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Call of Duty 3 Details |

Call of Duty 3 is going to be available this fall for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Someone at the Xbox forums posted some information about the game from the July 2006 EGM issue.

You can check out the article for full details, but the ones that caught my eye are:

  1. Foliage remains flattened when you walk over. So you can track people now.
  2. Surfaces react to bullets like they should. Water, steel, wood, and grass all behave differently when struck.
  3. Destructable cover.
  4. Smoke from smoke grenades affected by wind, bullets, and other objects moving through it. Cool!
  5. You get to play as Americans, Polish Resistance, and the Canadian army. That’s back when the Canadian army was actually a decent fighting force.
  6. Multiplayer is online or split-screen. No mention is made of whether they’ll include 2 or 4 player support. 4 would be awesome!

Some pretty neat stuff all around. I’m really looking forward to it. If I remember correctly, it may even be a launch title.

CoD3 Preview from Electronic Gaming Magazine details

  • now this is the type of stuff i was waiting to see. and i agree, 4 player would be awesome.

  • I play Call of Duty 2 at lunch with the guys from work almost every day. Unfortunately, my skill level isn’t that good compared to thse guys. But I have a blast, and I’m looking forward to doing the same with my friends on my PS3.

  • Matt

    This game is going to be great!