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Pre-order a PS3 and Get One Game Free |

That’s if you live in Germany *cough* Segitz *cough* & if you pre-order from Saturn. wrongly states that you get 7 games for free when you pre-order a 60GB PS3 in it’s headline. Now that would be some deal.

These types of deals are what most retailers should do rather than forcing people to buy bundles like is doing. Yes it may sound daft but give people a game for FREE and let them choose the game they want will actually boost sales & a retailers reputation! – Pre-order a PS3 & Get One Game for Free

  • gives you the same deal!

    Dunno if they ship it to the UK though!

  • Gary

    Yeah it would’ve been cool if you did get 7 games free!! 😆

  • Thats the problem if one cant speak German 😀

    It one out of seven to choose 😀 Not the other way round!

  • phipscube

    This is good! Its about time retialers got the fact that they will get more interest if they treat us first buyers a little better.

    I’m kinda hoping I can do what I did on the day of PSP release.. walk in a shop and just buy one. I think I was extremely lucky as I went into a shop thats not known for Games and happened to find a few on sale with little advertising. Just a small glass counter with a box in it. A good tip to everyone there…. don’t go to the obvious places and you’ll probably just stroll in and out with a big grin on your face.

    well, lets see. I know for one I’m never going to pre order. Its become a farce. I want to buy one the normal way in a relaxed manner of my choosing 🙂

  • Gary

    I agree phipscube, I’ve never pre-ordered a console ever. I’ve always walked into a shop & bought it there & then. I intend to do the same with the PS3.

    It’s looking more & more likely that I won’t get one at launch so when I do finally get one I will walk into a shop & buy it there & then if they have any.

  • phipscube

    I’ve never done either. I’ve queued, but not pre-ordered. The Xbox 360 was the first time i’ve not been able to get one on launch in that manner. It really was none existant here in Denmark, They launched Kiosks in November, but I think they thought Denmark was so insignificant that they supplied a big fat ZERO retail machines, which quite frankly isnt fair ,they shouldn’t have even “Launched” then. I got one of the first ones in the country I think (through a standard retail channel and not imported), and that was in January this year. It was also a Core pack and if you’ve read my other post about all the problems I had you know why I HATE this two SKU thing as well. When I can walk in and buy a 60GB PS3 (the REAL PS3) with no fussing and forced “Deals” I’ll buy it…. it could well be next March that I get one then if Sony screw up as much as Microsoft did! Oh well, I’ll at least have God of War II to tide me over a bit. hee hee 😉