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My Wish: Soul Calibur IV on PS3 |

GameDaily has an interview with Daisuke Uchiyama, the Chief Producer at Bandai Namco. Actually, to be totally inerringly accurate, the article is a discussion about the interview. In it, Mr. Uchiyama confirms that the next installment of Soul Calibur is currently in production.

I never got Soul Calibur III for my PS2, but my friends have it for both the GameCube and the Xbox. So I’ve played my fair share. It actually took me a while to get into the game, having DOA2 on my PS2. But it’s a pretty fun game.

What’s your biggest wish for Soul Calibur IV? I mean, besides the wish that it would be released on the PS3, which we don’t know yet. I want to see more realistic hits. When swords clash, they shouldn’t kinda pass through each other. Hitting someone in the head should look like you hit them in the head.

And what do you guys think about the “uncanny valley” problem, whereby if you make a CG character look realistic, but not quite realistic enough, it looks creapy. Do you think that fighting game character can look better without looking creapy? Personally, I think so. I play Call of Duty 2 a lot, and those characters look great!

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  • Actually what your friend have on the Xbox and Gamecube is Soul Calibur 2. Soul Calibur 3 was PS2 exclusive. As for Soul Calibur 4, It doesnt seem to be a question on whether it will be on the PS3 or not, its whether it will be on any other system beyond the ps3. With Soul Calibur 3 being exclusive, and Tekken and Soul Calibur being made roughly under the same roof, one wonders if it will be PS3 exclusive too.

    As for the uncanny valley, I doubt fighting games will come in contact with that problem. Most realistic fighters have stylized characters, so they never really go to that creepy level. Just look at DOA4 on the 360, all the characters look like they are made of ceramic, and everything is unrealistically shiny. It just depends on where the art direction takes a certain game. From the current batch of fighters, I doubt any of them get to that level of creepiness.

  • Thanks for the correction bobeotm!

    Yeah – DOA4 on the 360 was the reason why I brought the question up. My friend Todd has a 360 and DOA4, and I mentioned that the characters themselves (the skin) doesn’t look any better than on my PS2. (I have DOA2). I knew about the “uncanny valley” phenomena, but Todd gave it a name for me.

  • phipscube

    I would like to see more of a progression in physics. I’m not bothered if the characters look similar to this gen, but I want to see more work on character movement. One thing that I think looks really fake with most fighting games is when you hit an opponent they seem to rebound an judder unrealistically after each hit. Punch Punch Punch makes a character reset its position really badly. Punch.. character seems to be falling, punch again, character seems to magically recoil back up in a jerky fashion, then fall again… etc. Hard to explain, I hope you know what I mean! With Swords in Soul Calibur I want to see real impact. In current gen scenarios its like the knives are just blunt and pass through bodies with no real effect. I think alot of the problems I have with fighting game physics is that its a style, quite a Japanese style thats purposely tamed so as not to be gruesome, which is understandable. But I want to see REAL impact. Put an 18 rating on the game if need be 😉

    It would also be nice to see a bit of reaction and emotion from the fighters, Anger, desperation, like they really are getting beaten up and look more and more worn out to giving up or even pushed to fighting harder at the last minute. Realisim doesnt have to be how it looks, I think its more impartant how it feels and moves. Of course a bit of gloss is always good, but It seems that when I play VF4 for example, it feels just like I’m playing VF1 with fancy GFX. I want to see the physics in the PS3 really opened up, especially since the PS3 is supposed to have inbuilt physics processing capability.

    For the Record, my favourite all time Fighter is Soul Calibur…………. On the Dreamcast.

  • Yeah, I agree with you phipscube about the physics. That’s a little of what I was trying to get across. As well, it would be cool if we could actually see damage on the fighters. Cuts, bruises, ripped clothing, etc. When a character is about to lose, you should be able to see it, without the need for a health bar.

    Oh, and, cool gravatar!

  • phipscube

    Heh, Cheers Henning. Kinda shows my quirky sense of humour. Not really sure if its readable though. It says “Save your fork, THERES PIE!”.

    And I double on the health bar! Thats something that needs to go too. It should be more visual. A Character with full health compared to a character with low health on a game nowadays generally looks the same. I think the whole reason for the health bar has been on limitations visually. Not being able to add variance in character visuals due to restricted resources (RAM, ROM space on cartridges etc). But I think its long been overdue. Look at Resident Evil 4 (and even resi 1) how the characters change their movement as they get more damage. I wonder why this hasn’t come across already even onto the PS2 fighters…

    To be brutally honest, I think the whole fighting game genre needs a big overhaul. I’ve become increasingly LESS interested in fighting games this gen.

  • Wolf Nightwalker

    My biggest wish for soul calibur 4 is for Tira to be back in it but not as the new nightmare
    and i wish that the character creator to have more armour’s and for a way for created characters to play out one of the main characters story lines depending on the job and discipline chosen