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New Poll: HDTV with your PS3? |

Here’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time. When you get your PS3, will you be using it with an HDTV, or a normal SD television? Answer the poll in the sidebar here at, as always.

Previous poll results:

Would you settle for the PS3 Jr if you can’t find the 60GB PS3?

* Yes, I’d settle.: 16% (24)
* No way! Wait.: 84% (123)

Total Votes : 147

  • Alex

    Just got a new 52″ HDTV a few months ago. Its my Baby.

  • mcloki

    I plan on buying both. So i’m delaying my HDTV purchase. Probably till next March. Love to see what a commotion the SED HDTV’s are going to make (if any) and then decide on a nice 1080p capable machine.

  • Matt

    I would look for the LED DLP HDTVs. Rainbow Effect will be gone and the lamps will last about 20,000 hours. Samsung is releasing one later this year and DLP is one of the oldest technologies available. They have drastically improved the blacks in these sets. We will have to wait ot see how it performs until September I think.

  • Hah, i’m gonna wait for an HDTV for at least another year. I don’t watch a lot of TV because belgian television sucks. We have nothing interesting on cable, and i’m watching my dvd’s now on my 20inch imac. 500-700€ is what i’d give for a TV.

  • Right now i have a 16inch SDTV – even my xbox1 isn’t playing in it’s fullest resolution :p That’s why i bought a PSP

  • I am going for a Samsung WS32Z409T (Germanys first HD Ready CRT) for 700€. I just have to get 200€ more… But that is only a matter of a month… Preferably, Germany will be knocked out of the Football WC very fast… That way, TV prices will fall. Although it would be nice to see Germany as a Champion once more 😀

  • Francois

    Anyone concerned with game lag? I am affraid to end up playing PS3 on my old CRT…

    I can’t play PS2 games on HDTV because of that, it makes time sentive games unplayable (Guitar Hero for example). I hope that the PS3 HDMI connection (digital to digital) will fix the problem.

  • phipscube

    I plan to upgrade to HDTV after i’ve bought my PS3 so for a few months it will be on SD but soon after I’ll choose a nice 1080p capable TV. I’m mainly waiting for the price of 1080p sets to lower a bit. I think they should once PS3 hits.

  • Gary

    My number one priority at the moment is buying a flat/apartment with my girlfriend followed by getting a PS3, MacBook then a HDTV. I’ll be using my 32″ SDTV when I eventually get my PS3.

    Such is the hardships of life & a rubbish wage.

  • Matt

    Do stores in England offer no interest for 2-3 years like here in the states?

    Another question. I am 28 and make about $40,000 in Florida. The SXRD Sony 1080ps sell for 50″=$3499 and the 60″ for $4499 (these are store prices and you can buy cheaper on the internet).

    The average house (here in Orlando) cost $250,000

    The last time I was in the UK their wages really sucked and their home prices were ridiculous. The cost of electronics was also very expensive. I was thinking about moving over there but a horticulturist doesn’t make crap their. Their home were also almost double what I could buy here in the US.

    I am just kind of curious how hard it is for people in England to afford luxury items.

  • Gary

    OK Matt here goes:

    I’m 26 (27 shortly 😯 ) I currently earn £9800 a year & I’m full time. Yep crap I know. Some shops offer deals where you can pay off TVs interest free over a certain period of time but it’s usually limited to 6 -12 months & you have to pay it off at the end of the 12 months or get hit with stupid interest rates.

    John Lewis is one of the best places to buy TVs in the UK as you get 5 year guarentees with every TV & they are reliable.

    I can’t afford any of those TVs & I’ve noticed this cheap HDTV & it’s probably the only way I could afford to bet a HDTV but I’ve heard mixed reports about the TVs quality but you get what you pay for.

    The average cost of a house in the UK is £185,000! That does differ depending where you llive as property in the south (London) costs way more than up here in the north (Newcastle).

    We’ve been offered a mortgage of £83,000 & it’s really difficult to find a decent flat/apartment in the right area to meet our requirements.

    Unless you have a degree or skills in a particular area the wages in this country are absolutely disgraceful.

    Man I feel so depressed now! 😥 😥