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In-game Screens of Tony Hawk’s Project 8 | has some new images of THP8 which are apparantley in-game. They look great with nice use of the shadows between areas in the shade & areas in the sun but I want to see some in-game playable footage please!!

You can only absorb so much from an image & they may look great frozen but I want to see skaters in action grinding rails doing the 900 & other “gnarly” tricks. C’mon Neversoft show me the money!! – More In-game THP8 Screens

  • you know what they should have? facial expressions while doing tricks. for example, if they’re pulling off an aerial move, then their faces should reflect the anticipation, worry, anxiety, and determination (…etc) in their faces. from the images, it looks as if they’re robots.

    still, the images are very detailed.

  • Gary

    Yeah I agree. It would be great to have more human facial emotions rather than just the same blank expression all the time.

  • Yeah ok. another Tony Hawk game with improved graphics.
    After seeing this pic ( i don’t think i’m gonna buy this game. The tricks are gonna be totally unrealistic and lame.
    Next-gen thps, my ass. I’m officially done with Tony Hawk games. Some other game company should make a skateboarding game from scratch!

  • Gary

    Woah! Thomas aren’t you overreacting a bit!? They are just still images, at least wait until you see some in-game footage or some previews of the game man. You can’t just dismiss a game based on one image!!

  • phipscube

    It does look a little “This Gen” to be honest. I hope movement physics make up for the lack of visual oomph. Its early days yet, I don’t want to judge. I really liked THPS in the early days so am interested in how it pans out.