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Motorstorm for PS3 Gameplay Video |

For all you folks out here looking forward to playing Motorstorm as much as I am, here’s a much longer gameplay video for you to gawk at. It look good, it really does. Of course there are some things that they could work on, but I’m looking forward to playing this game. Hopefully they’ll tweek the particle effects a bit.

Starting off the video is an introduction sequence to the game that’s pretty neat too.

What I’m looking forward to most in this game is the fun tracks. None of this boring asphalt stuff! Give me cliffs, rocks, sand, shortcuts, and jumps! Neat stuff.

News4Gamers – Intro And Gameplay

  • Bflow

    Not bad looking. Of course it looks like a PS2 game if you asked a 360 fanboy. I can imagine things will go up a notch once 20 vehicles are on the track. Anyways, that news4gamers site has been taken oven by M$ fanboys by large. The site has a lot of info everyday but it gets a little annoying when anything PS3 gets bashed. I don’t get how people have such a closed mind when it comes down to the different systems. I have a 360 and it’s great and i will get a PS3 on launch but as time goes on it seems that M$ has a lot to do with all these rumors spreading about PS3. What better way to get consumers to buy your product. And the fanboys eat these stories up like chicken. That’s what makes news today. PS3 sucks but it gets the most attention in the comments section. It gets to a point where I actually sit here and wonder if this or that rumor is true. Sorry if I got off topic but I needed to vent a little bit on a site where I know I could get a decent response.

  • Just wait and see… (Thats how i do it anyways :D)

    I dont think, the PS3 is the 360 killer Sony says, but i REALLY dont think, the PS3 will be worse than the 360.

    As I said very often here, the Marketing Tactics Microsoft puts on SUCK in my opinion. This kind of bashing for a (yet to be released) console is plain childish! I seldomly heard Sony saying anything about the 360 before launch. They just said, the PS3 will be better… This is more mature… I hate that 😀

    I just ignore the fanboys, as I can make up my own mind!!

    Motorstorm plainly ROCKS!!