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Toys ‘R’ Us PS3 Preorder |

Toys ‘R’ Us called me the other day about my pre-order. It’s nice to know that they’re thinking of me! 🙂 If you remember way back when, I had pre-ordered my PS3 before everyone knew that there’d be two versions. Toys ‘R’ Us called me up to ask which version of the box I preferred. Of course I told them that I’d prefer the 60GB version! 😛

What worries me a little is they asked what I “preferred”. If I get there come launch day and am assigned a 20GB version, I’ll be royally ticked. But that’s why I plan on pre-ordering from another place as well. I still have to find a place that’ll take pre-orders. Anyone know of a place in Ottawa?

Toys ‘R’ Us also told me that they won’t be taking any more pre-orders until they hear more from Sony about supply. That’s a good thing. They previously told me that they’d take as many pre-orders as they wanted, which doesn’t make any sense at all.

  • In Germany, they are doing it pretty good, I think… NO preorders at all (from “big stores”).

    I wont preorder one, cause I aint sure about how much money I will have at launch… Maybe i’ll have enough (that’d suck to wait :D) but maybe not… I first have to buy a new TV…

  • I’ve been saving up for quite some time, so I know I’ll have enough moola!

  • Being a student (car engeneering if one’s interested), i just dont get that much money every month… So saving up is pretty *errr* hard 😀

  • Gary

    I’ve been saving up for ages & I could easily afford a PS3 60gb, a £2000 HDTV AND a MacBook but unfortunatley my savings is being kept for when we finally find an apartment to buy.