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New Poll: PS3 External Power Supply |

Mr. Ken Kutaragi, through GameDaily BIZ, has given us a small piece of information that may or may not mean that the PS3 will have an external power supply:

“We’ll use heat pipes and a custom cooling solution, but the methods used will be common,” he said. “We definitely aren’t using any proprietary methods… We certainly couldn’t fit a liquid cooling system [inside the PS3]… We’re spending a lot on heat and electromagnetic interference [management]. The power supply could almost be sold separately.

Many people complained about the Xbox 360’s menhir-sized power supply. If you move your console about from place to place, I can see why it would be a pain. But personally, I don’t plan to do that. I’ve got a spot where I plan to put my PS3, and I don’t plan to remove it from that spot until I finish building my basement. So to me, an external power supply is no big deal, even a big one.

What do you guys think?

Kutaragi On Cell’s Future, Hints at External PS3 Power Supply

Results of previous poll:

Will you have an HDTV or standard definition TV for PS3 gaming?

* HDTV: 66% (98)
* Std Def: 34% (50)

Total Votes : 148

  • I couldnt care less… My Laptop ALSO has an external PSU (90 watts) and when I go to university for some longer days, I take it with me… Unplug it, throw it into my backpack and go… No prob there!

  • Matt

    I actually like that the 360 has a seperate power supply. It just works out better for me.

  • phipscube

    If it means reducing the noise levels then I’m not too fussed, but I’d rather it be in the same box than a seperate brick.

  • It doesn’t necessarily follow that saying it “could almost” be sold separately means that he is hinting that its going to be separate. But that’s beside the point. I rather have the power supply internal, just for ease of use and not having to worry about where I put the system. External makes cooling easier, but it is just nicer to have everthing inside the system.

  • Super Slug

    Who cares? I’m not playing the power supply and its out of sight and out of mind. I forgot my 360 even had an external supply until I read this. I haven’t seen it since the 360 launched.