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NBA Live ’07 A PS3 Launch Title? | is running a story that EA Sports has announced NBA Live ’07 as a launch title for the PS3 this Fall (that’s Autumn for us Europeans). Not only that but there could be more than one EA Sports game to go with the PS3’s launch:

NBA Live 07 will be available this fall on the Xbox 360 and Xbox, the PS2, PSP, and PC. It will also be one of the EA Sports titles available at launch of the PS3.”

If this turns out to be true I wonder what the “other” EA Sports games will be? – NBA Live ’07 Set for PS3 Launch

*Edit: I’ve just noticed that Gamespot has confirmed this.

Gamespot – NBA Live ’07 Announced as a PS3 Launch Title

  • francois

    We need a good hockey game for us Canadian!

  • Eugene

    we all know madden is going to be a launch title

  • Bflow

    Madden, Fight Night, and possilbly a new Tiger Woods or hockey.

  • Matt

    Look at all of the summer/fall releases on Xbox 360. All of them should be transfered to PS3.

    NCAA Football
    Tiger Woods

    All of these games are scheduled to release before the PS3 launch date. EA should be busting their hump to get all of these sports games out for launch.

    I would also expect Superman to make launch or be very close.

  • Look for Madden, NCAA Football, and NBA Live 07

  • I have NBA live 06 and its pretty good, can’t wait to see what the graphics are like in 07.

  • frank

    Hey guys, you should all check out Bballer’s link man, i nearly died laughing, all those freaky pics of NBA players, eheheh, good stuff, keep them coming.