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Fatal Inertia Video

Whenever I see anything to do with Fatal Inertia, a PS3 exclusive, I always think of the podrace scene from The Phantom Menace. But to be honest, it doesn’t look quite as fun. Well, that’s until I saw the teaser trailer released the other day. It’s high on fluff and low on showing what the game will actually look like. But there are snippets that show you the potential that the game has, and it looks like it might be better than I originally thought. I guess I should have had more confidence in my fellow Canadians, because this is being developed in the Toronto studio of Koei.

One thing is for sure. Those hovercars sure are shiny!

Fatal Inertia Video

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New Poll: Loss of PS3 GTA Exclusivity

If you haven’t heard by now, let me be the first to tell you this news which I personally don’t really care about but that a lot of other people are really interested in because it’s about a game that has sold really really well and lots of people like it but it’s not really my cup of tea but because it’s so popular I’m gonna make a poll about it anyway and I’m sure Gary will have a comment because he seems to care more than I do.

GTA4 will not be a PS3 exclusive.

What an anti-climax, heh? Anyway, the poll question is this: do you think that the PlayStation 3 would sell better if GTA4 were a PS3 exclusive? As always, vote in the poll in the sidebar of

Oh, and before you say it, I’ll say it. This is old news. I know. But the poll is new! 🙂

Previous Poll Results:

Would you mind an external power supply for the PS3?

* Don’t need no stinking external power supply! Where’s the esthetic value of that?: 35% (36)
* No, not at all.: 65% (68)

Total Votes : 104


New Eye of Judgement Screenshots

Eye of Judgement is one of the those games I have a love-hate relationship with. I love the graphics, the monsters, the technology behind using the EyeToy and cards to do this. I hate – well, hate is a strong word, maybe “dislike” would be better – card battle games. I’m just not a big fan of card battle games, though I did play Magic the Gathering for a bit.

But I have to say that the game screenshots look pretty cool. And now we have some more to gaze at, courtesy of PlayFrance. Follow the link for more.

[via QJ.NET]

PlayFrance – Eye of Judgment Screenshots


Hellboy PS3 Trailer

Have you read any Hellboy comic books? (I haven’t.) Have you seen Hellboy, the movie? (I have – it’s not too bad. It’s a popcorn flick – don’t expect anything really deep.)

I guess it wouldn’t surprise you then that there’s a Hellboy game in the making, coming out on the PS3 (and other platforms). There was a teaser video, showing no gameplay at all, at E3, and I never saw it until now. If you want to see it too, just check out the GameTrailers link below.

GameTrailers – Hellboy PS3 Trailer

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