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Untold Legends and Next-Gen Games |

I watched these newest movies of Untold Legends over at IGN yesterday. The graphics are quite nice, though I expected just a little bit more from a next-gen game. But that’s fine. This is one of the first PS3 games to come out, and I’m sure things will improve.

What I was more disappointed with (and the same thing goes for many other games, like Dead or Alive on the 360) is the fact that there seems to have been no progress made to make character interaction look better. One character hits another, and the other character reacts, sure, but in no way does it look realistic. If I hit someone in the face, I want their head to snap back. If I hit them in the side, I want them to stagger. And I really don’t want to see my weapons or fist actually pass through the enemy character.

Of course, this is where technologies like euphoria come in. But can LucasArts be the only people using this? Why isn’t it a lot more widespread than that? These games are supposed to be next-gen! Let’s see something more than just better graphics!

IGN – Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Preview

  • Gary

    I didn’t realise you were so violent Henning! 😉

    I haven’t been impressed with anything that I’ve seen from Untold Legends & even for a first gen game it looks very disappointing. I think Euphoria isn’t licensed solely to Lucas Arts so there should be no reason why other developers can’t use this technology in their games.

  • Halo 3 2007! woohooo!

  • observer

    That game looks like a PS2 game with improved resolution, graphic effects, geometric complexity, some incremental gameplay options and enhancements, and probably improved multiplayer. As bland as that is, that’s probably what we will get during the next 12 months. You guys are expecting something radically unlike the games that we are used to or some major, fundamental improvements, and you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

    I’ll agree that this particular title is one of the least interesting titles on the horizon, but in general, I see this same sentiment from a lot of people who are so excited for the next-gen, that they have built up such fantastical expectations that nothing in reality could ever match them.

  • Gary

    Maybe you’re right but there’s no harm in wanting fresh apple pie with cream & then finding out all you’re getting is a small piece of the pie with one spoon full of cream & then told you’ll have to wait for the rest of the pie. Yeah initially you’re dissapointed but the longer you wait the more intense your cravings are for that pie then suddenly BAM!!! You get a plateful of that delicious apple pie covered in cold cream & the long arduous wait was worth it…

    There’s a point in there somewhere. 😀

    Damn I wish I had some pie right now.

  • On the other hand, prices are going up for next-gen games, and I want to get my money’s worth.

    And some of my mom’s apple pie, all of a sudden.

  • Yep… EB Games Germany now has some Game Prices only… Freakin 69₮s… Man… Also the Releasedates (some say 15.11) are plainly wrong! Especially MGS4, which will according to EB Games Germany be released in January 2007 😀

  • You haven’t played fight night?


    It will probably be one of the PS3 launch titles so you can check it out then.

  • observer

    Fight Night is a great example of what the new consoles can do. The 360 version is a great game that really uses the hardware potential of the 360 for significant, non-trivial improvements that couldn’t have happened on older consoles. But, even the PS2/Xbox version is a great, innovative game.

    There’s some great games and a lot of mediocre games on PS2/Xbox. That ratio will continue with PS3/360. But there is this expectation that, merely by gracing the 360 or PS3 hardware, any game title is going to turn into this mind-blowingly amazing, cold cream & pie orgasm. And that expectation is just doomed for disappointment.

  • Gary

    Hey leave my cold cream & pie alone!!

    Man, I’ve been gaming since I was 6 years old that’s over 20years & I think I know that not every game will look like the Killzone trailer!! Seriously man just because I have certain expectations from the PS3 doesn’t mean I’m blind to what the games industry churns out month after month.

    Around about 30% of games that were released on PS2 were what I considered to be good & great games. The rest were mediocre & average at best & that trend will continue.

    Lazy developers will continue to create lazy cash ins & half finished games to make a fast buck & for every Ico, GTA & Guitar Hero there are 5 Fifa Streets & Movie cash in no.73846. That’s the way of life my friend.

    Most people realise this but it doesn’t stop us from fantasising about what the next-gen consoles can offer us.

  • Bflow

    Just because a game doesn’t have the best graphics doesn’t mean it won’t be fun to play. Of course every 360 fanboy is going to talk crap about this game because of its graphics. As for the games that actually look good like Heavenly Sword or MGS4, the PS3 doesn’t get any credit. Hasn’t HS won some E3 awards for a game on unfinished, crippled, and hard to developed for PS3 dev kits. It seems hard for Sony to ever catch a break.

  • phipscube

    I’ll admit im a Graphics whore. I love eye candy. But if the game is good then its not a big deal. I would rather pay money for a good game that looks ok than a really fantastic looking game that plays like cack. On PSP for example, sure I love Wipeout Pure… but LocoRoco is just as good a game (if not better!). I’d like to see at least one or two REALLY impressive launch titles Graphically though, just for a little confirmation that what I’ve bought has potential.