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PS3 Hardware NOT Slow and Broken |

I’ve learned my lesson. You know how it goes. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. So I’ve come to recognize the signs. A rumour pops out of the sky like a bird plop and lands at my feet. Everyone in the press goes ape over it, but I just sit back and wait. Ah…. there it is. The rebuttal. Sony’s reputation gets smeared around once again, and then you see hardly anyone mention the retraction.

So that’s why I wait for the retraction before I post these rumours, so that my loyal readers know that these rumours are false right off the get-go.

The latest rumour is about some really slow memory read speeds on the PS3. Seems like someone has been drinking a little too much from the out-of-context cup. And they came up with the fact that certain memory read speeds are really slow, crippling the performance of the PS3. But aha! The truth comes out. The memory read speed that the rumour was about was one which was hardly relevant to anything at all. To quote from Joystiq:

The misunderstanding evident in the linked story relates to the distinction between local video memory and local system memory. The slow read speed under discussion is indicative of the feature’s lack of utility. This is even reflected on the slide’s statement: “No, this isn’t a typo …” A contact at Sony confirmed this telling me, “Again I cannot imagine a situation where you have any SPU reading from the RSX local memory.”

So there we have it. Another rumour debunked, this time courtesy of Joystiq.

Rumor: PS3 hardware “slow and broken”?

  • Gary

    Do these idiots, and I say idiots because that’s what they are, actually go hunting for anything that they think may damage Sony & the PS3? It’s becoming quite laughable & extremely embarrassing for the people that write this stuff as what they have written has been proven to be very poorly researched & completely discredited.

  • Why is it that people seem to be taken aim at Sony now? And why are Sony fans so defensive? A lot worse has been dished out to other fans like Nintendo fans when it was announced it won’t support 720p, that the over all graphics won’t reach the lvls of the ps3 or 360, that it’s name will be “wii”.. the list goes on and on… Nintendo fans have really ate the dirt yet they don’t seem as angry as Sony fans are these last few months. Why is that? And why all the hostile remarks towards Sony all of a sudden?

  • Alex

    “I wait for the retraction before I post these rumours, so that my loyal readers know that these rumours are false right off the get-go.” This is why I come to this site. You dont just put anything on here. By the way your website is my home page. Keep up the good work Henning. 🙂

  • Thanks Alex! That means a lot to me.


    You’re right that the Wii did some flak for that. But at least they got flak for something that was acually true. The lack of HD support in the Wii is a deal killer for at least one person I know who would have considered it otherwise.

    Sony seems to be the target of many rumours that spread like wildfire, and everyone dumps on Sony, and then we discover the rumour was false.

    We don’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s getting to be a bit much. Sony fans are really starting to get defensive because this is happening so often, and it’s unfair.

    Look at the new EyeToy-like peripheral that Microsoft will be selling. Why isn’t Microsoft getting any flak for ripping off Sony? Personally, I don’t care that Microsoft is doing this. It’s a benefit to their gamers. Microsoft has every right to sell such a peripheral. But if it was Sony? Oh boy! Stand back!

  • Matt

    The camera thing was on PCs long before the PS2. Just like most people aren’t mad about the Sony online plan, most people aren’t mad about the camera.

    I know none of you are going to believe this but, here goes.

    I was at a customers house when his neighbor came over and started to talk to us. He said he wasn’t from here (Florida), just like everyone else in this state. We got to talking about how he got here and his job came up. He is a developer on the Madden franchise. I asked him how the game was goiing on the 360 with a year under their belt (they only had the finished 360 units 2 weeks before launch). He said that it was much better this year. Last year the testers would play the PS2 version in their spare time, not the 360. This year everyone is playing the 360 version. All good news. When I asked about the Wii and PS3 his first response was expected. The Wii is different and should be a fun game. Then he told me NOT to buy the PS3. He said that they are having a really hard time developing for it becuase it is really under-powered. Not even close to what Sony claims. I asked him if this is just the kits they have or what. He said that Cell is really screwed up. It is a piece of junk.

    This was not a young guy and had been developing for years now. I have no reason to disbelieve him. When this rumor came out it sounded like other developers are having problems. EA is also developing Superman, Hockey, and like 3 other games at this studio. None of the teams like the PS3 and all agree it is not as powerful as 360.

    Go ahead beat me up. I don’t lie and would have nothing to gain from lying to you. none of the readers would switch their minds so ask yourself why would I say this? Just a heads up. We will probally hear a lot of news in the next few months about just this type of topic.

  • EyeToy: sure it was elsewhere first as a camera. But Sony really took it and made it into a gaming peripheral like nobody else. And now Microsoft is doing it. Which is fine!

    As to your developer friend: that’s fine. I don’t doubt that he has those feelings. But you’re right about it not changing my opinion. I’m a software developer myself, and I know that one developer’s junk is another developer’s paradise. Just witness the vi vs emacs debate! The proof is in the pudding. We’ll see what the games are like.

  • EMACS!!!

    So… about PS3 being inferior… Ok… Like Henning said, one loves it (Marc Rein) and the others hate it (EA… as i dont like EA either, i could care less… They should start programming the RIGHT way… C++ is OBSOLETE!).

    Yes, the Eyetoy was the first REAL and only gaming cam thingy in the world, yet noone is talking crap bout MS ripping it off…

    Second, Live was “also” a rip off… Lets see… The Internet is how old? Having a internetlike experience on a console is as old as the MegaDrive. There was a “Modem Extension” for it (Jap only) that allowed you to download Demos and stuff for it.

    I think, the PS3 has a slight edge over the 360 (as i am pretty much into hardware, i can compare things in a REAL way!), as the Cell is (when programmed right that is) MUCH more powerful (but a bit less flexible, thats why its harder to programm it right… No C++ here. REAL programming must be done, but that is expensive, and thats not what EA likes!). The RSX and the XENOS are more or less equal, but as the Cells SPUs can directly write into the Local RAM of the RSX, they can REALLY help it (XENON could do it, but it is a pain in the ass to do that without taking HUGE hits with cpu power) rendering graphics.

    Now to the chart…

    As Hennings post already said, SPUs reading from local (or better called graphics) RAM is totally idiotic, it wont ever make a difference.

    BUT, I think, they devs doing this benchmarks had really no idea how to do it… 16MB/s is SLOWER than a Pentium 60 reading its 60MHz EDO RAM. Think about it, if that would be the case, the PS3 devs (hardwarewise) would have done a MAJOR mistake, or, if it was on purpose maybe it makes sense. I dont exactly know, how the Communication between SPE and RSX RAM is being done (i.e. if it has to access the RSX first, or if there’s a direct connect) i cant tell ATM, what the problem should be…

    As of now, take this (especially from TheInq) speculation as to be confirmed or dismissed, as it would be pretty hard (hardwarewise) to be limited (also in a non mattering) in such a way…

  • Matt

    I think what it will boil down to if the EA guy is right is this. Developers are going to make games for the PS3 and that is it. This is why Assasins Creed may be an exclusive to Sony. EA guy said that with very little being universal between the PS3 and PC, 360, it is a lot harder for the PS3. Large developers like EA, Take 2 will make a version for all consoles. Some franchises that are new I think will be exclusive to each system, even from the bigger developers (titles that aren’t linked to movies etc)

    This is a great thing. This will put more exclusive titles on each console and give people more reasons to own multiple systems.

    Your right about EA. Unfortunately for NFL games I have no choice. They usually do sports games ok. I buy EA sports games on a 2 year cycle because the year to year changes are not enough to warrant an every year purchase.

    In the end no matter how bad Cell turns out to be or RSX is, the Ps3 will have great games on it. I expect the system to perform as well as 360. If I get more out of it than great. I just hope that it is close to 360 in performance. The 360 is an awesome console that everyone should pick up in a year or two.