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WipEout Coming to PS3

Wipeout Pure (PSP) has a job listing for a “Senior/Lead Designer to have a key role in realising future iterations of Wipeout on PSP and PS3“.

I think it’s quite clear that WipEout will be coming to PS3 & after the success of the PSP version I’m sure this is a good thing.

WipEout played a big part in the early success of the PSone so the only surprise is there isn’t already a WipEout game in development. – Senior/Lead Designer Wanted for PS3/PSP WipEout


PS3 Games to Cost More Than $59.99? is running an article with a quote from Kaz Hirai from PSM that say’s PS3 games could cost more than $59.99. Apparently Mr Hirai told the magazine:

“So, what I can say now is, I think it would be a bit of a stretch to think that we could suddenly turn around and say “PS3 games now $99.99″ I don’t think the consumers expect the software pricing to suddenly be double. So, if it becomes a bit higher than fifty-nine bucks don’t ding me, but, again, as I said, I don’t expect it to be a hundred bucks.”

If PS3 games do end up being more than $59.99 or £49.99 in my world, I would definitley not buy any games at that price. I know using BD will probably cost more to produce but Sony has to be realistic & not price the games higher than it’s main rival the 360. It might get away with charging more for the hardware but I don’t need to be a psychic to know that a lot of people would be put off from buying games if they cost more than $59.99 and £49.99.

I won’t pay more than £30 for games on PS2 & I haven’t done for the past 2 years & I know a lot of people who won’t pay more than £30, so charging £20+ more for PS3 games will alienate a lot of people. They might get away with charging $64.99 for games in North America but if games went over £49.99 in the U.K. that would definitley put people off from purchasing a PS3. Maybe not the hardcore gamers but a lot of the casual gamers would definitley not want to pay £425 for the hardware and £50+ for the games.

Still I’ll hold fire until I see the official price of PS3 games, until then it’s just speculation. Worrying speculation but speculation all the same. – PS3 Games to Cost More Than $59.99?


New Virtua Fighter 5 Screens has a load of new screens from Virtua Fighter 5 & although the water effects look nice nothing really stands out from any of the images. I wish they would release more in-game footage rather than screens. I guess I’m just impatient…

QJ.NET – New Virtua Fighter 5 Screens

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HDTV Gaming Lag

I’d never heard of gaming lag until a friend of mine with an LCD HDTV complained about it to me one day. Apparently, the image on his screen was being displayed just a bit after it really should. So my friend would react to something that he sees on screen, but his reactions were always too late. Therefore, gaming became a very frustrating experience for him, and he couldn’t use his nice LCD rear-projection HDTV to play video games.

I had no idea what he was talking about.

It never happened to me, and this article from IGN helps explain why. Some kinds of displays are less affected by gaming lag than others. IGN points out that CRT displays are among the least affected, and I have a CRT rear-projection HDTV. So that was explained. But I think that IGN also puts the finger on the real problem. It might be that CRT displays are less affected, but I think that it’s more to do with the video processing that is part of the HDTV. The HDTV has to take the incoming video signal and process it for display. It might have to do some deinterlacing. Some scaling. Sometimes a display will do colour correction, edge enhancement, and other fake effects to trick you into thinking you see a better image when in fact you’re just seeing a less accurate one. IGN points out that often these things can be disabled, and that some HDTV’s even have gaming modes that disable these things for you.

What does this mean for you? Ideally you could bring your console into a store and try it out on a display that you’re thinking of purchasing. Often that’s not possible. So you’ll having to do some research on the internet, and see if gaming lag is a problem for the set you’re thinking of buying. You can also see if the set has a gaming mode.

It’s not really a problem we need. We already have to think about DLP versus LCD versus whatever. HDMI and 1080p. PVR and cable versus satellite. Etc. But if you don’t make sure that your television doesn’t suffer from gaming lag, you could be in for a very frustrating experience. Take it from my friend – it’s not a pleasant experience.

IGN – HDTV-Gaming-Lag: An Epidemic Exposed


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