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Sony Thanks Microsoft |

PS3No it’s not April the 1st!! The man who thanked Microsoft is none other than SCEA President Kaz Hirai in an interview with Mercury News. Here is a breakdown of the interview:

When asked about the reaction to Sony’s pre-E3 press conference Kaz Hirai say’s it was a positive one & “people were generally excited we came out with a lot of news like the launch dates, prices and the quantities we would ship“. Now I watched the press conference & I didn’t think the reaction was a positive one. Yes people were surprised that the price was revealed but the playable content that was displayed wasn’t met with a lot of enthusiasm & the price of the console is still being criticised, unjustly in my opinion, today.

Next he was asked why did Sony reveal the price of the PS3 when it could’ve scared off consumers driving them to purchase a 360, Hirai say’s Sony can’t win & that “If we didn’t say the price, you would be all over us for that. I think that is the right price for what we’re bringing to consumers.” He’s right Sony would’ve been criticised if there was no pricing announcement at E3 & I’ve said it before the price is justified with what you’re getting in the box.

He was then asked why the PS3 has a Blu-ray drive installed & Kaz say’s that the PS3 is here for the long haul & not “on a five-year cycle. Microsoft is coming out with an HD-DVD accessory for HD movies as an add-on only a year after they launched. That is exactly the kind of thing we don’t want to do”. So don’t expect a PS4 in 5 years time then.

Now here is where Kaz thanks Microsoft. He was asked about online games and he replies with “Thank you, Microsoft, for helping us in taking consumers online. The most important thing for us is to make sure online is an integral part of the experience. It’s not a “nice to have” feature”.

Will we ever hear someone from Microsoft thanking Sony?

When asked if the PS3 will have higher cost than the 360 & Wii Kaz once again replies with the PS3 is here for the long haul & adds that “if you look at the lack of Blu-ray on Microsoft, what do you do if the game requires 40 to 50 gigabytes? Put it on three disks?” that situation might not happen for a good few years but the possibility is there & developers can count on every PS3 having a Blu-ray drive, something Microsoft can’t guarantee with it’s HD-DVD add-on.

Kaz Hirai also reiterates Sony’s support of the PS2 saying “at five to 10 years, you see the lasting power of the PS2. If you go out there now, there’s a lot of PS2 software out there. From a consumer’s view, who got the better value?”. Could the PS2 have 4 more years left in it? Considering the Xbox had a lifespan of 3 years & with recent comments from Peter Moore about BC, which company actually cares about its user base?

Finally he was asked about Microsoft’s “Live Anywhere” project & he believes Sony has the advantage with connectivity between the PSP and the PS3 saying “Cell phones are not primarily designed for entertainment. We can make the PSP and the PS3 work together. That’s a step up in entertainment and a new value to offer the consumer”. Time will tell on this one but I own a PSP & I have a feeling that Sony has some good stuff up it’s sleeve to combine the two.

Mercury News – Kaz Hirai Interview

  • Uhm…the Xbox had a 5 year life span (it came out in 2001) and games are coming out through 2007….

    Peter Moore’s comments are misconstrued and states that BC is still in the works with a new update soon.

    MS doesn’t care about their user base? Heck they just posted an update of 125 improvements and additions to the Xbox 360 based on the userbase’s comments, suggestions, and needs. Whatever…

    MS is smart knowing that the next HD DVD format won’t be won right now and early adopters are only asking for trouble and heartache once the consumers make up their mind – in 5 years. The HD DVD add-on for the 360 is just for movies…it’s not for games as been stated my MS many times. And as for games requiring 40-50gb…lets see if we actually get to a point of existing the current 8-9gb of DVD capacity with actual game data in this next generation – which I doubt will happen.

    The problem with the PS3 and PSP linkage is – YOU NEED TO HAVE A PSP… Live Anywhere means you need to have a 360 and a PC or a connected Cell phone and most people have a PC or a Cell phone – common devices people have.

    Really…what would MS have to thank Sony over anyways?

  • Gary

    What do MS have to thank Sony for? Well for a start if Sony hadn’t turned gaming into a mainstream activity, which it did with the PSone, MS would never have entered into the videogame market.

    Oh & what about the camera that MS are releasing shortly is that just a coincidence? I wonder where they got inspiration from for that…

    Well duh of course you need to have a PSP & PS3 just like you will need to have a 360 & PC or a cell phone & not everybody has a 360. A cell phone is not meant to be used as a multimedia device. The PSP is.

    MS stopped any major support towards Xbox last year & they aren’t exactly supporting the Xbox with any major releases.

  • A cell phone isn’t meant to be used as a multimedia device? I beg to differ, you may want to get a new cellphone, they ALL have multimedia capbilities now. I carry one specifically because I want it to be a multimedia device, I don’t want a psp or ipod because that would take up an extra pocket.

  • My “mobile’ phone, which is what it is known as in the UK, records videos, takes photos, stores mp3s, has internet access and a radio tuner etc yet I rarely use any of those apart from the internet access because they just are nowhere near as good as dedicated devices.

    A cellphone is primarily used as ringing & texting people & until technology improves drastically I can’t see that situation changing.

  • Gaming was mainstream before the ps one. MS joining the gaming field is directly related to one of the “baby bills” ideas. The last idea this person had, MS ignored and suffered badly, so the next idea he had (the xbox) they decided to trust him and move forward on it.

  • McWilliams,

    It is so clear Microsoft dropped the ball on Xbox, I can’t imagine how you find the strength to defend them.

    What exciting game are you looking forward to on Xbox?

    It’s not even in store at this point. Xbox is definitely dead and buried. Microsoft focuses on Xbox 360.

    That’s 1 of Microsoft’s tactics. Microsoft has 2 main tactics:

    1) Spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Deception) in an attempt to counter any positive vibe their competitors may enjoy.

    2) Reduce the length of product cycles, by cranking more and more releases, until their huge cash flows are sufficient to drive their competitors out of business.

    They have used these tactics for many years.

    The last 2 companies they killed using these tactics were: Netscape and Sun Microsystems.

  • Matt

    To Darth Pixel. Whatever. Xbox is dead and the PS2 has been dead in my house for 2-3 years now. When games start to repeat ( I mean A.I., graphics, sound) they get old. When a machine has been maxed out (usually in 3-4 years after launch) their is only so much that developers can do to make a good game. This works for a lot of gamers but it doesn’t work for me. The PS2 has been limited by its hardware for years now (this is why many great PC games were not ported to the PS2). I don’t game on my PC if you haven’t read any of my posts in other threads.

    As for the PS3 lasting 10 years. Their is no way that the PS3 can last for hard-core gamers that long. I don’t care if they put a flux capaciter in it. Sony has done a great job of supporting their consoles long after their hayday. They hit the casual gamer market very well for doing this when the systems and games are cheap enough for everyone. They also help people who cannot afford a launch unit. Giving them something to play on their old system is thoughful. This does not apply to me though so this strategy doesn’t benefit me at all. I want a new system when the current tech is beginning to suffer. Xbox 360 was announced when Xbox was called maxed out by Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Chronicles of Riddick, etc. I played those games and loved them but the fact that games really couldn’t get any better was disappointing. The PS2 has been maxed out for a long time and haven’t really had any games that I like playing come out. You can disagree, but for the games I enjoy their just wasn’t much interest for me.

    I hope Sony is hard at work on PS4. I also hope they are planning on releasing in 2011. 5 years is all that the PS3 will last in my book. Sure a few games will come out in 2011 that I will probally buy but the system will be coming to its end.

  • Inspectre

    Why do people not interested in the PS3 come to a PS3 only news site? That doesn’t make sense.

    Kaz had a pretty decent response to those questions. There’s nothing they can do or say to please everyone of course. They could have ditched Blu-ray for DVD and launched for $299/399 and probably would have gotten an even worse reception.

  • Again, a short bit for BD ROM…

    An article stated, that most (console) games take up ABOUT (mostly, but surely not always) 100times the main memory. Thats not too far off (regarding PS1 and PS2 for my part, as I backup ALL of my games and put the original in the shelf). 360 has 512 Megs Ram… Equals in about 50GB… See the problem… Okok, compression and stuff… Ever compared BMP to JPG?

    Enough OT…

    Wow… 125 Updates… I call THAT alot (sarcasm is INTENDED!). If you add up every little stupid feature (1. shuffle remains saved for cd playback, 2. repeat remains saved…), i can come up with 1000000000000000000000 updates my Ubuntu system had, since the 360 hit the market… And it was FREE!

    Thats nothing against anyone, the least for you WIlliams, even Sony does such things, but such things (called marketing) should be forbidden!!

    Matt, i have to tell you, i played the most PS2 in the last 2-3 years. I got mine 2001 i believe (not exactly sure 😀 ), but REALLY good games only came later on…

    (Counting with the german release dates in mind)

    FFX, GTA SA, MGS3, MK:D, Outrun C2C, GT4… i can really go on and on… I really had a fun time playing these games, the older ones (GT3, MGS2, Tekken Tag…) were good, but the newer ones where graphically AND playwise MUCH more advanced… Its not just graphics you know (I prefer GT4, because it plays better, has more tracks…).

    I think, Sony made the right move. Telling MS in a subtle way to **** off (at least, thats the way, I interpret it).

    MS said:

    1. You copied controller (why would they even care, they have no motion sensor)
    2. You copied live
    3. You copied …

    Sony just stood still and waited… I wouldnt have done the same (as i am a very direct person lets say…), but my way never leads to any good answers 😀

    There you can tell the difference in market approach of Japan and the US… And i REALLY prefer the japanese Way… Insulting you opponent NEVER is good, if its right or wrong, and MS (imho) did exactly that. Sony just stood firm and didnt say a word, till the right moment has come… I think Sony will go on commenting things from MS and the big blast will take its first victims at TGS and the next ones on 11 and 17 of November!

  • Chemical O

    Why would you really want a console to have a longer cycle than five years. Matt is right, the recent games on the ps2 are definately showing their age. The ps2 cant handle recent pc games.

  • sushiboots

    Matt, just because you don’t play your ps2 anymore doesn’t mean there isn’t any kickass games coming out for it. Just because you feel that PS2 is dead doesn’t mean that is. It still the best selling console with the best selling games. XBox on the other hand…

  • Super Slug

    In 5 yrs neither the PS3 or the X360 are going to be worth a damn. PS4 will be here in 5 yrs; thats a given. Technology advances too fast for a 5 year old system to be valid in 2010-11. Ppl r getting too caught up in this and loosing site of what really maters. I’m not even interested in Wii, but I think that Nintendo possibly has the most appealing philosophy this generation. Sony only cares about pushing BR which, IMO, is a dangerous gamble to be playing with their money making PS brand. Consumers r a fickle bunch. A company starts screwing up and the fans will drop them with the quickness. Look what happended to the once glorious Sega. Sony seems to be heading down a similar path. If the PS3 is like this, I’ll hate to see what PS4 is like. The price then will probably justify buying a full fledged gaming rig instead.

  • So….you carry 5 or 6 electronic devices with you everywhere you go?

    I carry one. I prefer it that way, and so do many peop,e. It’s why cell phone manufacturers continue to add such features. Why carry an ipod with limited storage space, when I can listen to music streaming off my home pc with much more storage via my cellphone? The screen on the video ipod isn’t better than my phone, I’ve got emulators with a bunch of classic games and whenever I want to I can take a quick picture or short movie with sound. Sure it’s not as good as a really nice camera…but I wouldn’t a really nice camera around anyway.

    I’ll be interested to see if you follow this policy of non-convergence as sony adds features to the psp.

  • Stream Media off your PC via Cellphone??? Godforbid… You’d ruin yourself in Germany if you did that!

    I’ve got a Cellphone with 512mb Mem Stick and a PSP with 1gb Mem Stick… Mostly I only carry my Cell with me, but when going to University I often have my PSP (and of course my Laptop) with me 😀

    I think Slug is somehow right. The pace has gone faster… The Tech-Devel isnt fast enough for our “need” for Graphics.

    I dont think Sony will suffer a similar End like Sega. Sony is 100x bigger. They dont only make Games and Consoles, but TVs, Hifi… as well. If the PS3 failed miserably, they would still have enough money to make 5 new console devels. MS is the same, but Nintendo would die that way.

    A fully fledged gaming rig, playing all games “as intended” for the next 4 years will cost you more than 3000-4000€!! My PC is about 2-3 yrs old (selfmade as always) and it now is getting pretty old (9800xt isnt up to the challenge anymore). My PS2 isnt that graphically advanced, but all games play good. I love Katamary, MGS3S and the other new stuff released recently… On my PC i only play RTS and RPGs (NWN and stuff) because there arent that many good for consoles…

  • Super Slug

    Well said Segitz. But when I said Sony could end up in a similar fate as Sega, I didn’t mean the whole company just the gaming division. Recall near the end of Sega’s reign they became complacent and sloppy. They loaded down their star brand with expensive garbage that ppl didn’t want which eventually led consumers going to someone else’s house, at that time, Sony.

  • Super Slug

    Richard Lawler, that is a whole differnt ball game, another planet even. MOST convergence devices don’t do all of their intended devices very well. I bet you money that that none of features in a multi facet cell phone can’t take pictures as well as a new Kodak or Canon (example). A lot of ppl prefer to have an individual item that performs a specific function very well. Thats especially true for the home entertainment market.

  • Tuxedo

    I remember how everyone said Sony would fail when they first entered the console buisness. Noone wanted to take the leap forward and upgrade from cartridges to CD-Rom drives. If it weren’t for Sony taking a chance and moving forward with technology then we’d all probally be just now playing consoled games on CD-Rom drives. I say everyone has a reason to thank Sony.

  • Bflow

    Is it really fair to sit here and judge PS2 games to games resently released on PC. Ok…6 year old hardware compared to harware that’s updated every 3 months. Yeah the Ps2 is old but it still has good games. I’ll take a good game over a games with good graphics. And for people to sit here and say no one plays old games makes no since because the PS2 is still selling. Why does Xbox live have old games on arcade. Gaming has become more mainsteam and the way of life and people play games both new and old. Gaming was big before ps1 but the PS1 really contributed to gaming as we know it today. 100 million consoles is pretty mainstream. Who has even been close to that(home consoles only)? M$ has learned a lot from Sony and everone knows it. But it’s M$ and they do eveything on their own and are never wrong. Hopefully they don’t monopolize the gaming market like they have on the PC front. But I guess that’s ok since its M$. Just look at everyone’s reaction when EA took over the NFL……

  • I think the topic of conversation here is cellphone vs. psp. The fact is, many of the psp’s convergence features don’t work very well (music browsing and playing is subpar at best, umd as a movide distribution/watching format is fatally flawed, it’s limited as a a web browser etc. because of no keyboard), so I don’t understand the criticism of the cellphone platform.

    If the PSP hadn’t gone with a motorized disc platform for movie playing convergence, it could have had much better battery life and been a better platform for playing games.

  • Super Slug

    The same can be said for cell phones as well. There r good at making and receiving calls but I doubt its as good as an iPod video or similar devices for watching movies. I doubt any can match the quality of most other dedicated devices.

  • I never said they were, I said I didn’t understand the criticism of the cellphone in this case. and the ipod video is a convergence device also, and my cellphone is at least as good at playing video, if not better. it’s got a bigger screen and supports way more formats via betaplayer.

    my point is that you can’t have it both ways, championing the psp and simultaneously critiicizing other convergence devices, they all make compromises.