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Warhawk for the PS3 |

Here are some pretty cool videos about Warhawk on the PS3. They show off the game, the developers, and what they think of working on the PS3.

It’s nice to see that developers are taking next-gen seriously and really want to provide a next-gen experience. Personally, I’m not so sure though about being able to walk around and get into tanks and stuff. That’s been done by a lot of other games and frankly I don’t see the need for Warhawk to rehash those themes. Warhawk looks to be a fun flying fighting game, and I think they should work on that experience.

What do y’all think?

Warhawk and the PS3

  • Till now, I wasnt too amazed by this game, but now I am (graphical wise).

    This looks AWESOME. Remember, this is a FIRST TIER next gen game!!

  • Jay

    Personally, I think the tanks and whatnot could be a little more fun than what you may think. Flying is fun, but repetetive. It would also be nice to see how the motion sensoring works for ground vehicles, assuming that they use it as well. Not to mention large scale battles would be nice with a mixture of both land and air.

  • You could argue that walking around is fun but repetetive! 🙂

    But they could vary things a but. Flying a small plane, or a helicopter. Or even one of those huge carriers that you’re normally attacking!

  • observer

    Nice videos. The version at E3 looked promising yet simple; I’m hoping they can really flesh it out and make a 2006 launch.

    The big Sony developers are using Microsoft Visual C++? I guess that’s what most developers are used to. However, I would have thought that they’d build a better more optimized tool chain.

  • You make your name all honor (does that make sense in english? Literally translated from German)

    Thing is, C++, not matter what gui or compiler you use, is pretty easy to do, yet very inffective. In the beginning, it doesnt matter, as the hardware is sooo much more powerful as the older generation, that it can display much better visuals at poorer programming level, but in the end of a consoles lifecycle it has to be programmed very much in assembly language. Or using already programmed engines like the cry2 or unreal engine do the job.

    Only that way, visuals like Resident Evil 4, MGS3 or God of War (1 and 2) were made possible on the PS3.

    But I am a bit “shocked” to see, that they used MS VC++, as the CELL is pretty much already supported in Linux, and there are VERY GOOD SDKs available there. As I am not the real programmer guy (I can only do some very simple things in Java, C++ and Basic, back from my Amiga and C64 days), I cant really judge what is better. But alone from the costs POV, using Linux based programming is better, but 3D Modelling (what MY speciality is :D), there’s no real alternative for Linux except for Blender, which in pales in comparison to Maya or 3D Max (I use 3D Max 8.0 the most, as the Student version is 100€ only and my University provides me with it).

    Enough OT.

    They try do go the GTA route, I think. Dunno if it will end up like a half backed Driver. I can end up REALLY good, but it can turn out really bad, if neither way of playing is made pretty good. This is not my genre of games, as i prefer more the urban settings (but no fps, seen enough already) or (good!) fantasy and it is neither.

  • I have to take exception to your comments about C++. I did 13 years of C++ programming (I’m now doing Java) and C++ is a very good language to do games programming in. Assembly language was needed for the PS2, but the PS3 has plenty of power and C++ is a good language to work with.

    As to developer tools, VC++ is (IMHO) a much better tool for doing C++ work than anything you can get on Linux.