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Should Sony Pay Immersion for PS3 Rumble? |

PS3 controllerLots of people have been poo-pooing Sony for not including rumble in the PS3 controller. I was playing F1 2001 last night with my friend Steve, and I had to admit that I liked the rumble as I went over the curbs. On the other hand, as I’ve previously stated, I’d much prefer to try out this cool motion sensing idea if I had to make a choice between the two.

On the other hand, why can’t we have both? Sony says that the rumble interferes with the motion sensing. Immersion Technologies that’s hogwash, and that they have a new technology called TouchSense that lets the two features exist harmoniously together. Of course, Sony would have to pay Immersion for this technology. And since Sony doesn’t seem too willing to give up on the lawsuit about rumble in the PS2 controller, things don’t look good on that front.

So I’m wondering. Should Sony pay Immersion the $92 million it’s asking for? (For some reason that number is stuck in my head. Please correct me if I’m wrong.) And on top of that, should Sony license the new TouchSense technology? In other words, do you want Sony to pay for this stuff, knowing that the cost will eventually be passed on to you in some shape or form?

IGN – Immersion Offers to Rumble PS3

  • Tuxedo

    This is one of the things Sony dissappointed me with. I don’t know,legally, the entire story behind this but I think Sony should just choke up and settle with Immersion. Although I really hardly ever used the rumble feature on the PS2 it’s nice to have it optional sometimes.

  • the rumble feature has sort of become the standard now. without it, the game experience seems bland. i recently played a ps1 game and ps2 game, and, in my opinion, found the rumble feature extremely beneficial and even necessary.

    i’d like the rumble feature on the ps3 because i’m so used to it for the ps2 and xbox (haven’t really played xbox360 yet)…just my $0.02.

  • Jay

    its a tough gamble, because Immersion wants Sony to drop the appeal and go with it. The problem is, Sony is still going to have to pay the $92 million from the lawsuit that they have appealed to beforehand. Not to mention, Microsoft owns a considerable ammount of Immersion’s stock, so the success of the PS3 would give MS profit, and I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why Sony won’t do it. Not because of the lawsuit, not because it can’t work with the tilt sensor, but because of MS’s involvement with Immersion.

  • Tyrone

    i hope and pray that sony will just cough up the money and pay immersion. i’ve enjoyed rumble for a long time and i can’t see paying 600 or more for a system and not have what i like. Sony you are already charging a high enough price for your system. dont you think you should give us what we want?

  • Matt

    Yes. Leaving out rumble and saying that it interferes with the motion sensing technology is just stupid. Give us some credit Sony!

    Jay you are absolutely right. Microsoft owns 20% of Immersion and this is probally exactly why Sony won’t license it. Stupid because if Blu-Ray wins the format war, MS will end up paying Sony for the rights to use Blu-Ray.

  • paul g

    people! microsoft sold their stake in immersion last year. not difficult to check out.