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Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Concept Art |

THP8 Concept ArtIGN has some very nice looking concept art for THP8. It will be interesting to compare the concept art to the in-game visuals when they are finally revealed. I especially like images 6 & 7.

Do you think the finished game could look as good or even better as some of those concept art? I hope so but this is one of the games I’m most looking forward to playing on PS3.

Edit: I’ve just had a quick look on Activision’s website & on it’s THP8 page under release date it says “available Fall 2006”. That can’t be right. I’m sure I read somewhere that it wasn’t going to be ready until 2007. It would be fantastic if it was a PS3 launch game or available soon after the launch.

IGN – THP8 Concept Art

Activision .com – THP8 Available Fall 2006

  • I never really got into to skateboarding games. So… ummm…. why am I commenting again?

  • Um, how do I get to the concept art? I don’t see it anywhere.

  • Gary

    Sorry man I forgot to add the link. 😳

  • observer

    IGN recently posted confirmed launch titles, and this was listed, so Fall 06 probably is right. I haven’t played skateboarding games since I was a kid (Skate or Die and 720). I’ve heard great reviews on the Tony Hawk games, but I think you need to be young to get into them.


    “Confirmed “Launch Window” games so far are:
    # Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War (KOEI)
    # Call of Duty 3 (Activision)
    # EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 (Electronic Arts)
    # Fatal Inertia (KOEI)
    # Full Auto 2: Battlelines (SEGA)
    # John Woo Presents Stranglehold (Midway)
    # Madden NFL 07 (Electronic Arts)
    # Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (Activision)
    # NBA Live 07 (Electronic Arts)
    # Resistance: Fall of Man (Sony CE)
    # Ridge Racer 7 (Namco Bandai)
    # Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (Electronic Arts)
    # Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (Activision)
    # Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom (Sony Online)