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Projectors for Video Gaming |

Pursuent to my poll question yesterday about whether or not you’ll be HD’ing it with the PS3, here’s something related you might be interested in.

Say you’re buying an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and you have the budget and space to buy yourself a projector. You want a really big screen to enjoy all that HD imagery. Who wouldn’t? So what projector do you buy, without totally breaking your bank.

Projector Central takes a look at two high performance projectors that would work great with your HD console. I’ve seen reviews of these, and they invariably come up positive. So I know these are good choices. But both that Sanyo PLV-Z3 (plus the newer PLV-Z4, which is a bit more expensive) (LCD) and the Optoma HD72 (DLP) are 720p designs. What to do if you want a 1080p projector.

Well, this is where you have to sell your car. Personally, I think that if you want a 1080p projector, that you should look no further than Sony’s VPL-VW100 SXRD projector, which retails for $10k. That’s way out of the range of most of us, but that’s the state of 1080p front projectors these days.

And if you’re not too picky about getting sets with 1080p inputs (or even resolution for that matter), check out’s HD Buzz page for more suggestions.

Projectors for Video Gaming

  • Richard

    I love projectors however they dont work in all conditions. Unlike a TV, light in the room will mess up the colours. Also i tend to have alot of pictures i dont want to take them down for a screen. Id much prefer a decent SED TV.

  • Yes, like any other display technology, a projector has its good points and bad points. For me, when I finish building my basement, I want to have a front projector because the environment will be very controlled.

    Now, upstairs in the family room, a front projector makes no sense whatsoever.

  • p

    actually youcan find a fairly good projector that displays HD in 1080p for only 1300 dollars. It’s an InFocus model at

  • I don’t think so.

    That model is 854 x 480. Hardly 1080p.

  • Matt

    I wouldn’t want a projector for gaming. It would be cool for the first few months but eventually it would probally be too much. I would love to get a projector with the true 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Many movies are being released in that format and would be awesome at over 100″.

    The 50″ DLP I have is perfect for gaming. The more realistic next HDTV purchase for me will be a 70″ (give or take a few inches) 1080p model. That should be more than enough screen for the Home Theatre/ Bar I want to build in my house. That way I would never have to worry about light and real football (NFL) lol, would look great from the bar.

  • There IS a projector that uses a special lens to make use of all the resolution to show 2.35:1 film. It’s something expensive like a Vidikron or something.

  • Hm…

    I mostly dislike all kinds of LCD projections things (be it rearprojection tvs or lcd projectors).

    I had a Sony 50” rearprojector… freakin 350€ for one freakin lamp! Thats why I sold it (with a still working lamp… i dont think it will last much longer :D), and the fact, that it didnt support HD input… It had only a resolution of 1024×480 (NTSC for a PAL region is hardly any good :D)

    I am settling for the new HD Ready CRT from Samsung, as they last VERY long (10-15yrs without real maintenance), have a BRILLIANT black and dont stumpble across non HD content (HD-TV in Germany is a LONG way off!)

    I also considered a LCD TV, as they are pretty well at last (look at the picture quality of 2-4 yr old lcds, then you will get what i mean), but the CRT has a 32” screen for 700€ and for the same price, i only get 27” HD Ready lcds (good ones like Samsung).

    Sorry for my bad english, I am tired and too lazy to think 😀

  • Jay

    projectors would be great if you had a completely enclosed basement or something, because the slightest bit of light could wash out the picture. SXRD is nice, though, but 10k isnt necessarily worth it, I’d rather spend 3.5k on the 60″ Sony SXRD LCD TV

  • Richard

    SED TV~!

    ok theyr a little off production, but at 100,000:1 contrast it blows ALL other tv’s out of water. Its as thin as LCD (slightly hevier tho) and has the same quality as CRT – remember CRT without a doubt give best quality (works in all lighting conditions) – just theyr damn big and heavy.

  • Not to get picky, but SXRD isn’t LCD. It’s Sony’s version of LCoS technology. Just like JVC’s D-ILA is really LCoS as well. LCoS stands for “Liquid Crystal on Silicon” and it’s a reflective technology (like DLP), unlike LCD which is transmissive (the light passes through the panel instead of bouncing off).

  • matt

    To Richard or Henning. You guys seem to talk a lot about SED HDTVs. I have looked around and haven’t really heard anything about a model being sold anytime soon. If you could give a website with more info i would be very interested. I plan on getting a huge HDTV in the near future but want a TV that will be a performance machine for a long time.

    The best technology i have seen in RP HDTVs is LED DLP. Check this out!

    The LED is supposed to last for 20,000 hours which is a very long time. I think many people like the DLP picture quality but Rainbow effect is supposed to be a huge problem for many. LED gets rid of that. Many people think LED is the best tech coming out.

  • Go to and do a search for SED. Mass production isn’t due to start until the end of 2007 or beginning of 2008.