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“PS3 is Not a Next-gen Games System” |

It’s a next-gen DVD player according to European Xbox chief Neil Thompson in an interview with

“I think [Sony] has missed the ball, in that it’s not really a next-generation games player – it’s a next-generation DVD player. For us, that’s great news, because we think we make the next-generation games console. If gamers are desperate to get the next-generation DVD player, then they’ll start considering Blu-Ray and the PS3. But Sony is the company that brought us Betamax, MiniDisc and UMD – I’m not convinced people today will go and bet the farm on buying a Blu-Ray disc.”


How is the PS3 not a next-gen games system? Can someone please explain this comment to me because I’m having great difficulty comprehending what Mr Thompson is saying.

The PS3 plays games doesn’t it? The PS3 is home to some incredible looking games like MGS4, Resistance: Fall of Man, Heavenly Sword, Assassin’s Creed right? And all those games have next-gen visuals that are at least on a par with anything the 360 has to offer right? So how is the PS3 not a next-gen gaming system?

If anything the PS3 is more of a next-gen games console than the 360, what with the ability of using Blu-ray for all games on PS3.

Sony also brought us the Walkman, the PlayStation & excellent TVs, DVD players/recorders etc & that doesn’t mean they will automatically ‘win’, nor will using Betamax, UMD or Mini Disc as reasons why Blu-ray will ‘fail’.

Comments like that only further proves that Microsoft are worried about the PS3 & are trying to damage Sony’s reputation with scare tactics & utter rubbish. – PS3 Not A Next-gen Games System

  • That’s too cute…

    An XBox guy saying, the PS3 is a ng DVD Player, not being able himself to play ng DVDs on his own console ..

    This comment is plain idiotic and ignorant. Hasnt he seen anything displayed AND playable at E3? Look only at MGS4… My DVD Player cant do that… Nor will the 360, because its exclusive! Same goes for many other games (FFXIII…).

    I think, MS thru multi-console devels, got ahold the real power of the PS3 and now they need to play down the PS3, before it even CAN show its prowess to anyone!

    This is worse than what MS is doint “to” Linux. I am a linux guy and really can distinguish between marketing crap and other things. But here, GNU can really take on the challenge, as is is already released (in many dists.) and really HAS the advantage!!

    I am waiting for next years E3, where the 2nd and 3rd tier games of PS3 and 360 are presented. If Sony plays it right, it will crush MSs work effortlessly. They have the IP, they have GOOD EXCLUSIVES and the advantage of more market experience in Japan and Europe!

    Sony does it right, not to comment these allegations. If they did answer them, they would show some sort of weakness, which isnt there!

  • briankeith

    While the comment about being a next gen dvd player was more than a bit harsh, he’s right according to Sony.. It’s not a next gen gaming system. It’s not a gaming system at all. These are words from Sony. In fact, I think the term “super computer” was used.. Just like it was used with the PS2. Hmm..

  • If ken kutaragi says it’s not a game console, who is microsoft to argue?

    I don’t understand how they’re to be lambasted for agreeing with sony executives.

  • Gary

    Sony might ‘market’ the PS3 as a computer or entertainment hub for various reasons but just like the PS2, it’s bread & butter are games & it’s main use will be to play games.

    I can’t recall Ken Kutaragi saying the PS3 is not a next-gen games system it’s in fact a next-gen DVD player.

  • briankeith

    No. I’ve stated that part was over the top. But the fact remains Sony says it’s not a gaming system period. If you have to “market” your product to be different that what it erally is.. That’s a problem.

  • My Atari 800XL was a computer. It even had a keyboard. What did I use it for, almost exclusively? Playing games.

    Fact is, the Xbox 360 is a computer, the PS2 and PS1 are computers. The NES is a computer, and so is the GameCube. They’re all computers. They all use memory, CPU’s, storage, etc. It just so happens that their primary function is to play video games.

    Personally I never really cared for the distinction. The fact is that all these systems, including the PS3, are computers AND game consoles at the same time.

    Frankly I don’t know why Mr. Ken is bothering to make the distinction. Hmmm. Well, maybe I do. Remember when Sony brought PS2’s into the UK (I think it was) and the government wanted to slap a tax on it because it was an entertainment device instead of a computer? Sony tried to say that it was a computer to avoid extraneous taxes. Personally, I think that both Sony and the UK government were correct. And maybe Sony is trying to short-circuit the issue this time by saying that it’s a computer from the get-go. Just guessing. Or maybe he just doesn’t like the term “console”. Which may have different ramifications in Japan. Maybe he’d be fine with “next-gen game player and next-gen disc player and web browser and media player and other miscellaneous usefulness.” But since that’s kind of awkward he chose “computer”. Who knows? I don’t.

    But really, that’s neither here nor there.

    The fact is, Microsoft is dissing the PS3 again by calling it soley a next-gen disc player, and not a next-gen games player. That was the point of Gary’s article, and he’s right. This is still a diss, no matter what Sony says about the PS3’s status. Because clearly the PS3 is a next-gen games player and a next-gen disc player and a computer.

    Why point out that Microsoft is dissing the PS3? Two reasons. One, many people have said that Sony disses Microsoft, but that Microsoft is always nice to Sony. Seriously – I’ve seen this claimed many times. Obviously not true, and this is a rebuttal to that statement. Two, we’re sick and tired of all the dissing, so we like to call it out when it happens, as a way to say “please stop that!” Everyone loves to step on Sony’s name these days, and PlayStation fans like Greg Gary and me are getting really tired of it.

  • Eugene

    If I were sony I’d say look at the sales of last gen and holla back at me by the end of next and then see who can talk s$*t.

  • I think all the dissing is because of Sony’s mixed message. They need a single, common voice and I haven’t seen that. People don’t like inconsistencies. There’s just too much unknown 6mo before launch.

    As far as console vs. computer…People equate computer with PC. Yes…anything that computes is a computer (kind of a dumb argument). But saying the PS3 is a computer, to me, means I”m going to be able to plug in my mouse and keyboard, do my web surfin’, email, manage my finances, write a paper, etc… there hasn’t been any known plans yet outlined for the PS3 in those regard – has there? Nothing in those regards have even been demonstrated. Yeah Linux was brought up but what information regarding that aspect has been hammered out? What distribution? Ubuntu? Fedora? How would updates go? Is it user choice? What happens if you screw up an install? Why would Little Jimmy and Little Jimmy’s parents want that? Most people have some type of computer in their house already why do I need another? Just give me something that plays games.

    Let’s face it, Sony’s taking a HUGE gamble (and hanging their hat) on Blu-Ray in hopes that the PS’s brand recognition forces the standard – long before any universal standard is established. It’s a minor win-win for Sony if blu-ray doesn’t become standard – the PS3 still benefits from a large capacity optical drive – but now PS3 buyers are forced to pay a premium for something that may not be standard in the near future. If it does not become standard, those early adopters have dead media (or collector items). That’d scare me if I was a PS3 buyer.

    Good on Sony for trying, but I think they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.

  • Uh, that’s what happens in a format war. I’m talking about BD versus HD DVD here. Every HD DVD player owner takes the same risk. Every future BD player owner takes the same risk. You may end up with a player with no new movies coming out for it.

    But the PS3 isn’t just a movie playing machine.

    The idea that the BD standard may fail does NOT scare me in the least, being a future PS3 owner. You scare easily. So what if it fails? Do all my games suddenly stop working? No. Will developers stop releasing games for the PS3? No. Will my gaming experience be diminished in any way whatsoever? No. The BD then becomes the equivalent of the GameCube’s proprietary format. Big deal. So what? And sure, I may have some movies in BD. But they’ll still play. I can always buy an HD DVD player if that format wins. If I’m concerned about the outcome of the format war, I’d just sit it out until a victor emerges. If BD wins, great! I already have a BD player inside my wonderful gaming console. If HD DVD wins, then I go out and buy an HD DVD player. What have I lost? Nothing if I think the PS3’s price was worth it. About $50 if I bought a PS3 over a 360 for its BD player (Canadian).

    Saying “Oh but what if the BD format loses” is a scare tactic that holds no weight whatsoever. Pretend that BD is a PS3 gaming-only format. Now what would you say? Um…. uh… well? “It costs a bit more to produce” would be the only thing you could come up with. Again – that doesn’t mean I still won’t enjoy my PS3 to the fullest. Games will still be released. I’ll still buy them. I’ll still have fun.

    And fun is what the PS3 is about.

  • Also, you say: “I think all the dissing is because of Sony’s mixed message. They need a single, common voice and I haven’t seen that. People don’t like inconsistencies. There’s just too much unknown 6mo before launch.”

    Hmmm. So we don’t know what flavour of Linux will be installed on the HDD. Personally, I don’t care. Linux will probably be for all those geeks out there who love that sort of thing anyway. I probably won’t end up using it. Why do you really need to know anyway? Will it really change your mind about whether or not to wait for a PS3 instead of buying an X360 now? (Which is the only reason I can think of for Sony to give you the info.) If so, you’re in a very very very small minority. And to be frank, Sony can safely ignore you.

    What else don’t we know? Launch date? No, we know that. Hardware features? No, we know those. The UI? No, we know that – it’s a crossbar UI just like the PSP. Games? No, we know a lot of the games that will be released for the PS3. Price? No, we know that. We know all the major facts that we really need to know about the PS3 right now.

    Do we know exactly every small little wiggling detail about every single facet of the PS3? No, of course not. Because it hasn’t been released yet, for heaven’s sake! But frankly, we know plenty enough about it to decide whether or not we want to wait for it or to buy an Xbox 360 now. And that’s all we really need.

  • Jay

    they only deem it a computer to avoid taxes in Europe. From what I read, game consoles have a heavier tax in Europe as opposed to computers, so labeling the PS3 as a computer helps avoid those taxes so it can sell for less.

  • Henning:
    “The idea that the BD standard may fail does NOT scare me in the least, being a future PS3 owner. You scare easily.”

    I did state:
    “It’s a minor win-win for Sony if blu-ray doesn’t become standard – the PS3 still benefits from a large capacity optical drive…”

    I admitted that. Good on you if you end up with a standard.

    The reason I bring up the fact that we don’t know much about the system (beyond the basics like; “Oh, we’ll have online play, online marketplace, support for 7 controllers”)…is that much of those finer details on how all of that is stitched together. My god, they haven’t even figured out if the power supply is going to be internal or external. Nothing’s running on final hardware…6mo out. Maybe 6mo is all Sony needs. Who knows? They already got a 6mo extension back in March…but I’m not worried.

    And people said the 360 was rushed…sheesh.

    Hey…it’s a game console right? What’s the point about arguing the finer points? Aren’t we all gamers?

    Henning…I like your site. Keep up the good work

  • Gary

    Henning I think you’ve called me Greg again…

    Man I’d like to meet this Greg character! 😀

    Back on topic. Henning has took the words right out of my fingers.

    BD IS being used for games from day 1 until Sony releases PS4 & stops supporting the PS3 so whether BD wins or loses the next-gen DVD war is irrelevant to me as a gamer & it shouldn’t concern anybody else that is buying a PS3 to play games.

    It’s always the same arguments: “What if BD loses? Sony is doomed! The PS3 is doomed!”
    or “Cell is not as powerful as Sony claim!” & “PS3 is not as powerful as the 360”

    It’s tiresome & becoming soooo predictable. Microsoft should concentrate on getting some AAA titles out because that is more likely to make people notice the 360 more than it’s ridiculous Sony bashing.

  • Gary

    McWilliams, expect Sony to address all of those issues at TGS in September. They aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

    Sony is a technological giant with great experience with hardware so I have confidence that they no what they are doing & are in control. Have a little faith.

  • Thanks McWilliams!

    And whether or not the power supply is on the inside or outside doesn’t really matter. It’s an interesting point of discussion, hence my poll, but does it really matter? No. That’s true of most (if not all) things we don’t know about the PS3. For me, I know enough. It is, after all, an unreleased product. We know a whole lot more about the PS3 than many other consumer electronics offerings before THEY hit the market. But that won’t stop me from trying to find out more, because it’s interesting and fun!

    Gary: sorry about that. Don’t worry – yours is not the only name I get wrong. It’s nothing personal!

  • phipscube

    Microsoft are becoming scared, I agree.

    The thing that bothers me is that generally the internet is hell bent on dissing Sony right now for whatever reason, even small things, and alot of photoshop fakes (seen the Serect button thing of late? how dumb is that…. it almost seems like a conspiracy against Sony). I’ve given up trying to defend Sony in forums. I’ve ended up feeling like a bit of a fanboy and that I certainly am not. I like Playstation the most, but I wouldn’t go dissing another format unless it was justified.

    Right now at this moment Sony haven’t done anything wrong, they COULD do in the future… but they haven’t yet if they ever even do. But its like people WANT them to fail now, like them being on top for so long is a bit scary for folks. People tend to be praising Nintendo in particular right now and making statements like “Nintendo could be back in the nuber one slot this time” and “Sony are making mistake after mistake” Its almost like we are being brainwashed.

    The Beta-Ray comments as well.. sheesh! thats so childish. Like you say Henning, I feel that if Blu-Ray is a failure as a HD movie player, so what? I’ll go get a HD-DVD player… and to add… I really don’t believe HD-DVD is in any better position right now, its moreso WORSE. The PS3 is a very clever tactic for Sony, Mass market device with BD built in under your nose. Cant see anything like that for HD-DVD.. OH! MS have an OPTIONAL MOVIE ONLY player due… thats got my votes as the MOST LIKELY candidate to fail miserably, If HD-DVD fails as a movie player and you’ve gone out and bought an addon for your Xbox 360, then its completely USELESS! At least with PS3 you still got the games to play on BD. MS chose HD-DVD to create friction, I’m quite sure they don’t expect to sell many, they just want to use is as a deterrant to Sony’s BD. Sony want BD to go somewhere MS don’t care about HD-DVD or BD, they ultimatley want a Hard disk based machine with online content and will diss BD whenever they get the chance. I’d rather give my money toh a comapny that WANT their format to succeed.

    At the end of the day the PS3 is alot of things as well as a darn tasty Games box. Blu-Ray is just one aspect of many. I think it will speak for itself when its released.

  • These irreverent comments were brought to you by Microsoft, the proud makers of WindowsME, Microsoft BOB, and IE 6.

    Gotta love them handing out low blows with their spectacular track record!

    Oh, can I be that Greg character?

  • Bflow

    I tired of hearing that Sony doesn’t have final kits out yet. Am I missing something. Were the 360’s final dev kits out this time last year. Ummm….NO. Developers didn’t get them until the end of July or early August. But of course this is a big deal now from all the 360 fanboys because the system is out now. How quickly we forget. Anyways, why should Sony reveal all there plans now for everyone to know. This would give the competition (namely M$) a chance to act on that info. In a way I think it was a good idea for Sony to announce the price at E3 because now that we know it costs more, people can save that extra $100 or $200 for the system. I tired of fanboys saying that the PS3 has no AAA games. How do you know this. Most of what Sony showed at E3 were 1st party original IPs. Of course these games aren’t going to generate that much hype right now because of their limited presentation. Rainbow Six for example looks to be a great launch title and playstation owners can finally have a version as good as M$’s. That goes for all Clancy titles. Those titles alone got and still get the most play on Live and one of the reasons was the PS2 versions sucked. Not the case anymore. M$ tactics lately are getting a little childish and the fanboys are eating it up. Hopefully Sony comes out one day and delivers a 1,2 punch to the neck. I really think some more big announcements are in store. It’s all about timing.

  • so I say again, if sony can market the ps3 as “not a game console, it is the PS3, and it is the only PS3”, who is to stop microsoft from categorizing the ps3 as they see fit?

    obviously it’; hyperbole, the ps3 didn’t stop playing games because it has a blu-ray player in it, taking offense over that or arguing it as literal is just silly. the fact is you’re paying a premium for that blu-ray drive whether oyu like it or not, so yes, you’re paying for the next gen dvd player. You can keep saying “because every game ships on blu-ray, they all use blu-ray”, but until someone actually creates a game that requires more space than a DVD, it won’t validate paying extra for your blu-ray equipped ps3 if you’re not interested in it as a movie player.

  • phipscube

    Richard Lawler,

    No offense, but you seem to be hell bent on dissing the PS3. Your comments are all negative. Are you even interested in buying one? if not, why are you reading and commenting on a PS3 blog?

    Yes, Sony is making you “Pay a Premium” if you want to put it that way but many people WANT it, these are the folks that will buy a PS3, you’d be an idiot to buy one and complain about the Blu-Ray drive being in there. If you DON’T want it DON’T buy it. If the DVD system still appeals to you and you only want a games machine then go and buy an Xbox 360. The points being made are that if Blu-Ray doesn’t win the HD MOVIE format war, its not a big deal. But really, what evidence do we have to suggest it will? None yet… if anything its looking a hell of alot better for BD than it is HD-DVD in a mass market sense.

    Like I’ve said before in another post, the only thing I think Sony are being a bit silly on is not allowing developers to release PS3 games on DVD, their excuse of it to thwart pirating is fairly valid, but not enough of a reason to disallow DVD games to start with. I really don’t think Sony are being pushy with including BD in PS3 though. Its a much better package than any other HD alternative full stop ,thats what Sony are offering ,they aren’t FORCING you.. you have to use your own legs to walk to the shop and get out your own wallet to pay for the thing… don’t like it? then go elsewhere. I would be concerned if Sony came to your house at night, tied you up and shoved a PS3 literally down your throat then robbed you of $600. But thats not happening… but woooo… maybe it will! thats probably going to be the news headlines on November 17th. “Sony force PS3’s into peoples orifices LITERALLY!” then we’ll see more photoshop efforts.

    Take a look at the broader picture and stop focusing so much on PS3 as an expensive games machine. Ken said the same things about PS2, Its a super computer, it has “Emotion”.. I even remember him saying something like you could control an army with the power of PS2… he says some pretty mad things. He’s a bit of an eccentric engineer type I think, A dreamer. I quite like his almost naive comments, maybe he’s not the best at speeches, but he’s not stupid. A good tactic is to make your enemy think your stupid so they underestimate you, then BAM…

  • I think, many comments Kutaragi San makes are simply lost in translation. Japanese to English translation is HARD as HELL! They dont distinguish between many verbs, as we (Germans as well) do.

    He is pretty visionary, as seen with the PSX (although it pretty much flopped).

    Yesterday, I read an interview at Ars Technica with an MS 360 Software “Consultant”. He said some things, man, i cant believe… “The PS3 has the problem, that it can ONLY address 256mb texture ram”… NOT TRUE A-HOLE! The RSX can DIRECTLY access the (cell’s) RAM, which adds ANOTHER 256mb RAM at 3.2GHZ, not only the “measly” 700mhz like the RSX and 360 RAM!

    I really had to laugh, when he said, Japan is a very important market”…”But Europe is where the battleground is”… What a sec… Did you just say, WE (I am German!) are the most important guys for you to expand to? Really? Then WHY THE HECK do we pay more for games AND more for EVERYTHING else?

    And now, to spill some Oil into the Fire of the BD DVD discussion…


    As games get more complex, load times are getting longer. Is there any way to improve the load times on the xbox 360 with future titles?

    We emphasize compression and streaming to our game developers. These technologies cut down on load times and pack more content onto a disc. We also have several tools, including DVD emulation and disc layout tools, that help game developers tune their load times long before the end of the project.


    Ahh… Compression for more content on disc? Who would’ve thought of that… Let me tell you one thing… Ever compared JPGs to RAW or BMPs? Yes, thats the difference, that compression does to you! Ok, textures are compressed with other algorhythms, but you do the math! It’s LOSSY!

    I also find it pretty remarkably, that he points out, that the PS3 has problems with branch prediction. First, if you programm RIGHT, it isnt needed (not good for EA people, as it takes much assembly and finetuning todo!) and second, MUCH out of the PPC cores of the 360 where stripped of the prediction TOO!!And as the PS3 in theory is nearly twice as powerful, you dont need to be that clean with your code, as only a 50% peak is needed to outpower the 360. The other way round will be on the other hand MUCH harder.

    Greetings from Germany, another time around!

  • Just a small sidenote, then we can get back to the original programming.

    Anyone is welcome to post here as long as they keep it civil. That includes people who never plan to own a PS3, don’t like Sony, or wear clogs. It doesn’t matter. Fanboys of all stripes, non-fanboys, it doesn’t matter. Let’s not try to push people away who don’t agree with us.

  • I don’t think that believing someone said something that is untrue, is being negative. I thikn that if you want to play a game that is only on ps3, it can fit on a regular DVD but you can’t buy it that way or a ps3 without itand are expected to pay a premium for the privilege, then yes, you are being forced to get blu-ray or not play the game.

    If you think everyone in the world is happy to pay the extra money for blu-ray then that is certainly your belief, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say there’s at least one guy who just wants to play a game or two.

    I’ve said plenty of positive things about sony, and plenty of negative things, unfortunately they’ve done a lot of negative things lately, and I’ve also disagreed with gary’s interpretations of certain things microsoft has said. Whether or not I like the console, I can decide when they’ve shown more titles. So far they haven’t convinced me it is worth the cost.

  • The most important point of the story:

    Blu-ray is not a Sony product.

    In fact, there more companies behind Blu-ray than companies behind HD-DVD, which means HD-DVD is the more proprietary format.

    Microsoft talks and talks and talks and keeps losing billions of dollars with the Xbox division.
    When they can churn a profit, if they ever can, I will listen to them.

  • Phipscube

    Fair points Richard 🙂 Sorry if I seemed a little harsh. I think Ive read too much Sony bashing of late and its affecting my temprament.

  • Richard, how do you know that all of the first batch of PS3 games will fit on a DVD? I don’t know if they will or won’t & regardless of whether they do or don’t I’m sure that the extra space will be used sooner rather than later & I’m quite happy to pay the ££s for Sony to use Blu-ray for games.

    Gamers WILL benefit from games being developed on BD like it or not, that’s my opinion & you can continue to disagree with me on anything you want. The fact is Sony hasn’t done as much wrong as MS would have you believe recentley. That’s my biggest problem with MS. They should cut out the rubbish that they have been talking recentley & concentrate on producing AAA games because it’s the GAMES that will make people choose between the 360 & PS3 not which company bad mouths the other the most.

    When a company talks about another company as much as MS has been about Sony, that says to most intelligent people that MS is genuinley worried about what the PS3 is bringing to the table. I believe MS are concerned & they have a good right to be in my opinion.

    With regards to being forced, we’ve had this discussion before & nobody is being forced. People will either buying at the original price at launch or will wait until the price drops. There is always a choice.

    How about Halo 3? Isn’t that only going to be compatible with Vista meaning if PC owners want to play that game but don’t own a 360 they HAVE to upgrade to Vista? Is that not being forced?
    Please correct me if I’m wrong about Halo 3 though.

  • Bflow

    Who really cares as long as it plays games. Yeah, it is more expensive but I figured it was going to be at least $400 to begin with and already had that money saved. If you actually started to save money from the time they announced the price it would be $4 a week(20 gig model) or $8 a week for the top model. I’m assuming people have jobs since they’re spending over $400 bucks for a game system. That’s really not a whole bunch money to save every week. Most people blow that easily on stupid crap. As to Halo 3, I think you have to upgrade for Halo 2 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s for Halo 3 as well.

  • briankeith

    It’s Halo 2. An 2 yr old game that the modding community will make an option for XP owners. Besides, this isn’t the same as the BD debate.

  • Um Gary what? Microsoft didn’t tell me what Sony had done wrong lately so I dunno what they would have me believe. All the negative information I’ve heard regarding sony has come from them and their key game developers.

    Warhawk devs keep telling me “we found out about the motion controller two weeks before E3”.

    polyhpnoy digital said “we created the Gran Turismo HD demo in two weeks because kutaragi wanted something to show off”

    A developer named kojima said he was disappointed by the lack of rumble.

    Sony put Genji 2 in their own conference, a move I still believe MUST have been arranged by microsoft insiders, so you may be right about that one.

    Sony walked off stage without being truthful about their split SKU strategy, or even mentioning what features they were dropping from their original plans.

    Sony told me how important hdmi was last year, and then said it’s not important this year.

    thats quite a few things I take issue with, and its not a full list.

    Microsoft didn’t make me believe sony is messing up, their own developers did. I didn’t say whether or not sony’s launch titles will fit on a regular DVD, but since the majority of thme will be sports titles and ports available on 360, I seriously doubt they won’t. You say we definitely will see games that will tkae up additional space, I saw I’m waiting for someone to show me one, it hasn’t happened yet, when it does, we can talk about it. Saying games will benefit by being developed on BD isn’t true until you can actually show evidence of it. Right the “all ps3 games use blu-ray” is as true as you want it to be, when you’re playing live 07 on blu-ray and I’m playing it on DVD, tell me all about how Blu-ray made it better. You say they will be great, I say show me something, because they’ve shown me nothing.

    I’m not sure why you have this obsession about MS saying anything negative about Sony’s strateg,y since sony has spent the last 4 years deriding MSs videogame strategy, particularly the last year. You want them to compliment Sony’s moves, if they don’t I understand thats a problem for you, I just don’t think you have any logical reason why. Sony has spent the laat two months backtracking, of course they kissing up now. Pick any quote you want from 2005 and it’s horribly negative about the 360, are you going to tell us about how scared sony is of microsoft?

  • Gary

    Richard, you seem to focus a lot on the negatives of the PS3 when in fact those ‘negatives’ you’ve mentioned above aren’t a big deal & won’t effect the PS3 in the long term which is the important thing.

    Yeah developers weren’t told about the PS3 pad using motion-sensor until a couple of weeks before E3 but saying as the majority of PS3 games that are being developed for the PS3 launch weren’t even 50% complete at E3 giving developers plenty of time to implement motion-senor in the future. It’s not a problem if only a small minority of PS3 launch titles use motion sensor because I’m willing to bet that the majority of PS3 games will eventually use it in the future. That doesn’t concern me in the slightest.

    Whatever Sony had planned to show obviously wasn’t ready so they asked Polyphony to show that GT HD demo. What’s the problem?

    Yeah Kojima wasn’t happy with the lack of rumble but he’ll find a unique way to incorporate motion-senor use in MGS4 & who’s to say that rumble won’t make an appearance in the future plus a lot of people aren’t bothered by the lack of rumble in the pad. I’m certainly not concerned by it.

    What’s the problem with Genji 2? It looks like an average game & sorry to disappoint you but not every game will look amazing on PS3 just like not every game on the 360 looks fantastic. 99% of people are aware of this.

    Care to elaborate on your “Sony weren’t truthful comment about their split SKUs”? After all the crap that was initially written about the two SKUs most people realised that the only major differences were the lack of HDMI & WiFi & a smaller HDD. You can easily add those features that were taken out if you did buy the PS3 Jr. I made myself CRYSTAL clear on here that I wasn’t happy about Sony releasing 2 SKUs but I guess you must’ve missed my post about that.

    Yeah Sony made a lot of noise about having 2 HDMI slots on PS3 but having just the 1 doesn’t change anything for me or for the majority of gamers so I don’t see a problem with that either.

    Saying games won’t benefit from BD isn’t true unless you show me right? ALL PS3 games are being developed on BD why can’t you get your head around that? It’s fact & only time will tell how two versions of the same game, one created on DVD one created on BD, will differ. There might not be a big difference initially but over time I believe there will be. It’s just my opinion.

    I have no obsession with MS I just don’t like comments like “PS3 is not a next-gen games system” & other stupid comments coming from MS & people associated with MS.

    Like I said at the top of this reply you seem to focus an awful lot on the minor negatives about the PS3 when they aren’t actually that important in the grand scheme of things.

    Are you actually interested in getting a PS3?

  • Tinkel

    Neil Thompson is so scared that his 360 isint good enougth thats why they brought the release date forwerd beceause he wanted to sell as many as possible before the 360 becomes another console that no one wants to buy.