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New Poll: Loss of PS3 GTA Exclusivity |

If you haven’t heard by now, let me be the first to tell you this news which I personally don’t really care about but that a lot of other people are really interested in because it’s about a game that has sold really really well and lots of people like it but it’s not really my cup of tea but because it’s so popular I’m gonna make a poll about it anyway and I’m sure Gary will have a comment because he seems to care more than I do.

GTA4 will not be a PS3 exclusive.

What an anti-climax, heh? Anyway, the poll question is this: do you think that the PlayStation 3 would sell better if GTA4 were a PS3 exclusive? As always, vote in the poll in the sidebar of

Oh, and before you say it, I’ll say it. This is old news. I know. But the poll is new! 🙂

Previous Poll Results:

Would you mind an external power supply for the PS3?

* Don’t need no stinking external power supply! Where’s the esthetic value of that?: 35% (36)
* No, not at all.: 65% (68)

Total Votes : 104

  • No yes, definitely option? I know the game that convinced me to buy my PS2 was GTA Vice City and a lot of other people as well. At the time, you couldn’t play it anywhere else and it was the best game out.

    those games were top sellers for the ps2 and I know double digit numbers of people who own a ps2 and only GTA games.

  • 🙂

    If Gary made the poll, he probably would have made that the option!

  • I love the GTA games. I haven’t been shy about expressing my feelings towards the GTA games either but I don’t care that GTA IV is not a PS3 exclusive. It’s still available on the PS3 the same time as the 360 version so I will still buy it for my PS3.

    To answer your question yes the PS3 would sell more units if GTA IV was a PS3 exclusive but the difference wouldn’t be that big. There are tons of other great games that will be available on the PS3 & if someone only buys a console for one game then they are missing out on loads of great games & I have to question why they even bother to play games in the first place.

    To Richard, so you know people who have only bought GTA games for their PS2? Are they not aware of the OTHER great games that are availble for the PS2? Why have they not bought other games for it?

  • Richard Lawler

    because they’re not really into gaming, but they like the GTA series. they don’t read internet forums or have HD for the most part, but they like riding around and carjacking people. Have you seen the sales numbers for GTA? those people weren’t buying jak and daxter.

    they may have tried a couple other games, but the only ones they own are GTA games. I know at least 10 people like that, and many more who played GTA almost exclusively, but not totally.

  • phipscube

    I don’t think its a problem. Its STILL coming out for PS3. It would be a different story if it wasn’t coming out at all though I think. I also think that GTA has already hit its peak. Its still gonna be popualr for sure, but its had its glory day. There will be something else that Sony will get exclusive rights to and storm away with, It always seems to happen. They’d be stupid to not get new killer apps out there. Microsoft are overhyping the whole GTA IV thing and making it look like they have stolen it away from Sony which isn’t the case.

    You will still be able to buy the game for PS3, so I don’t see what all the fuss is about basically.

  • Matt

    The last game I bought in the past 3 years for PS2 were GTA games. I was too impatient to wait for the Xbox version. I strongly agree with Richard on the whole GTA sells systems. My brother-in-law bought a PS2 to play it. Along with a bunch of other people I know. The thing you have to realize is that more than half of the PS2 systems sold are to people who are casual gamers. They only buy a handful of games through a life cycle. These people are not going to buy a PS3 for twice the cost of an Xbox 360. These are not the people who play MGS4 or the FF series. The difference between the systems is not as big because they usually play Sports games or other multi-platform games. With no real reason to justify the extra expense, they will pocket the savings. These types are also usually later to adopt to new technology and Blu-Ray will be no different. The people I know who bought a PS2 for GTA liked the fact it acted as a DVD player. This is also 5 years after DVD players were on the market and most people under 50 owned one.

    I am an avid gamer. I bought over 70 games for the PS2 and Xbox. I don’t buy every great game because I just don’t have the time. I miss great games all the time but; out of sight, out of mind. If I can’t justify buying a PS3 even though I want a HD disc player than how will they. I am one of the few gamers I know who own an HDTV and could really take full advantage of what the system offers. I can wait until a year or two passes and pick up a PS3 then.

  • To be fair, when you say “twice the cost”, you’re comparing the low end 360 with the high end PS3. Hardly a fair comparison. It’s actually more fair to compare the low-end PS3 with the high-end 360, which are more similar in functionality. And the price difference there is only $100, and in Canada it’s only $50Cdn. And if you want to do the comparison by lowest-cost, the price difference is $200 (or $150Cdn), which is not double, it’s 1.67x (or 1.375 in Canada). Sorry, I don’t mean to derail the topic, but I couldn’t let that pass! 😉

  • Matt

    Don’t let MS fool you. They are going to drop the price of the premium. I am thinking that it will be a $100 price drop. I than expect a larger HDD (100 gig) to emerge at the same time. The Core system should drop $50 to $249. This will be going after the Wii crowd since I think the Wii will be priced at $199-$229.

    Since the PS3 and Wii will be in short supply, the 360 could price itself to appeal to more people or fence sitters. Make no mistake, Microsoft wants to win the console war and with recent cost cutting developments the price is coming down.

  • Why would they drop the price? It wouldn’t dent Sony sales in any way. (Until Sony can supply a good number of PS3’s, which probably won’t be until well into next year.) We all know Sony will sell out. Microsoft might as well keep the prices high to make as much money as possible.

  • Matt

    They are going to drop the price because the HD-DVD player and the Premium bundle will be much less than the PS3. They need to take every advantage away from PS3 that they can. When the price drops they can also get themselves down at the Wii price.

    Even though the PS3 and Wii are in short supply, MS still wants to sell out every unit they have produced. Microsoft wants the Wii60 combo to succeed.

    The price drop might not hurt the first 5 million units that they ship but after the initial fanboy purchases they will struggle with the price difference. Sropping the price after the holiday would look bad for MS. They need to do it before. The console war is never one based on fanbase. It is getting the casual gamer to buy your system.

  • I don’t believe that Microsoft wants the Wii60 combo to succeed any more than Sony would want a PSWii combo to succeed. It’s all just posturing.

    Why would Microsoft or Sony want a gamer to purchase another system along with theirs, and spend their discretionary income on games other than theirs?

    It’s all just marketspeak to try to tear down the opponent. “Look, the PS3 is so expensive that you could buy a Wii AND a 360 for the same price! Isn’t that nuts?!! [But please don’t do that.]”

  • phipscube

    Just to add… A microsoft rep just recently said that there will be no price drop this year for Xbox 360 (I think it was on It makes sense as the unit is still competitvely priced and MS want to start making profit on it ASAP. I wouldn’t be suprised if Wii is at LEAST $250. With the recent positive press surrounding Wii i’m sure Nintendo will feel they can milk it a bit. So really a price drop for 360 looks highly unlikely.

    Also, I agree that comparing PS3 to Xbox 360 being TWICE as much is drastically unfair. The Jr. still has everything the “Premium” Xbox 360 and more, the PS3 has the Blu-Ray drive. So that extra $100 is for that. I still dont agree with the Jr because its confusing to give all these “Options”. And of course as you have proven Matt, people automatically compare the two “Core” packs and the two “Premium” packs even though the Xbox 360 Premium pack has the same comparative omissions as the Jr. No HDMI, No in-built Wifi, no generic card reader (Although Xbox has its own card slot, but I think £30 for 64MB is extrotion). They both have 20GB HDD, they both have Wireless pads, they both have wired Ethernet… PS3 has ONE extra USB port and Xbox Premium comes with a headset… the $100 extra has you the BD drive (Like it or not). So its pretty fair.