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FFXIII Will Feature Motion-sensor Control |

That’s according to Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura speaking to Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine’s July issue which can be read on

EGM: Will the FFXIII PS3 games use the PS3’s motion-sensing controller functionality?

TN: Yeah, we already have some ideas about how to use it.

OK so nothing at all was revealed but at least we know that one of the biggest names on PS3 will feature motion-sensor control. I’ll take a guess that motion-sensor could be used to control the airships that are famous in FF games or even to control Chocobos!! Now that would be cool. 😀 – FFXIII Interview

  • Hopefully the Chocobos will “steer” better than in FFX… I HATED the steering of the Chocs in FFX… And i really wanted to have the Celestial Weapons (which in the end, i got!)

  • Gary

    Yeah they were a bit rigid control wise. Man I loved playing Blitzball! I spent so long on FFX that I got every single character round the whole grid so they all had as many abilities as possible. I think I spent over 170hrs on my first play through…