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PS3 SingStar to Support 4 Players?

SingStarGameSpot has a brief Q&A with SingStar’s senior producer, Paulina Bozek, who revealed a couple of interesting bits of info about the PS3 version of SingStar.

Firstly they are working on releasing wireless Bluetooth mics not long after the PS3 version is released & although they are looking at ways to have four players participating in the PS3 version, it’s something that they haven’t quite been able to get working from a technical point and from a visual point of showing four players what to sing.

You will be able to download songs from SingStore, which contains 100s of songs, meaning you will be able to customise your own personal play-list. Some of the music videos will be in 1080p (or full HD as she called it) which will be great news for that billionaire that owns a 1080p HDTV.

There will also be an online platform known as MySingStar which allows you to upload some of your less embarrassing performances & party pics to share with your online friends. On top of that, there will be competitions & prizes awarded for best user rated performances.

Sounds like a lot of fun for the would be Eminems & Alicia Keys out there!

SingStar Producer Q&A


Mark Rein Optimisitic on PS3

Mark Rein (of Unreal fame) had several positive things to say about the PS3.

While he loved the 360’s online integration with PC’s, he also preferred the developer freedom and control over online functionality that the PS3 allows. Let’s hope this freedom attracts more developer attention and innovation.

He also said the PS3 is “in better place for launch” compared to the 360. That’s pretty obvious but it’s still good to hear.

Clearly, PS3 had much more to show with PS3 at E3 2006 than 360 did at 2005. Developers were getting final PS3 hardware around E3 where 360 developers didn’t get final kits until mid/late August (according to IGN). The 360 has progressed a lot since then, but this definitely bodes well for a smooth PS3 launch to see them so far ahead.

Mark Rein Interview


Ultimate Alliance Trailer and Gameplay Clips

I’ve never been a huge fan of the traditional comic characters, but this game actually looks pretty cool. The videos show some some nice effects for the different character powers and hopefully they lead to unique gameplay mechanics as well. I’ll definitely keep my eye on this one.

Ultimate Alliance Screenshot

I’m sure there are some huge comic fans out there who will love this.

I hope someone makes a good game translation of The Preacher or Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Those would be difficult to translate to the game medium but I’d like to see the right dev team give it a try.

Official Site
IGN Coverage

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Tokyo Games Show ’06 Exhibitors List

I’m really looking forward to the Tokyo Game Show, scheduled to be held Sept 22, 23 & 24, and I was checking out their website & noticed a list of exhibitors that have been confirmed for the event.

Tokyo Game Show ’06

I won’t list all of them but here’s a couple of the big hitters that will be present:

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Square Enix

I’m hoping to see Devil May Cry 4 & Resident Evil 5 from Capcom. A new Dynasty Warriors game from KOEI. A new MGS4 trailer from Konami. Some gameplay footage of Ridge Racer 7 from Namco. Some more playable demos from Sonic by SEGA.

I’m also expecting Sony to reveal some more info & footage of SingStar, Eye of Judgment and possibly another big title that they are secretly working on. I’m also hoping Sony release a ton of info about the PS3’s online capabilities & to announce an official list of launch games & the price of the games.

Last but definitley not least is Square Enix & I’m banking on them showing some new footage of FFXIII.

That’s just a few things that I’m predicting from TGS ’06. What are you guys & girls hoping to see at the TGS?

List of Exhibitors Confirmed for TGS ’06


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