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Your Ideas For Motion-sensor Use |

Think of a game. Any game. Now think of a way you would like developers to implement the motion-sensor control in said game. Now share with the world your ideas!!

I’ll start the ball rolling.

The game in question is GTA IV. I think it would be cool if you could dodge attacks or incoming danger by moving the controller from left to right but it wouldn’t be a simple side step or shimmy it would be a leap to escape from oncoming death type movement.

Imagine you’re on a rampage a you’ve obtained 5 stars then you see a SWAT truck heading straight for you with bad intentions, you simply move the pad to the left or right and BANG you’ve jumped clear of danger while the SWAT van smashes straight into a building or another vehicle & explodes into flames!!! Cool eh? 😀

The best part is you can still target & fire your weapon as you make that danger evading leap because your finger’s don’t need to move from where they are!!

Over to you guys.

  • Jay

    GT5. Simple. Use it as a steering wheel. No need to buy a steering wheel set for $70.

  • observer

    Good post and question. Unfortunately, I confess to having no original ideas. The standard ideas are marble madness, warhawk flight-sim controller, and gimmick uses such as shaking out of a hold in Tekken. I really don’t see anything else that would be good. We will just have to wait and see what devs can come up with.

    GT5 would work, but the steering wheel is just better.

    Gary, you definitely can think out of the box; sounds promising but I’d have to see that to see if it would work.

  • Leo

    I’m curious to see if it can be used steer vehicles with precision. Sensitive triggers and accurate steering wheel turning would be a recipie for success, but let’s not forget that the best vidgame steering wheels have resistance-feedback built into the wheel, which of course the PS3 controller can’t provide.

  • I too thought of steering a car. I think it could work. I was thinking for first-person shooters, that it can be used for sudden movements. I don’t think I’d want to control my character with the motion sensing all the time. But ducking down, dodging fire to the left or right, and stuff like that, I think it could be good for. Hmmm…. I wonder if it could be any good for aiming your weapon?

  • Matt

    This is a feature that I am really not excited about outside of flying games. Driving games need precision driving to achieve fastest lap times. I just don’t see how the control can be that precise where it would be better than a controller or wheel.

    I also wouldn’t expect many cross platform games to implement a lot of control. First party games should have a lot of features though.

    I’ll try to think of things though.

  • Jay

    what of games like katamari or locoroco? Even roling-a-ball-across-a-playing-field games would work. In fact, I think that games like those, which could be adapted into mini games, would be the best implimentation. If PS3 has a service like Live Arcade, then I’d expect to see a lot of those games using the motion sensing controller.

  • cjp

    howabout controlling the reigns of a horse, like in assasins creed, move controller back, youre horse bucks, tilt left, the horse turns left, right, horse goes right. use l2 and r2 for digging your legs into the horses sides, and since theyre pressure sensative, the harder you press the faster you go.

  • Joe Dempsey

    I’ve had the best idea so far for motion sensors in the PS3 controller(not being big-headed!). How cool would it be if on Fifa, in a penalty shoot-out or something you became the goaly and used the controller as your hands to save the ball! Please EA do this, it would be so cool.

  • Gary

    I was going to suggest that Joe Dempsey!

    I think most developers will use motion-sensor in mini-games or side quests & not the main game.

    For instance you could control Chocobos & the airship in FFXIII. Control where you land in MoH during the parachute jump at the beginning etc.

    I like cjp’s idea aswell.

  • cjp

    on joes idea
    you could take it a step farther and use it to throw in the ball when it goes out. just whip the controller over your head(obviously dont let go) and wallah ball is back in play