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Next-gen Sonic Images |

Silver SonicC&VG has 11 new images of next-gen Sonic & they all look fantastic. There’s even a few images of an Albino looking Sonic (or maybe it’s just a future Sonic dressed in silver…). Visually the game looks great but the key (obviously) will be how it plays & how responsive the camera is.

I would probably think a combination of a fixed camera for some of the more speed orientated levels & a fully controllable camera for the levels where you can explore at your leisure or when your battling enemies. The camera system in previous 3D Sonic games has been one of the biggest problems in my opinion & this game could look incredible but the game would be spoilt & almost unplayable if the camera is sub-standard.

C&VG – Next-gen Sonic Screens

[Henning: I find it weird that no specific mention is made about whether or not these are PS3 screenshots or not. Is the game coming out for the Xbox 360 as well? I would think so….]

  • Gary

    Next-gen Sonic was confirmed for both the PS3 & 360 a while back but I doubt there will be much difference (if any) between the visuals on both consoles.

  • PJ

    Like Gary said this game is coming to both platforms. During E3 MS released a fabulous looking Sonic trailer for download over Marketplace.

  • Okay, but which platform are these screenshots from? I realize that hey won’t be much different from each other, but I still like to know these things.

  • phipscube

    I really hope that this Sonic Game is good. There has been too many bad games coming from the sonic franchise of late. Something as good as Sonic Adventure on DC with decent camera function then its nailed.