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More Harrison Post-E3 PS3 Talk |

PhilI know that E3 is long past, but print magazines are only catching up now, as evidenced by the fact that Next Generation website is giving the scoop on a post-E3 interview with Phil Harrison.

Be that as it may, I’m reporting on it because Mr. Harrison makes an interesting comment. Well, to be precise, he does a side-step. We all remember last year when he said that he wouldn’t confuse the consumer like that when he saw that the Xbox 360 would come in two configurations. When challenged on that, now that we know the PS3 will come in two configurations as well, Mr. Harrison does a little dance. Mr. Harrisons says that this is what he originally said: “OK, what I said, unambiguously, was that we would never give the consumer cause for confusion, and that we would be very clear about our product offering.” And then goes on to claim that having two PS3 versions is not the same as having two Xbox 360 versions. There’ll be an HDD in both. Yeah, okay Phil. But there are other differences Phil. Otherwise you’d have one SKU instead of two. It’s still confusing to the users, even if Sony’s approach is easier on the developers. (They can count on the existence of an HDD.) So Mr. Phil tried to sidestep the question, but really, who’s he kidding?

But in the end, I personally don’t care. I know which one I want. And I’m gonna get it. Incidentally, speaking of getting the PS3, on the weekend I was in a SonyStyle store, and they said that they’d only start taking pre-orders in October. I still have to find a store that’ll take a pre-order (as a backup to my pre-order at Toys ‘R’ Us) and I still haven’t found one here in Ottawa that’s taking pre-orders now.

Next Generation – Harrison Talks PS3 Reaction & Controllers

  • Matt

    If anything, the 2 sku setup from Sony is more confusing. A salesman can say that the Premium 360 has a HDD and wireless controller, the Core doesn’t. This can be explained to a parent in 2 minutes (pushing them towards the Premium system)

    The Sony difference is so confusing that their is almost no way to explain the differences between the two within a 10 minute conversation. Most people do not know what an HDMI port is. Most HDTV owners also would not know if their HDTV has one on the back (this can be figured out with some accuracy though). Add to that the Wi-Fi problem (which can be explained a little easier to wired folks, but wireless owners may have a problem).

    The 360 is easy to upgrade later and the parts were available from launch day. Sony has said that the PS3 can be upgraded but I still don’t know how and what the extra cost is going to be.

    Phil Harrison is so full of S#$t. A statement like this only pisses me off.

  • I too think, the Sony SKUs are much more confusing… HDMI is something nearly nobody is familiar with, and therefore no argument for persuading a potential customer into the 60gb version.

    Card Reader and WiFi is simpler, yet not nearly good enough to rectify 100€ difference. And the 40gb difference… Dunno, this is the “best” point, as bigger is always better…

    I made up my mind long ago… 60GB NOTHING else will enter my home!

  • phipscube

    I thought the idea with the two SKU’s for Xbox 360 was bad. I wanted the full system from the start without having to mess around “upgrading” but alas I ended up waiting so long to get one that I decided to buy a Core unit with the promise that a HDD and all the other extras would be in soon enough (Within the week they said in EB Games). This was January. I waited and waited, nothing… Wasnt until 31st March I got all the extras and by then the premium bundle was available. I felt stuck and annoyed with the crappy version, and to make matters worse its not got the swanky Chrome DVD tray. Boo! I spent another load of money getting all the extras (HDD, Wireless pad, Remote, Headset). So I finally got everything I needed by the very end of March but paid out of the nose for the extra’s that would have cost alot less with the premium bundle. It almost seemed like a scam (By EB Games) at the time to sell the core with all the extras at a higer cost to the consumer. Knowing it was the less popular SKU, force it onto the waiting masses as the only option and then ensure seperate addon sales.

    I think that if Microsoft had just released ONE system bundle it would have been much nicer. They could have concentrated on getting the more popular SKU out instead of making a load of Core units that didn’t sell (there were LOADS of core units here because nobody wanted them!).

    It’s going to be the same with the PS3, I hate this new trend Microsoft have set. The early adopters are getting more and more shit to deal with when a new machine appears, not only high price, but even availability and forced “Bundle game options” (How is it an option if you HAVE to buy the bundle??). The last thing you want is to preorder a 60GB PS3 then be handed a 20GB one and be told “Like it or lump it, OH! and you HAVE to pay for THREE games” and then be given loads of empty promises on the availability of “Addons” to make it “complete”. Its all bull. Because of the problem I had getting a PROPER Xbox 360, I’m almost reluctant to try and pre-order a Premium PS3 pack on launch. Its frustrating because I’d like to be able to just walk into a shop on 17th November and buy a PS3 how you would a PS2. No second best option, no high prices, no forced bundles (with crap games and/or crap 3rd party “Extras”). Just give me the PS3 I want with the games I choose (be that 1 game or 10) and I’ll pay my dues, then leave a happy man. Thats not much to ask is it? I did the very same thing when I bought my Dreamcast on launch (Apparently the DC launch is one of the most successful of recent times, taking into account availability and numbers sold).

    I was really happy when Sony originally mocked MS’s approach and thought “yeah great, Sony aren’t making the same mistake”. Well I was more disappointed by the announcement of two SKU’s than the actual high price of the 60GB. I figured it was going to be high anyway so that wasn’t a shock.

    And they are even copying MS with the chrome! Pay more get chrome… don’t pay? no chrome for you sonny jim. So you can forever feel cheap. Great, Cheers.

    Suffice to say, I’ll be getting the 60GB PS3 and avoiding the 20GB model like the plague.