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Why do YOU want a PS3? |

Why are you getting a PS3? Why aren’t you getting a PS3? Is it the games? The Blu-ray player? The price? The whole package?

And for all you undecided: is there one game or one gaming franchise that would convince you to buy a PS3 & does it matter if the game was an exclusive for the PS3 or not?

Personally there are loads of games I’m looking forward to on the PS3 & there isn’t one gaming franchise that would make me buy another console just for that game. That includes GTA IV, Devil May Cry 4, FFXIII or Resi Evil 5. There’s just too many great gaming franchises coming to PS3 which is the reason why I’m planning on getting a PS3 rather than the 360 or Wii.

C’mon then spill your inner-most feelings as to why you are or aren’t getting a PS3 or why you’re undecided. That includes you lurkers aswell. Don’t be shy…

  • Richard

    I like the whole thing!
    Im normally a PC user, mainly cos i can mod the hell out of everything. However i like console games, both multiplayer and arcade like gameplay. Rainbow Six Vegas looks amazing, and would be awesome multiplayer with mates. Especially if i could use a keyboard. Im a big fan of warhawk and Final Fantasy has some of the best CGI sequences and best gameplay ever.

    However i just dont like the 360 and wii tbh. I get the wii is innovative and revolutionary, however i just cant see myself jumping around in my room in a year / two years time (plus i have a small room). Mainly cos im lazy…and if my @$$ isnt on something i dont wanna do it…….And while the 360 is good, i just think its rushed. The DVD playback is apauling, and i cant see 9GB as being “enough” for a decent game. Heck any Final Fantasy game made on 9GB would be terrible. Remember the CGI sequences would have to be atleast 720p, and FF can have well over an hour of sequences….

  • I have no idea. we’ll see what the launch titles look like.

    awww please lets not go over the silly capacity issue again, lets remember, FFX was only about 5 GB, and if it had been made for the xbox, it would have been significantly smaller, like many other cross platform games. even if they double the size, a DVD will be enough room.

  • Richard

    But HD Video takes up more room than SD video. Remember that a HD Film is gonna take more than a DVD.

  • Richard, you’d think being a PC fan, you’d jump all over the 360 ’cause of the upcoming Live Anywhere update. Heck you you could be whoopin’-it-up with your PC and 360 buds at the same time: and kickin’ butt…What? PS3 doesn’t have that? Awe…too bad.

    360 – Rushed? How?
    I’d ask…PS3? Why so late?

    9gigs for a “decent” game? Oblivion looks awesome and it fits just fine on a nice roomy DVD9 disc. I say you’ll be a proud owner of a format that’s dead-in-the-water and games leaving 90% of wide open space.

    I’m happy with what I have…there’s not 1 PS title that’d make me jump ship or even want to own a PS. But that’s just me. I have plenty of friends that are getting a PS3…just to have one. Have no idea why, but they are.

  • Stay on topic. If you wanna talk about the capacity issue, go over here.

  • Burten

    Why should I get an PS3….?
    Ok, first thing first.. Games. Good games! I want good and unike games for the PS3.
    And they’re on their way.. Assassin Creed, GTA4, R:FOM, MGS4–
    Where’s Killzone? Secret lauchtitle? Would be fun…

    A better online service than the PS2. I has to be– well, you know what we want.


    ..And it will work as a hub for my PSP πŸ˜‰

    Don’t care to much about the BlueRay Drive for movies. If this format should win the BD/HD-DVD war, I guess I will buy a stand-alone-player. Remember that the PS2 isn’t all that great for DVDs..

  • I was and will stay with Sony, because of some Franchises I just cant miss…

    Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, Grand Theft Auto 4 (ok, not so exclusve anymore) and foremost Final Fantasy XIII.

    I like the package also, because that way, I dont need no other BD Player and maybe just maybe Divx Player (if Homebrew REALLY is going to stay that is). Also, as I just said, maybe homebrew (that’d ROCK!). I like the idea of the motion sensing pad, but the Wii isnt my thing, so PS3 it is…

  • because I’m a sony fan πŸ˜€

  • Gary

    OK McWilliams I have a question for you. If you have no intention of ever owning a PS3 or no interest in any of Sony’s games why are you reading a PS3blog? Is it just a case of checking out what the enemy is up to?

    It’s your loss though man. There’s some great games available on Sony’s consoles.

  • I’m buying it for the games, and also because i know it will be future proof for at least another 7 years. Sony allways seem to win the console wars.

  • He he. We’re not the “enemy” Gary.

  • Well not us personally but some people view Sony as the “enemy”. πŸ˜›

  • francois

    I will buy it based on the great fun I had and still have with PS1 and PS2 games, the Gran Turismo franchise, the HD capability, BD player and the long life cycle of sony’s console so far.

    I am also a pc player and playstation platform complete the PC platform very well. When I play FPS. strategy and Oblivion it is on PC, All other type of game is on PS2.

  • Gary

    I think there’s a lot of “loyalty” towards Sony especially from gamers that bought PSone & PS2, me included, & the memories that gamers have from those consoles.

    Plus Sony as a brand is still strong & is known for quality products & style.

    I can’t see myself ever owning an Xbox. It just wouldn’t “feel” right if that makes sense. I’m not a rabid fanboy either. I happily bought a Gamecube & enjoyed the few games that were exclusive to that system although I did only pay Β£50 for it.

  • Tuxedo

    It’s all about the games and Sony them for me. πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    I dont like windows, and i dont think im going to get Vista. So 360 can link to vista…but why would u want to run vista? The only “good” feature is DX10.

    Oh and i dont like the 360 because its a basic PPC cpu with an ATI Card and ive never liked ATI Graphics cards. Theyr fast no doubt, but the features and quality isnt as good imo.

  • PlayStation 3 will contain more innovation than Xbox 360 and Wii combined…

    – A next-generation media format (Blu-ray)
    – A unique and never-tried-before microprocessor architecture
    A new controller based on patents Sony filed in 1997, way before Nintendo “re-invented” the remote control*
    – A huge backcatalog and a level of backward compatibility Microsoft cannot match
    – Online capabilities backed by some of the greatest movie studios

    Finally, last, but not least, great games from Japan and Europe. That’s important because most games produced in the US are violent episodes where you pretend to be one guy saving the world running and shooting at everything that moves.

    PS 1:

    I like your blog, I think we should cross-link.

    PS 2:

    There is a mail I sent to one of my contacts at Sony:

    Are you guys sure about this?

    – Integrated Wi-Fi is cool, but people who don’t have a wireless network
    should not have to pay for it. Make it an accessory.
    – If you use memory cards and sticks, you are likely to own a reader
    already. If PlayStation 3 has USB ports, slots for memory cards are
    – HDMI is key to take full advantage of the Blu-ray drive. Hence, a
    model without a HDMI port does not make a lot of sense.

    The lower priced model does not seem to make a lot of sense.

    So, I think you should have 1 model only. $549 with 1 game. Wi-Fi as an
    accessory. No slots for memory cards and sticks. HDMI port included. You
    can reduce the size of the HDD to 40 GB to make the price more bearable.

    Just my 2 cents. Please forward to Phil and co.

    *Edited by Gary to make link fit.

  • Inspectre

    I’m the type of person who has no trouble “jumping ship” when a company makes a product that gives me what I want. I can’t really explain it either, but Sony’s consoles have always leaned toward my preferences. I’ve owned one for 10 years since the original launched.

    The PS3 just trips my trigger.
    It’s got horsepower.
    It’s got a hard drive.
    It’s got Blu-ray.
    It’s got games that I want to play.

    I’ve thought about buying an Xbox 360 since it was announced last year, but the biggest game for it is Halo 2 which is an Xbox one game. πŸ™
    I also agree that I think the 360 was rushed out the door and came to market too early. Three years is just to fast to kick their previous console to the curb for the sake of trying to buy their way into my living room.

    I’m primarily a PC gamer, and there’s not much on the Xbox that I can’t play on my computer. They’re primarily FPS’s but I don’t have to buy an Xbox to play them.
    Call of Duty 2, Condemned: Criminal Origins and GRAW are just a few examples.

    Some games that I want to play on the PS3:

    Heavenly Sword
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    MGS 4
    Eight Days
    Assassin’s Creed
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Ridge Racer 7
    Naughty Dog’s new game

    Those games are probably not going to be on any other platform including PC. Thats first generation games too.

    I’ve also been holding off moving into the HD era because of lack of content. Well Sony is bringing me into that too, and I like it. I don’t mind paying $3000 for an HDTV because it’s what I want. People are *dying* for content to watch on these fancy TV’s everyone is buying, Blu-ray will help ease some of that stress.

    So you can put my post into context I’ll let you know that I’m a 37 year old businessman. When I talk about the Wii my girlfriend (who’s 30) just gets mad, because she says there’s no way she’s gonna swing a remote around her living room to play a video game. She grew up on Mario, she’s not a gamer really, but she has a level 60 on World of Warcraft.

  • observer

    1) The games. Of course this is #1. PS2 and PC had the best games and developers in my opinion. Most of the PS2 developers are continuing with the PS3.
    2) The hardware. I love the hardware. The controller, the HDD, the performance, integrated WiFi, integrated card reader, and of course, integrated Blu-Ray for both enhanced movies and increased game storage. The best hardware *and* the best value.
    3) The future. I have the most confidence in the PS3 platform to facilitate the most innovation and original, quality entertainment experiences.

  • ferocious

    I like the whole thing, and PS3 will be Linux compatible πŸ™‚

  • Richard

    Linux πŸ˜€

    Slam wine on there and u have a pc/ps3 – to play majority of the games available!

  • I’m getting one for a few reasons.

    1. Exclusive games (final fantasy. JRPGs)
    2. Cheap Blu-Ray player
    3. A fun project to play around with media center mods / linux (i’m getting at least 2 ps3’s. One for modding/projects and one for playing games / watching blu-ray movies.
    4. New controls (I’ve always hated the form factor of the playstation controller so, im really happy they are using motion sensitive tech, should make controls easier for me. (: )

  • phipscube

    The whole deal

    1. Amazing GFX, I want that in my next gen system even if its not trendy anymore (Wii).

    2. Full on Media System (not half baked like in Xbox 360). I want to replace my annoying MCE PC with something that doesnt crash so often. The Xbox 360 relies too much on the PC for my liking for this feature.

    3. Exclusive Sony games and crazy Jap games that will never appear on the other systems. Now we can play them without the need for a mod too!! (I hope it will make older PS1 and 2 games region free too! I have a variety of mad jap games that need breaker pro and swap magic boot disks to run on my PAL PS2)

    4. Blu-Ray. I WANT next gen movies! PS3 is gonna be the cheapest HD player. Ok Blu-ray might fail… but it might not as well! Sony have a hell of a pull on the movie business too.

    5. Connectivity to my PSP. Mainly for media transfer/organising not games. But maybe i’ll change my mind on games when more details appear. Things like using it as a wing mirror in F1 are not for me, seems totally pointless (But that could have been just a simple technical demo).

    6. Linux! finally some way to bring indie coding to the masses?? Hope Sony set up an XBLA style system for delivering all those homebrew efforts to the masses. A portal for creating games and checking out what others have made. I hope this happens. Either way having Linux in there opens up to a whole new world. It IS a computer! If Linux runs without any restraints I could maybe consider using it instead of my MS PC… well, we’ll see on that πŸ˜‰

    7. Browsing the internet in style. The XMB interface for PS3 looks really nice in the video demo i’ve seen too.



    One area thats vague right now is how it will play TV and act as a DVR.. or if it will. There are statements that suggest a TV tuner could be plugged into USB… but will it be for Linux (MythTV) or the PS3 XMB? I have a feeling Sony might do an Aplle and provide content on-demand purely through the internet. Thats ok as long as there is enough content to truly replace standard TV “Channels”. There is no need to record as such if thats the case so less HDD space used.

    There are one or two things that bother me too. The controller is good and all but I wanted to see a redesign. I’m curious as to how the boomerang actually felt…. The Xbox 360 pad is excellent, in my opinion better than the Dual shock. Like the idea of Motion sensing, but can’t comment on how it works.

    Whats happened to the rear USB ports? certain things need to be plugged into the back and left (TV Tuners, External HDD). They could look ugly sticking out the front with cables coming from them. At least have two on the rear, and two in front if cost is an issue. They had it right first time. Put them back please Sony!

    Get rid of the “Jr” Its pointless trying to cut costs on piddly things like ports and stuff. The real saving is with a machine that has only DVD. But that aint gonna happen. Trying to be like Microsoft aint gonna help PS3 with its price. Its still too “expensive” to be classed a “Budget” variant of the full pack. Limbering in no mans land. 99% of early adopters for PS3 will want the full on version. Stick with that one Sony, The more “Expensive” PS3 is the real deal (not that you’ll listen to a mere minion like myself, GRIN).

  • Matt

    I am excited about the PS3 because they have been the industry leader for a while now. The problem is that I have been playing Xbox machines for the past 4+ years now and have really liked them. I passed on the Cube last gen because their were almost no games that interested me. PS2 was great but I got tired of it. Dolby 5.1 on Xbox 1 was awesome and really added to the feel of the game. Their were hardly any games that had it on PS2.

    The PS3 has a lot to prove to me. I don’t want to play MGS4 (I played all the Metal Gear games on NES/SNES/PS1/PS2. The whole idea makes me sick. They can add what they want but the core game is the same. Great for many people, just not for me. The FF series I wouldn’t touch with a 100′ pole. It was great but I want something different. A series for me last 3 games. When you go beyond that you are just beating a dead horse. I do have exceptions to this rule though. I really look forward to GTA4. Something about that series just doesn’t get old (or it hasn’t yet).

    I also really doubt the reliability of the PS3. Cell is either the greatest thing to consoles ever, or a step back. I haven’t heard anything great from a reliable source but time will tell. I also don’t want to pay for the BD player. I will buy a dedicated player because it will do a much better job than PS3 (You cannot argue this).

    The online features and smoothness of the experience are key for me. I love online functionality and 360 nails it.

    Their are a few games that are exclusive that look great but I really want to see what they look like in gameplay (with me holding the controller). I can wait on the PS3 and I will. I have a great system and plan on getting the Wii for party situtaitons. I still plan on getting all three systems but the PS3 is at the bottom of the list. This could change but not likely.

    This is a great site that I visit a ton. I hope you all don’t take me too serious. I generally question people who obviously never spent any serious amount of time with the Xbox or 360. I also question people who insist on HD but don’t own an HDTV. I am not a fanboy but try to get people to make a wise decision before spending a ton of money on something they love for the wrong reasons. It either pisses you off or makes you think. I am shooting for the latter.