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New Eye of Judgement Screenshots |

Eye of Judgement is one of the those games I have a love-hate relationship with. I love the graphics, the monsters, the technology behind using the EyeToy and cards to do this. I hate – well, hate is a strong word, maybe “dislike” would be better – card battle games. I’m just not a big fan of card battle games, though I did play Magic the Gathering for a bit.

But I have to say that the game screenshots look pretty cool. And now we have some more to gaze at, courtesy of PlayFrance. Follow the link for more.

[via QJ.NET]

PlayFrance – Eye of Judgment Screenshots

  • I loved playing Magic tG back in the days, till i sold all my cards on ebay… Didnt make my money back though 🙁

    Dunno, i fear, that you have to buy many cards and stuff, to play it right (just like Battlefield 2…)

  • phipscube

    I do think its quite a strange Eyetoy HD launch title. This doesn’t appeal to me as much as the original Eyetoy with Play did. I’m hoping we can do video chat and see some other games soon after launch that use the camera that are more in the mould of the original eye toy games or at least a little more action orientated.

    Its good that Sony are expanding what seemed to be a limited gadget for gaming with the PS2 though. I think with the PS3 the eye toy will be used for much more variety in games. The “eyetoy enhanced” banner should well appear on more and more general games i’d think if it really can be used for 3D manipulation. Imagine if a standard game character could suddenly be controlled using your hands. To be honest if its accurate enough to calculate positions in full 3D then maybe Sony have something more akin to the Wiimote… without the need to hold anything…. you could fight your mate for real in the living room and the actions relayed in Tekken 6 or something… well, maybe thats going a bit too far.. Hee hee.