which the 360 does NOT, which will drive many non-gamers into gaming and therefore buying consoles. Microsofts “start early, win early” strategy can backfire (I dont say it will, but IMHO is very likely), because the gaming market MUST change, as the usual style of playing games is a dying brand. Look at arcades (ok, I must say here, in Germany there arent any at all, because Arcades are restricted to persons of 18 and up, and therefore not very lucrative). Normal Joystick gaming is dead. Lightguns, motion sensing (i.e. snowboardgaming and all that crap 😀 ) and other stuff are ruling here (at leat in the arcades in spain… Thats why i love making holydays in spain 😀 ).

    The old formula of “pad playing” MUST die (the same all patterns all over just WONT sell anymore in the future), and that is why the 360 wont dominate the market in 2007/2008.

    And, to be acknowledging Gary, yes it doesnt really matter who wins, as long as the losing consoles dont die, or being left to die like the Dreamcast… Poor Dreamcast…

  • Gary

    Yeah the death of SEGA as a hardwear manufacturer was a shame but they still develop games & those games that were once exclusive to SEGA hardwear were now multi-format which is great for gamers.

    Man who can forget the 1st time Sonic appeared on Nintendo hardwear!!

  • I’m not so confident about the death of pad playing. The fact is, the coordination necessary to use other input devices just isn’t possible for most of the population. It will be very interesting to see how well and how precise games can be controlled when they require you to move your arm in one direction while movig your thumb on the same hand in another.

    gamepads and joysticks are based on years and years of R&D on how to control devices, maybe someone will reinvent the weheel, but it’s much mroe likely that they won’t. The nintendo power pad was an alternate input device, but what does everybody remember about it? you got down on your knees and hit the pads with your hands because it was faster than actually running. trying to directly transfer real-life movement into games is very complex problem and I’m not confident nintendo has solved it (since I haven’t played w/ a wii yet (lol)). Sony’s is basically broad gesturing so it doesn’t seem as complex, the question will be can it make a difference in gameplay.

  • Super Slug

    Segatiz, thats a little too out there don’t you think? You don’t know what MS strategy is, none of us do. So how can u call X360 as not being able to maintain dominant position. There making alot of effort to appeal to the market to try to do things right. The console that more likely won’t dominate is the PS3, man. That price is a turn off. I predict that after the diehard fans snatched theirs up, sales will take a cliff dive. Please no one mention anything about BR, cuz its yet to be proven if enough ppl are really interested. BR/HD DVD are going to b a very tough sell cuz DVD does the good enough for many, even 4 those with HDTVs.

    The Wii, I’m on the sidelines on that. I’ve seen some gameplay videos and I don’t think many players will be able to maintain such levels “interactivety” for long periods of time. The Wii looks like it would b fun for group games and things like that, but man I don’t know about so much physical movement. Even if its just minute movements and not as exaggerated as Nintendo’s promo clips, it still looks gay. It will sell @ first, probably the majority to a lot of youngins, but its hard call over the long term.

    The PS3 and X360 will have similar featured titles especially from third parties. If the motion sensor does take off, MS can develop an accessory to plug into the expansion port on the bottom of the X360 controllers (just a thought). Like many have said in the past, Even if the PS3 is little better, it will not bounds and leaps ahead of the X360. The $200 price over X360 is not going to get you $200 of performance and like many things coming out Sony, your setting yourself up for disappointment if you take it at face value.

  • You’ve got some points there Super Slug… (please re-read my name :D)

    I should have been using “my prediction” tags in my post, thats for sure, but I thought you would figure that out by yourself.

    The problem Microsoft is facing that they have a pretty bad name in the computer industry for its buggy software. Not that the casual gamer would care, but it sheds some bad feelings onto the 360 aswell. I think some of the problems MS had, can be tracked back to these feelings.

    Yes, the PS3 is not cheap, as wasnt the PS2 when it launchend (ca. 900DMs (450€) in 2001 in Germany. Still it sold too well…) or even the original Xbox. My point is, that having a new feature (motion sensor) and some “premium” (bd player for the on or the other) features, the ps3 has a better “ad value” than the 360. Its EVERYTHING in one box compared to some in one box. Ok, it is more expensive, but makes up for it, because of it superior packaging.

    AND (talking for Europe, especially Germany) Sony has a VERY GOOD brand name, no matter what you buy (there were no rootkit cds over here, strangely, because MOST of our music cds ARE protected in some ways, none really work though on linux :D). Half of my Entertainement components are Sony products (Complete HiFi component set, PSP, PS2… my 15 yr old tv died tho). Ok, thats just me, but having seen many other homes, i can say, Sony has a VERY big marketshare in Germany, DESPITE being tagged with a premium price with “the same” performance (as far a one can judge that).

    If you walk into (smaller) video rental stores in my area (Stuttgart), the PS2 takes up nearly 95% of all rental space for games, leaving 4% for pc and the rest for the xbox (No GC or other consoles over here…). The bigger ones have more Xbox games, still PS2 CLEARLY rules the market here and its not (yet?) subject to change.

    Even if the motion sensing sucks, and if the bd movies fail and if the gaming performance of the ps3 exactly equals the one of the 360, even then i think Sony has the advantage in Europe and Japan.

    MS needs to pull off something RADICAL to change that, and that is NOT something like “live anywhere” or the XBox camera (PS2 already has that with some REALLY fun games… rip off??). It needs something really compelling.

    I dont know, Germany has a tough console market i think. Violent games always get cut, that way they lose some of its value, RTS arent even converted, RPGs are some sort of side appearances and so on… Here, PC market still maintains the upper hand, although it think in this next gen console generation it will change, because it is being presented more aggressivley than pc games, and it gets harder day by day.

    AND, we already saw (up til now and a wee (wii?) bit of the future) what MSs strategy is… EXACTLY the same as with the old one… All the same games with newer graphics… The american Way so to say. (this sounds a bit harsh) But where are the NEW ideas and games we were promised? I cant see ANYTHING of that happening here. PGR3, Halo3, DoA4 (??)… Sequals ALL OVER. ALL of this could have been done on the old consoles (despite some nicer looking boobs or whatnot). Yes, the PS3 ALSO has MANY sequels, BUT I can see a pattern emerging here. Already showing new eyetoy games, motion sensor… There is innovation (not all the way like the wii, but sony was never the corporation to reinvent the wheel), not too much, but there is, and that is (STILL ALL IS IMHO) what can and (STILL IMHO) will inadvertenly break MSs neck in the console industry.

    I never thought good of MS entering the console market. Buying good studios (Bungie…) just to promote a frekkin console that didnt do too well, just because the shareholder value must rise at ANY cost (lets see… 4BILLION LOSS in the first round, that got ended with TKO by the 360, ANOTHER frekkin MONEYEATER!).

    Monopolys are ALWAYS bad (Atari had it coming) but the way MS is doing is on a morally point of view more than just bad…

    I got a bit carried away… so back to the topic…

    I think, the first few batches till end of q1 (march 07) will sell thru no matter what. I am still waiting, because i will get a HDTV first, but inadvertly I will buy a PS3, because of GTA, GT, FF and MGS (no DMC thou… maybe used), and i think MANY PS2 users end up doing so too. Why? Because its Sony! Good consoles man! Even if only 50% of todays PS2 users end up buying a PS3, that equals 50million ALREADY. Its the human nature… Tried and true, the way PSs are made… Sony has a BIG advantage only namewise… Even if the PS3 was inferior, it would sell better (but that would break Sonys neck for the PS4).

  • Super Slug

    Segitz, Sorry about the name. I just glanced kind of glanced at it and had it in my mind it was spelled that way.

    Anyway, MS Xbox 1 did do well. Extremely well, especially for novice company going up against seasoned veterans. It had strong yet distance No. 2 position, especially here in the US. Many believe, had it launched earlier, PS2 sales wouldn’t have gotton as strong in the long run. But this was expected. Whenever a company tries to launch a competing product in a new market that has very good products that are already serving the needs very well, its going to be a tough sell. Try launching an iPod competitor or new OS against Windows, you’ll find yourself bleeding a lot of cash fast before you begin to make a return. This is what happended with MS. Xbox 1 was probably testing the waters, X360 is a product from which MS learned a lot of mistakes and did its best to correct which still could not be enough. They may not get it down until the 3rd iteration. Who knows…

    You mentioned the value of the PS3 being all inclusive device. I think its been debated here to death that the PS3 is only a value if you want what it offers. I wanted a PS3 but I don’t want a BR disc drive and I’m not willing to pay premium price to be the guinnea pig for unproven technology. I am not willing to pay for a system that – for the most part – will provide the same titles of a competing platform that is $200 cheaper. All I want are games and thats it. I don’t care about 1080 because my TV can only support 1080i and I got 52″ 720p plasma from Fry’s not too long after that. I’m not buying another TV for the next 10 yrs. Browsing the internet on my TV? I think I’ll pass. This little Mac Mini I intially bought for a media center is serving that need just fine. So u see, there are a lot of fans out there like me who would like to get the console but its offering things they don’t care for. So where is the value of the PS3 for them?

    That 100 million unit PS2 sold. Thats not 100 million individual buyers. A lot of those are repeat buyers or units sitting on store shelves. That usuallly the case with all console sales figures so I’m not hating.

    On another note, most of Sony’s talents were bought, but I thought you would figure that out by yourself. So whats the deal with MS buying Bungie? IMO they should be buying more. Especially since 1st & 2nd party stables are those who distinguish a console.

  • This time around, it will be a short comment 😀

    You got some valid points there 😀

  • Matt

    I don’t know how you can bash MS for having sequels when you haven’t named a single Sony game that isn’t a sequel. I beg to differ on the MS game front. First off I am not a PC gamer. I have a Home Theatre that many would kill for and enjoy gaming from my couch. Ms has almost every single great game on PC announced for the 360. Add to that the amount of new games that are coming out like -ChromeHounds, Gears of War, Over G Fighters, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II, Dead Rising, Prey, TimeShift, Enchanted Arms, 2 Days to Vegas, Blue Dragon, Splinter Cell :Double Agent, Forza Motorsport 2, Brothers in Arms, Viva Pinata, Call of Duty 3. I could go on but I won’t. I will point out that all of these games will be released BEFORE the PS3 is available.

    The 2007 Lineup gets even better with Bio-Shock, Alan Wake, F.E.A.R., Golden Axe, Huxley, Lost Planet, Mass Effect, The Darkness, GTA, Halo 3, etc. Many of these games are 360 exclusives or PC games that haven’t and probally will not be announced for PS3.

    Name me 10 decent games that Sony is creating without a number behind it?

    I honestly think that Sony cares the least about its consumers. They have really cut off 2/3s of their base with their price. They really did a lot of research to figure out what features to include with the PS3 didn’t they. “Would you like an online service where you have the same name on all games?” All they did was ask if people wanted Live on PS3 (which is fine because it is by far the best online system out there). They bought studios who have either make crappy games (I am looking at KillZone) or developers who haven’t made anything we have heard of.

    Microsoft went out and got Peter Molyneaux and a ton of talent from the Japanese Developer scene. They also bought many oif the top development teams which has paid of for them with great exclusive games.

    No innovation? They will have a camera out that will scan your face so you can create yourself in single and multiplayer games. Their Live service is so innovative that Sony has copied it almost exactly. I still cannot see how they are not going to charge us. Xbox Live arcade has opened up a whole new world of gaming. Instead of the intense Store bought game that is hard to play for 10 minutes or play with a non gamer, they create a second type of game. Yeah you might laugh but I don’t always want to play a game that you get into (Oblivion). Geometry Wars is great while I am waiting for my girlfirend to get ready. The Points system they innitiated is awesome. Some people have become obsessed.

    All I ask is that you do some research before you post things like that. The PS3 will have great games but don’t bash the competition when you know nothing about it. Go play a 360 for a couple of hours and tell me that it isn’t innovative and fun.

  • Gary

    Before I reply to you exactly who is your post aimed at?

  • Matt


  • Gary

    Well here are a few PS3 games that aren’t sequels:

    Heavenly Sword.
    Resistance: Fall of Man.
    Fatal Inertia.
    Assassin’s Creed.
    Eye of Judgment.
    Blade Storm.
    Endless Saga.
    Coded Arms.
    8 Days.

    Most of the above are PS3 exclusives & a lot of the games you’ve mentioned for 2007 will be coming to the PS3.

    Nobody knows how a game will turn out until it’s finished but it’s safe to say Sony has an excellent line-up of software & that’s without mentioning the “sequels”.