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Sony: The 1st Year Doesn’t Matter & GTA IV Won’t Win the War | has an interview with SCEA’s co-chief operating officer, Jack Tretton, & a few interesting comments were made by Mr Tretton.

When asked how Sony plans to catch up with the 360’s possible 6-10m units head start by the time the PS3 launches Jack Tretton replied with:

Well, we’ve never been first to market in any generation. It ultimately came down to the system and what consumers preferred. At the end of the day, what you do in the first year, and whether you do 6 or 10 million units does not determine whether you’re successful or not. We’re looking to sell 100 million-plus worldwide. We’re looking to sell 50 million plus in North America.

So, if a competitor gets to 6 to 10 million worldwide, I would not consider that to be a significant advantage or a significant disadvantage as far as we’re concerned.

I’m not bothered who sells the most units. I’m pretty sure the PS3 will outsell the 360 & Wii in the long run but that isn’t important to me. I haven’t got shares in Sony so I won’t get rewarded financially if Sony sells 100m PS3s. I know some people are bothered by who sells the most units though.

Then when asked if GTA IV being available for both the PS3 & 360 would harm sales of the PS3 Mr Tretton replied with:

There’s no question that having the GTA franchise helped us a lot and helped us sell some units, but I don’t think the battle would be any different with or without GTA.

If you look at our first-party library and the franchises that we’ve brought to market over the course of PlayStation 2, we have a very formidable first-party library of exclusive software that will help define us.

Hmm he has a point although GTA is a huge name & will sell millions of units on whichever console/s it’s on, I doubt any one game would win or lose a console war. I’m getting a PS3 because of a combination of games that are available for it (MGS4, FFXIII, DMC4 etc) & not for any one gaming franchise. If GTA IV was only available on the 360 it wouldn’t make me buy a 360 just to play that game. Plus Sony have done well with it’s first-party games in the past & I’m sure they will go from strength to strength on the PS3. – Sony’s Playing to Win

  • Yeah, I think, there’ll be a NEW franchise, which will kickstart the PS3 into sales heaven!

    I mean, it is the 4th 3D GTA (homeconsole)… It will be good, but the theme is starting to age! Either they pull off something ridiculesly good or they will have reached their sales summit with SA…

  • I’ve never played GTA and frankly given the content, it’s not my style. So I don’t care one way or another if GTA is on the PS3 or not.

    Even though the series is getting a bit long in the tooth, I still think Microsoft scored a coup by getting GTA4 onto the 360. I don’t think it’ll hurt the PS3, but it would have helped the PS3 for it to be exclusive. You know what I mean?

    On the other hand, this talk of new content is what interests me. I’m looking forward to games like Heavenly Sword, Assassin’s Creed, and Motorstorm.

  • Matt

    Their is no doubt in my mind that 20-30 million PS2s were sold because of GTA last gen. I personally know 5 people who picked PS2 over Xbox because of it. GTA had so much buzz that old gamers wanted to give it a try.

    The 2 hottest game series (last gen) are now on 360. This definately helps MS out. These are the games that sell the second wave of systems.

    I personally think Sonys bigger problem is their price. I am almost expecting that the Core 360 will be removed and the Premium 360 will be cut by $100 ($299). MS will then release the 60-100 gig version and sell that at $399. I really think that MS wants to win and will sacrifice some profit now to reap them long term. I personally am put off by the price and will own the other 2 systems by the end of the year. $599 is a ton of money to play games (I really don’t care that it plays Blu-Ray movies, I am buying a stand alone player)

    The early edge in the console war will be strongly based on price. 3rd party support will be less exclusive this gen and it should be. Hopefully more great games will come from MS, Sony, Nintendo to make owning all 3 systems worth it.