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My 5 Most Wanted For PS3 |

Assassin’s CreedI’ve been thinking about which 5 games I would most like to get my hands on when I finally get a PS3 & I have to admit it was a difficult choice to choose 5 but I managed in the end.

1. Assassin’s Creed. I haven’t seen any in-game footage of it yet but I really want this game. It looks fantastic from the images that I have seen in OPS2M & everything I hear about the game sounds great. Of course it could end up being a complete turkey & be the biggest disappointment since The Bouncer (I shudder at the mere mention of that name). Or it could be absolutely fantastic! Fingers crossed it’s the latter.

GTA IV2. GTA IV. Yep you’re probably surprised it isn’t my no.1 choice but it’s only no.2 because I don’t know anything about it. Wherever it’s set & whatever new gameplay elements R* North have in-store for us I’m sure I will spend 100s of hours messing around listening to the in-game radios & causing mayhem & carnage with next-gen visuals to boot. 2007 can’t come soon enough!

3. DMC4. Words can’t express how much I loved DMC1. No game on PS2 has kept me going back for more, not even GTA:SA. If Capcom can combine the atmosphere, attitude of Dante & Boss characters from DMC1 with the combat styles of DMC3 I will be one very happy gamer!

4. Resi 5. Oh man how I loved Resi 4! It rejuvenated a stale series (which I loved & the original Resi 1 on PSone is still my favourite Resi game) with it’s over the shoulder targeting & action orientated gameplay & ever since the little trailer that was shown off last year I’ve been waiting patiently for some more footage or info. Apparently Resi 5 will be drastically different from Resi 4 so The Tokyo Game Show can’t come soon enough!

5. This one was a tough choice but in the end I plumped for Mercenaries 2. I loved the sandbox in a warzone gameplay of Mercs 1 & with the little clips of footage that I’ve seen on the Mercs 2 website I’m drooling at the prospect of having Mercs 2 to tide me over until GTA IV is released. To be fair to Mercs though the first game was the only GTA “clone” that was as much fun to play as the GTA games & I’m sure Mercs 2 will be of the same ilk.

Special mentions also go to THP8, FFXIII, next-gen Pro Evolution Soccer. Hmm I wonder if I’ve forgotten any games….

So what games are you most looking forward to on PS3?

The 5 games I’ve mentioned above are my “must haves” on PS3 I’m well aware of other possibly great games such as Resistance: Fall of Man, Call of Duty 3, GT5 etc but the 5 I’ve mentioned above are the games I REALLY want.

  • crillinFLIP337

    I know that there are so many amazing games coming out for the holy PS3 but I have to disagree with your list. My top five are
    1 Killzone, I know that the video was prerendered but it was made with actual game assets and after seeing the MGS4 video I believe that the PS3 will be capable of graphics like we saw.
    2 Metal of Honor: Airborne, After seeing the video of the jump to start the level I was hooked. Then I watched Band of Brothers and thought about how realistic the game felt. Plus I can’t wait to play co-op with my friends and call in reinforcements.
    3 Assassins Creed, This game caught me off gaurd. I had never heard of it before E3 but after the video came out I have not stoped thinking about it. I already have this pre-odered.
    4 Metal Gear Solid 4, This franchise really laid the ground work for the stealth action genre and the 4th intalment looks to surpass each of its predicesors. The graphics melt my eyes and the story looks to be just as compelling. I mean come on, Raiden takes down 11 of the new metal gears with only a high frequency blade.
    5 Tony Hawk Project 8, Call me old school but I am excited about this game. They are rebuilding the game’s engine from the ground up, not just porting the old one and giving it better graphics. The visuals do look increadible though. I’m just hoping that Project 8 will make the THPS franchise fun again.
    Games of note: Resistence: Fall of Man, Alone in the Dark, Unreal Tournament 2007, and The Eye of Judgement.

    Keep up the good work ps3blog

  • You’re hoping for Assassins Creed. The fact that Ubisoft is designing this game tells me enough. It’s gonna kick ASS.

  • Gary

    I forgot to mention Heavenly Sword!!

  • 1. Formula 1 2006
    2. Killzone PS3
    3. Heavenly Sword
    4. Motorstorm
    5. Assassin’s Creed

  • 1. metal gear solid 4
    2. killzone
    3. assassin’s creed
    4. heavenly sword
    5. tony hawk project 8 / nfs carbon