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New Ken Kutaragi PS3 Interview |

News4Gamers has posted the recent interview with Mr. Ken Kutaragi himself.

For the size of the interview, it doesn’t actually reveal much that’s new. He says that the PS3 is a computer, and that’s not new at all. I see this currently being plastered all over the headlines everywhere, but I don’t know what the big deal is. Sony said the same thing of the PS2. Sure, it is a computer. But it’s also a gaming console. Who cares, except for customs?

Mr. Ken also said that they want to update the PS3 throughout its lifetime. At first you wonder how they can get away with that, because developers won’t like a changing system. But then you realize that he’s just talking about things that don’t matter to developers anyway. Like upgrading the HDD to a larger size (the example given). I can imagine that they might also add support for more wireless networking standards. Or a TV tuner. Stuff life that. So you think “whew” dodge that bullet. But then the interview continues and Mr. Ken does indeed suggest that the PS3’s horsepower could be increased. Which I don’t agree with at all. That would just divide the market, and I hope that Sony won’t do that for at least another 5 years, at which point it could be considered the PS4.

News4Gamers – New Ken Kutaragi Interview

  • Michael

    I don’t get it. Ken didn’t go into specifics about how the ps3 could be upgradable except to in reference to its harddrive. For example, he said that the ps3s blu-ray player might have burn capabilities, but it’s not an external player so it can’t be changed out…I don’t get it. And it’s not like they could ungrade the ram, processor, and graphics card, cuz that would mean that games wouldn’t work unless you had “the new graphics card” etc. I’m not holding my breath for what Sony says anymore, cuz I’ll drive myself crazy thinking about it all. I’m just gonna wait until like 2 or 3 months before the ps3 is released for the official, official word. I hope the ps3 is upgrandable, that would mean that everytime we upgraded it would be like owning a new console, but I’m not in total belief just yet. Even if Ken does want to see the ps3 be upgradable, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to happen.

  • matt

    i think we all knew they would make the HDD upgradable. The 360 has announced an upgradable HDD and Sony almost has to follow. I think the HDD is an awesome feature. The 60gb size should be plenty of space for the majority of gamers. The people who use the online features may run into storage problems, but only time will tell.

    It would be stupid for them to make anything else upgradable. As you both have said it seperates the consoles user base. This makes developing impossible for developers. Why would they create games that only 40% of the market can use. The burn capabiltites would be a huge upgrade and many people with launch units would probally trade them in for a BR burner.

    Ken may also have suggested that the Cell can be tweaked through downloads. This would be similar to the update Microsoft just did and would a very welcome feature.

  • Matt, how is it similar to the update Microsoft just did?

  • You guys forget we are talking about the Cell Broaband Engine here.
    The idea has always been that if your TV or any other equipment has a Cell, it could communicate with your console and offload it of certain tasks. So, in fact, the processing capacity of the console could be increased by adding other equipment based on Cell technology.

  • briankeith

    I think I do remember hearing about that Darth Pixel, you’re right.. It would be so sweet if it turns out to work that way. Only issue, probably only being to purchase Sony products to work in this way. Sony tv (which i have but, i plan on selling for a sed television sooner than later), sony surround sound (ugh.. they tend not to make the best sound for the price for me).. ect..

  • Matt

    I would run from any Sony Stereo equipment. I just really don’t like the sound of their receivers including their ES lineup. Don’t even get me started on their speakers. I would go with a system that has a speaker maker teamed with an Onkyo, Pioneer, Harmon Kardon type receiver. You may need to spend a hundred or two more but the quality is so much better it is unreal.

    MS changed the setup of the 360 without a HDD. Their is internal memory in the 360 to change the interface. This way everyone can enjoy the update without taking up HDD space.

  • I don’t think that in practice that the Cell Broadband Engine will work like that. I think it will be done at the manufacturer’s level, where they use more than one Cell chip, rather than at the consumer level, where you’d network your PS3 to your fridge.

    As to Sony stereo equipment, I agree. Sony is not known for their audio equipment. They make good video equipment, though. I love my Sony 35XBR48 television – it’s awesome. Even my grandmother noticed how nice the picture looked.