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Monthly Archives: June 2006

PS3 – Heavenly Sword Combat Moves Revealed

June 25, 2006 |

I’ve noticed in the July issue of OPS2M some new info about the type of combat techniques that Nariko will have at her disposal. She has three fighting styles: power, ranged & normal, & you can switch between the three … Read More

Fatal Inertia & Bladestorm Confirmed as PS3 Launch Titles

June 24, 2006 |

Well that’s if all goes well according to a KOEI representative speaking to IGN. Both Fatal Inertia & Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War are expected to be ready Nov 11th in Japan & Nov 17th in the U.S.

There … Read More

In-game Screens of Tony Hawk’s Project 8

June 23, 2006 | | 5 Comments has some new images of THP8 which are apparantley in-game. They look great with nice use of the shadows between areas in the shade & areas in the sun but I want to see some in-game playable footage please!! … Read More

PS3 Secret Hardware?

June 23, 2006 | | 10 Comments

SL33PY sent this little rumour in, and I found it quite interesting. And you may be wondering why you see an image of Minority Report to the right. Wait for it, the reason is coming!

Here it goes: it looks … Read More

HDMI 1.3 Debuts on PS3

June 23, 2006 | | 3 Comments

HDMI 1.3 gives us several things that previous versions did not. First off, there’s advanced audio codec support for Dolby DD+, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD. These are all formats supported by BD (Blu-ray Disc) and HD DVD. As well, HDMI … Read More

Need for Speed: Carbon Trailer

June 23, 2006 | | One Comment

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming PS3 video games, Need for Speed: Carbon.

It looks pretty cool, even if the first half is taken up by fluff.

Game Informer Online – Need for Speed: Carbon Trailer

Read More

Brothers in Arms : Hell’s Highway Screenshots

June 23, 2006 |

Play3-Live has some Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway screenshots for your enjoyment. I’m a big fan of shooters, so I’m curious to see how this one will play out versus Call of Duty 3. Which one will have better multiplayer … Read More

Cipher Complex

June 23, 2006 |

Edge of Reality are better known for porting games on to the N64 & working on other licences but IGN is reporting that they are working on a new game entitled Cipher Complex which is a “hide and seek actioner”. … Read More