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New Poll: PS3 Customizable Soundtracks? |

When the Xbox 360 was released, I thought one of the coolest features was the ability to rip music onto the 360’s hard drive, and to use that music during gameplay. From what I understand, any game that uses music must support this feature. (Is that right?) I thought that was so cool. My tastes run to progressive rock and symphonic metal, so I don’t really get to hear a lot of the music I like when playing video games.

I assumed that other people, too, would want to replace the game music tracks with their own selections. But my friend Todd has an Xbox 360 and has never bothered to rip any music for this purpose.

Now the PS3 is coming, and I have to wonder if this same feature will make its way to the PlayStation 3 platform. I did a little bit of research, and it looks like this feature is possible in PS3 games. The problem is that developers have to support it (probably much like the 360) but it’s uncertain if they’re mandated to do so. So even if you have a game playing music while you play, and you have some songs burned to your HDD, you still might not be able to listen to your own music.

This worries me. Well, as far as worrying about a video game feature can actually worry me. I’m tired of that trashy music they always make make race around with on Burnout and other games. So I’m just wondering – how important is custom video game music for the rest of you?

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* Yes, I guess.: 54% (74)
* No, guess not.: 18% (24)
* Dunno / don’t care.: 28% (38)

Total Votes : 136

  • Gary

    I would definitley like the option to listen to my own music while playing certain games on the PS3. Gran Turismo 4 had a lot of songs that I just didn’t like so I just chose the 3 or 4 that I liked in the custom tracks & they played repeatedly which got real boring rea fastl.

    The SSX games are the same especially SSX3. There were about 6 songs that I liked & they were the only ones that played whenever I was doing mad jumps & uber tricks down the mountain.

    Having the freedom to play any songs that you have stored on the HDD would be a great option to have especially in racing games & the Tony Hawk games which normally have some weird songs on them that don’t appeal to everyone that plays those games.

  • Børten

    Many people compare the game industry with the movie industry, so I thougth in these lines here as well.
    How would you like to see Star Wars or Pirates of the C. with custom soundtrack??
    I think that the music in the games are there for a reason, to create the right atmosphere.
    If the music sucks, the game shouldn’t get a 100% score. It’s all the whole package, sound, grafic, GAMEPLAY!
    I must agree with Hennigs friend, it’s a cool feature, but I wouldn’t care to use it!

  • Gary

    The problem is with sports games (EA) & racing games where the music isn’t an integral part of the gameplay. In those instances you could easily have your own favourite tracks playing rather than who EA has paid to feature in the game & chances are you aren’t fond of their music.

    In games like MGS & Silent Hill the background music is a big part of the game & in those instances the music is suitable.

    Man I loved Snake Eater’s music & I have 3 songs from that game on my MP3 player. The MGS theme is my favourite game music EVER!

  • (voted somewhat…)

    Dunno, I mostly like abient ingame music, mostly, but some games music (Gran Turismo 4 anyone? Man, 1, 2 and 3 had better music than this) suck at ingame music. Others on the other hand have REALLY good cant miss music, like Metal Gear Solid (every part has plain pure perfect sound… Thanks Harry Gregson Williams, I own these records!!) or Silent Hill (listening to hardcore while playing Horror? Nahhh, this is as good as it gets!).

    Thing is, many games just have completely interchangeable sounds (all EA games for that matter, even Command & Conquer Generals music sucked somewhat, regarding the old music of Frank Klepacki… That one RULED!! Too bad EA (yeah, i REALLY dont like you!!) mistreated the good old Westwood studios! Hope they dont **** up C&C3!) like NFS or so… I couldnt tell, what song belongs to what part of whatever game (Fifa, NBA, NHL…). There, I’d like to change it into my music, because it’s MY favorite!

    But wasnt already said, that the first tier launch title Motorstorm already features this option, AND that it “live-ifies” it? Ok, that doesnt mean, that it is mandated, but if its easy to implement (via an easy and ressource saving API) than, why shouldnt one do it, if its making sense?

  • observer

    Good points. Customized soundtracks is a very nice option for a limited number of titles like racing games. It also would be nice for music/rhythm games like Amplitude and Guitar Hero although this may not be as simple or as easy as it may seem (they currently do a lot of custom work for each track). But for most games, however, the soundtrack helps sets the atmosphere for the game. Plus, I listen to my own personal digital music collection all the time as it is. It never hurts to have the option, and I’d probably use it on rare occassions, but for me, this is one of the most uninteresting features to be added to games in recent years.

  • Matt

    Yes!!! If you vote any other way you have no idea what you are missing out on!

    The old Xbox had this feature. The Developer had to put the option into the game and a lot of games had it. The fact that every game didn’t support it did suck at times.

    The 360 is completely different. The 360 does the music change. It is not mandatory because the developer doesn’t have to worry about it. Microsoft built the 360 so every single game could have the music changed out to what you like ( It leaves the sound effects in case anyone didn’t know). This is an unbelieveable feature that Sony needs to implement.

    Having Ipod support is the greatest thing ever. When I have ever song I own on it the music options in games are unreal. The ability to also stream music from my PC is nice (if you don’t own an Ipod)

  • I don’t rip my music to my 360’s drive…I just stream it from my PC. If I want, the 360 will recognize playlists I’ve setup on the remote PC so I don’t have to hunt and peck through gigs of music to find the right mix (you can also create playlists on the Xbox).

    I do occasionally use my own music over certain titles like some arcade games and games like Burnout, but I wouldn’t if I was playing Oblivion, Kameo, or GRAW.

  • phipscube

    I’m not too fussed about custom music in most games, but Driving games YES! Ever since you could swap out the Ridge Racer Disc in the PSX I’ve been hankering for it in all driving games. Its a VERY cool feature of the Xbox and it should be an option for PS3 games.